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Slot Machine

Assist Characters are NPCs that are supposed to help the player.


All the Assist Characters are purely based on the Dragon Ball Z series. Players can receive an Assist Character from a machine, whit a price of 2,000 zenni, at South City called the Slot Machine, and they can be summoned by pressing "B" on the Keyboard, and left on the D-Pad for controller.

There are currently only 9 Assist Characters in the game, each having their own ability and cool down timer.


Assist Character Description Info Damage Type Cooldown (seconds)
Whis Heals all nearby players for 20% of their health Heals all nearby players (5-13 Stud Radius) None 360
Krillin Heals you for 1/3 of your health <---- None 360
Yamcha WOLF FANG FIST Does a somewhat short Wolf Fang Fist dealing moderate damage Melee Damage 120
Goku Goku fires a quick Kamehameha straight forward <----- Ki Damage 60
Vegeta Vegeta does a quick melee barrage <----- Melee Damage 60
Majin Vegeta Blows himself up Does a large blast around him, dealing quite high damage Ki Damage 300
Tien Tien uses Tribeam Does a somewhat weak but fast Tribeam Ki Damage 120
Piccolo Fires a short range blast Does a somewhat large blast, that does moderate damage Ki Damage 60
Future Trunks Trunks use his sword to slash Does a standard sword barrage, dealing moderate damage. Melee Damage 120


  • Tien's description "Tien uses Tribeam!" might be a reference to the popular game series Pokémon, where if a player selects a move their Pokémon should use, the output text would say, "[Pokémon] used [move]!".
  • Majin Vegeta is the only villain Assist Character.
    • He is also the only NPC who has not been seen throughout the game, prior to the Slot Machine's release, despite him being Vegeta's counterpart.
  • Whis and Krillin currently have the longest cool downs in the game, each being 360 seconds.
  • When you prestige after buying the Assist Character, you will lose it, having to buy it again.
  • It is often speculated that gained Assist Characters reset every time the player joins another server.
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