Androids are one of the six races available to the player once they start the game.

Character Creation

The player is able to fully customize this race upon beginning the game, allowing access to alteration of the players height, width, hair style and skin tone.

NPC Boosts

Boost NPC Available? Level
Korin Yes 35
Kami No N/A
Guru Yes 35
Nail No N/A


Androids are actually incapable of transforming, with the exception of Ultra Instinct. Instead, they have a strong base form, from gaining 1 stat point every 1 level.


Energy Absorption

Unlocked at level 1, for 0 Zeni.

  • Press and hold "X" to activate.
  • Take 0% Ki damage.
  • If they are hit with a move that uses ki damage, they will first regenerate ki. Then when the Ki bar is full, they will start to gain health equal to the amount of Ki damage received, including melee moves that use the Ki stat to determine damage (Power Impact, Double Launcher, etc).
    • Moves that will not regenerate Ki or Health include HBTC Goku's Warp Kamehameha and Kamehameha.
  • They will be "guard-broken" (though not removed from Energy Absorption) once hit with a basic melee attack or any other melee based move.
  • They will be unable to auto regenerate Ki while Energy Absorption is active.
  • Can block any auto-combo move.

Advantages Against Other Races

Race Advantaged? Reason
Android Undecided If the two Androids were melee builds, either one may gain the upper hand, but may face difficulty with Ki Max.
Frieza Race Yes Although Frieza Races, which are purely ki-based, can use quick ki moves such as Power Impact and Emperor's Edge, Androids would still be able to use Energy Absorption to handle it.
Human Yes Human transformations arguably have the largest ki drainage, while Androids don't have any ki drainage at all.
Majin No (mostly) Unstable Majins can auto-vanish, similar to Ultra Instinct, making them unpredictable and difficult to hit.
Namekian No Namekians outmatch Androids by their dramatic Ki Max difference. Especially in long fights, in terms of Ki Max, Namekians will be able to endure well against Androids, because of their hidden Ki Max buffs, while Androids on the other hand may face trouble.
Saiyan Yes (mostly) Since Saiyans depend on transformations with large ki drains, Androids, having no ki drain, can (although not that easily) gain the upper hand.


  • These predictions are what is most-likely to happen, and are not extremely accurate.
  • These predictions are based on what would happen if this race fought another in PvE, not PvP.
  • Senzus are not mentioned.

Recommended Senzus

Senzu Reason
Green Unless the Android needs them when spamming Red Senzus, Green Senzus would still be useless for them.
Blue Blue Senzus grants the Android unlimited Ki, but that still doesn't mean they will be able to use moves such as Spirit Bomb Sword, if their terrible Ki Max doesn't satisfy.
Yellow Yellow Senzus grants the Android invincibility, which does benefit them, for the most part.
Red Red Senzus raise the Android's Melee and Ki Damage, making them the most beneficial type.


  • These are about neither Beans nor Jars.
  • This lists top to bottom, ranked worst to best.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Auto Ki regen.
  • Energy Absorption.
  • Easier grinding.
  • Gains 1 stat point for every 1 level.
  • Lacks transformations.
  • Terrible Ki Max.
    • This makes them unsuitable for long fights.


  • Health and Ki will not be restored whilst absorbing in Ranked Matches, the Multiplayer Battle Arena, or the Broly mission. This was not actually planned by the developer(s).
  • Sometimes, an Android would suddenly not be able to absorb, regenerate Ki, or block. The cause of this bug is unknown.


  • Androids are the only race to gain +1 to all stats every level resulting in them having the strongest base stats of any race. ~1.7x other races.
  • Androids only have two non-gamepass transformations, which are Ultra Instinct "Omen", and Mastered Ultra Instinct. This would make the race possess the least amount of transformations.
  • Due to the lack of transformations, Androids will always remain in base form and receive the full reward for defeating NPCs by proxy.
  • If an Android fuses with a player of another race, the Fusion can't charge or regenerate Ki due to the form's drain, and Energy Absorption doesn't work. The only way to regain Ki is for the non-Android player to gain control and charge.
  • If an Android player uses Babidi's Magic, they will be unable to regenerate Ki, until the Majin gamepass is turned off.
  • Androids benefit the most from red jars/beans, due to them multiplying the player's base damage stats (melee damage and Ki damage) which Androids have the highest of.
  • Androids also benefit the most from Prestige due to Androids having the highest base stat, meaning they pass down more stats than other races.
  • Many non-Android players have a grudge towards the Androids, deeming them "overpowered" or simply “annoying”.
  • "Hybrids" are no longer obtainable (getting a high level Android, then using the Dragon Balls to become a Saiyan and keeping the base stats while being able to transform).
  • The way an Android poses to activate Energy Absorption might've been based off on Android 19's way of absorbing ki.
  • "Android" is not the official name for the race. In the original (Japanese) dub of Dragon Ball Z, the race's name can be translated to "Artificial Human" (Jinzōningen).
  • Differences between Androids in the anime/manga and the game include:
    • In the anime/manga, Androids' ki cannot be detected, nor their power level, since they are artificial. However, in the game, their ki and power level can be sensed like other races.
    • Androids can fly without ki usage in the anime/manga. It's the opposite in the game.
    • It is implied in the anime/manga that Energy Absorption not only regains health and ki, but also strengthens them. However, this type of power-up not happen in the game.
    • It is implied in the anime/manga that Androids can extract life energy from grabbing a life form, as evidenced by Android 20 (Dr. Gero) absorbing Yamcha's energy by holding him in a choke-hold, and Android 19 draining Goku's energy by holding him down. This technique doesn't exist in the game.

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