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Gains 1 stat point for every field per 1 level.
Character Creation
Can change skin color?
Can change hair?
Can change hair color?
Can change height?
Can change
Hair Stylist
Can edit skin color?
Can edit hair?
Can edit hair color?
Extra Info
Arale Norimaki
Android 8
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Android 19
Dr. Gero
Artificial Human

Androids are one of the seven races available to the player once they start the game.


Character Creation

The player can fully customize this race upon beginning the game, allowing access to alteration of the player's height, width, hairstyle, and skin tone.


Androids seemingly bear no difference to Humans. However, they are implied to be either entirely or partially mechanical and can absorb energy. Their ki bubbles are abnormally larger than other races - also applying to their power levels - due to their powerful base forms.


Due to gaining 1 stat point for every skill field on level up, as compared to the usual 1 stat point every two or three level ups, Androids naturally possess the strongest base form out of all the other playable races. Their only major drawback is that their Ki Max is reduced to half of what is displayed in the Stats page. With no transformations to speak of until level 450, an Android's Ki reserves will run out much faster than any other race.

To compensate, their Ki naturally regenerates much faster and to a much greater extent than all other races, though only when standing still, walking or flying slowly, or using basic attacks and guard breaks. Additionally, Androids can hold X to enter Energy Absorption mode, negating all Ki-based damage and converting it into Ki, or health if their Ki is full. All of these factors combine to encourage a playstyle that switches between hyper offense and hyper defense.

NPC Boosts

Boost NPC Available? Level
Korin Yes 35
Kami No N/A
Guru Yes 100
Nail No N/A


Direct Current
Direct Current.png
Unlocked at level 450, for 70,000 Zeni.

  • Multiplies Ki Max by 2x.[2]
  • Although the player transforms in a burst of white ki, the transformation itself does not give any aura, other than blue sparks that can be seen dancing around similar to Super Saiyan 2. Whenever the player flies, they'll leave a white trail behind.
  • Unlike other transformations, it cannot be manually deactivated unless the user is killed, resets, uses UI, MUI or GoD or if the user runs of out ki.
  • Reduced EXP and Zenni gain. (Needs further testing)
Color Scheme

               (transformation burst and trail)
               (particle effects)

Health Max
Ki Max
Melee Damage
Ki Damage
Melee Resistance
Ki Resistance


Energy Absorption
Energy Absorption.png
Energy Absorption is an Android's unique way of charging. Instead of simply regaining ki, the user has to be hit by any ki-based moves (i.e. Kamehameha, Divine Lasso). If any ki is absorbed when the user's ki is full, their health will be replenished instead. The amount restored is directly influenced by the damage of the move being absorbed. This move grants semi-immunity to energy waves and other similiar moves. To add onto that, this move can be used while you are being hit with an energy wave, meaning even if you cannot react to one in time, you still take little to no damage.

Energy Regeneration
Android ki regen (1).gif
Whenever the player loses ki, their Ki Max will always automatically regenerate. If the player sprints, flies with shift or holds down X to activate Energy Absorption, Energy Regeneration will be disabled until the player stops doing said actions.

Pros and Cons


  • Gains 1 Auto-Point every 1 level, making Androids possess the most powerful base stats.
    • This also allows the player to choose any play-style.
    • This also means that Androids benefit the most statistically when they Prestige as well as benefit the most statistically when they Rebirth.
  • Direct Current solves their one glaring issues.
    • Direct Current also heals health and ki, making it a boon for players in a tight spot. Alongside this, there is no need to hold the charge button before transforming, making it come out extremely quick and with no risk of being attacked while charging.
  • Most compatible with Red Senzus, if the player prefers glass cannon play-styles.
    • This also makes Androids arguably the best race for soloing and grinding.
  • Can regenerate Ki and Health faster by absorbing energy.
  • Passive Energy Regeneration leaves room for punches and kicks whilst Ki recharges.
  • Lack of need for forms makes early-mid game experience and zeni grinding a lot more effective.


  • Defective base Ki Max, which can be an obstacle early game.
    • Direct current doesnt exactly fix this issue either because unlike other races they get the ki max they should have while other races (e.g majins)in their forms have 4x regular base ki max
  • Energy Absorption and Energy Regeneration become less useful the higher the level gets.
  • Energy Absorption doesn't work in ranked matches, in the Multiplayer Battle Arena, or in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  • Other World becomes less useful since Androids already receive 1 stat point every level.
  • Requires tactics and strategies to be played effectively, which can be quite challenging for new players in terms of PvP.



  • Health and Ki will not be restored while absorbing in Ranked Matches, Multiplayer Battle Arena, or in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; the damage is not entirely negated, either.
  • SnakeWorl revealed that an Android player's Ki Max regenerating while the said player is moving was actually an anomaly, an that it was never meant to be in the game. As of the 2020 January 25 update, that anomaly is now patched.
  • Prior to an unknown date, Androids were able to overload their Health Max and Ki Max from Energy Absorption.


  • Androids are the only race to gain +1 to all stats every level, resulting in them having the strongest base stats of any race. ~1.7x for other races.
  • A Level 500 Android's base stats without Prestige would be a combined maximum of 3994 points. Added on top of Direct Current, which is an added 10 in all areas, makes it 4044.
  • Despite Direct Current multiplying the user's Ki Max, the increased value doesn't actually show in the Player Stats, as with all transformations.
  • When the player holds "X" while in Direct Current, they will no longer receive an aura like other races receive when holding "X". Instead, they just keep their sparks.
  • Fusing an Android and a non-Android will disable Ki charging and Energy Absorption unless that Android is in full control over the fusion.
  • Androids benefit highly when they Prestige and red Senzu Beans, due to their high base form stats.
  • Androids were called "Artificial Humans" in the original (Japanese) dub of Dragon Ball Z. It would be in the English dub publication where they would be titled "Androids".
  • The transformation Direct Current is a reference to a real-life term of the same name (DC for short).[3] It describes an electric current flowing in a single direction and contrasts with alternating current (AC).[4] This is, in fact, reminiscent of how Direct Current in the game focuses on Ki Max.
  • If an Android player step-vanishes while in Direct Current, a white spark (resembling that of White Namekian's) will appear on the user as the user reappears, and then dissipate.
    • If an Android does this while fast-flying, an aura (similar to Mystic) will appear and disappear along with the white spark.
  • Differences between Androids from the anime/manga and the game include:
    • It is shown by Android 19 and Dr. Gero that Androids can absorb life energy, and also power up from absorption. Both of these techniques don't exist in-game.
    • It is implied in the anime and manga that Androids cannot emit auras since their ki is inorganic (Cell is an exception, for he is a Bio-Android and made of purely organic energy). However, in the game, Androids do emit auras from Babidi's Magic, Ultra Instinct, God of Destruction Mode, and/or while using Energy Absorption.
    • It is implied in the anime and manga that Androids cannot have their ki sensed. However, in the game, Androids can be ki-sensed.
      • That being said, it is implied in some media that Androids can't have a power level.
    • Androids can fly without the use of ki in the anime and manga.[5] However, in the game, flying reduces their ki regardless.
    • It is implied that most (if not all) Androids are equipped with detonation devices, usually embedded in their chests.[6] That feature is omitted in the game.
    • It is implied that it is physically impossible for Androids to have souls since they are entirely artificial.[7] However, Androids in-game can still access Other World regardless.
    • Androids have infinite ki but in the game they half the least amount of ki out of all the races

Citations and Footnotes

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  2. Even though Direct Current does noticeably double the player's Ki Max, the Ki Max value doesn't change in the Player Stats.
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