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Basic Combat is a control that makes the player able to do base forms of combat.


Light Combat

Light Combat is when the player does standard hand-to-hand combat (i.e. punching). This type of combat is swift, but it can be blocked easily. The player can do this by simply clicking. The player's avatar's way of doing these changes each time. The forms are as follows:

Combat Form Description
Right Punch Avatar jabs with their right hand.
Left Punch Avatar jabs with their left hand.
Right Kick Avatar kicks with their right leg.
Left Kick Avatar kicks with their left leg.

Sliding Combat

Sliding Combat is when the player is running towards their opponent, then either left clicks or right clicks. Neither of them guard break.

Combination Result Description
Shift + W + Left Click Sliding Kick The avatar thrusts both of their legs outward.
Shift + W + Right Click Sliding Tackle The avatar throws themselves forward, both arms out.

Guard Break

Guard Break is similar to Light Combat, only it overcomes guarding, and is much slower. Like Light Combat, the avatar's form of Guard Breaking also varies.

Combat Form Description Visual
Uppercut Avatar spirals their fist upwards.
RobloxScreenShot20190326 131622971.png
Hammer Fist Avatar uses two fists to strike down upon their opponent.
RobloxScreenShot20190326 131636751.png
High Side Kick Avatar kicks high up with their right leg.
RobloxScreenShot20190326 131646336.png
Sweep Kick Avatar sweeps their right leg across.
RobloxScreenShot20190326 131601904.png

Ki Blasts

Ki Blasts happen when the player presses "E" on the keyboard. Doing so will result in the player's avatar firing a small yellow orb of ki.



Main article: Guarding

Guarding, otherwise known as blocking, is a defense technique. The player can do so by holding down "F" on the keyboard. Guarding can block opponents' Light Combat attacks but are always overcome by Guard Breaks.


Dodging is a defense technique. By pressing "Q" on the keyboard, the player's avatar will slide, the direction depending on what key is pressed along with "Q".

Key A Key B Description
W Q Avatar slides forwards.
A Q Avatar slides to the left.
S Q Avatar slides to backward.
D Q Avatar slides to the right.


Step-vanishing is a defense technique. By pressing Shift + Q on the keyboard, the player's avatar will vanish momentarily before reappearing elsewhere. The direction they go depends on which of the WASD controls they pressed, while step-vanishing.

Key A Key B Key C Description
--- Shift Q Avatar step-vanishes backward.
W Shift Q Avatar step-vanishes forwards.
A Shift Q Avatar step-vanishes to the left.
S Shift Q Avatar step-vanishes backward.
D Shift Q Avatar step-vanishes to the right

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