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This article is about the transformation. For the gamepass, see Babidi's Magic (gamepass).

Babidi's Magic is a transformation that can only be accessed by players with Babidi's Magic.


Babidi's Magic
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  • -2Ki/2s (Very Low Ki drain.)
  • When this power up is activated, the player cannot collect any EXP and Zenni from enemies, but is still able to do so by completing quests. The only exception to this is Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  • Does apply to the Scouter.
  • Babidi's Magic can be used on top of every transformation.
  • When out of ki the power up will not shut off.
  • When Babidi's Magic is equipped, Androids cannot regenerate their Ki Max. (Will actually regenerate ki if the ki bar is completely empty till the power up drains ki again.)
Health Max
Ki Max
Melee Damage
Ki Damage
Melee Resistance
Ki Resistance


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