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Beerus' various appearances show him in his god of destruction clothes, his skin is a shade of purple and he has cat-like ears. his appearance is similar to that of an old Egyptian god. His clothes can also be bought from the South City shop.

Map appearances

Beerus' planet

Beerus appears on his home planet along with Whis, Whis will provide the player a daily quest to train with Beerus at 50% strength. Quest provides 5,437,500 EXP and 2,000 Zeni.

Central City (Future)

Beerus will appear as a quest giver in the middle of central city. The quest requires the player to kill Fused Zamasu FP, rewarding them with 20,000,000 EXP and 10,000 Zeni.

Kami's Lookout

Beerus will appear in Kami's lookout and is standing next to the entrance to the Queue World.

Entrance into Queue World.

Queue World

Beerus will appear in the queue world where you can queue for... Tournament of Power, True Tournament of Power & the Dimensional Rift with people. The portal next to Beerus allows you to return to Kami's lookout on earth.

The Secret World

Beerus will appear on his planet in The Secret World along with his brother Champa. Friaza will give you a golden quest to defeat both of the gods. Once defeated the quest rewards the player with 50,000 Zeni and 9,000,000 XP.


Although Beerus is stated to have a level of 9999 his stats do not reflect this power and are significantly lower.

Even though Broly's level is stated to be around 1000 his stats are significantly stronger than Beerus in space.

Differences between the game and anime include:

  • Beerus has not been in Trunks' future before, but however in-game, he is standing by a destroyed city the same goes for The Lookout.
  • Beerus has not been shown to use Justice Combination in the anime, however, he does it quite commonly in-game.


Quest Quest Giver Quest Type Goal Rewards
Defeat the God of Destruction! Whis Daily Defeat
  • Beerus
  • 5,437,500 EXP
  • 2,000 Zeni
The Gods Friaza Golden One-Time Defeat
  • Beerus
  • Champa
  • 9,000,000
  • 50,000 Zeni


Move Description
Divine Lasso.png Divine Lasso Beerus launches serveral long ranged ki blasts in quick succession.
GoD Sphere.png GoD Sphere This move resembles Frieza's attack super nova. The only noticable differance

is damage and animation.

GOD Anger.png GOD Anger Beerus fires a small beam with decent range from one of his hands. This move is almost identical to super death beam.
Justice Combination.png Justice Combination Beerus will attack the player with a quick, inescapable combo if they are within range.
Final Blow.png Final Blow Beerus performs this quickly if the player is within adaquate range.


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