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CamellaDoesStuff CamellaDoesStuff 2 February 2021

Form Ideas

Form ideas I would like in the game.

  • 1 Saiyan Forms
    • 1.1 Wrath
    • 1.2 False Super Saiyan
  • 2 Human Form Ideas
    • 2.1 Semi-God
  • 3 Any-Race Forms
    • 3.1 GOD Potential

Prestige 1, Level 25

Cost: 2,000 Zeni

The form does not change the user's hair but gives them a faint lime aura. The user gets +40 in every field but health max and ki max.

Level 30

Cost: 3,500 Zeni

The user's hair goes up like in normal SSJ, but its color stays the same. The user gets a yellow aura, and +35 in every field but health max and ki max.

Level 255

Cost: 20,000 Zeni

The form does not change the user's hair but gives a faint white aura with white dots similar to that of Super Saiyan God. The user gets a +180 in every field but health max and ki max.

God of Destruction Moveset required

Similar to Babidi's M…

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XThrive XThrive 19 January 2021

My Journey In Dragon Ball z Final Stand.


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DarrenTheOofies DarrenTheOofies 2 November 2020



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ShrimpBoi ShrimpBoi 25 September 2020

level 600-850 grinding

Ok so Im confused on what process I should take to grind, should I do zaros first then rebirth or vise versia, I just want to know the fastest/easiest way of doing this, also what quests should I do in zaros cause there seems to be a lot of filler quests, if you could tell me what you think is the best way of doing this

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ShrimpBoi ShrimpBoi 22 September 2020

help plz, my exp bar won't move

Ok so I recently did a top, and we won and I didn,t get any exp, I even got the extra exp and it didn't even move the bar, I tried doing many quests and it hasn't worked, can someone please help me on fixing this, I don't want to let all this grinding go to waste, also before you ask, I didn't even get the exp from anything

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VCVF's Blog

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Res09 Res09 8 June 2020

Soloing TOP

I'm no TOP soloer, but I have some tips for people who wanna be one. Here they are.

  • 1 1. Be an android
  • 2 2. Be a Melee or Ki build
  • 3 3. Bring a lot of Red Beans
  • 4 4. Bring a Healer, if not FULL soloing.
    • 4.1 That is all!

Be an android, since they're a good race, especially for soloing.

The Builds page shows that Melee Damage/Ki Damage builds for Androids are good for TOP, since they are even called TOP Builds.

"Red Spamming" is a common TOP technique, that soloers use. However, for it to work, everybody in the TOP party must stay in base form. (Direct Current is allowed.)

Healers are great for TOP soloers, since they can't bring reds and greens at the same time. The healer makes sure the soloer stays alive by constantly healing them with Green Senzu Jars. …

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Made up username: xXNOOBLORDXx

DBZ: Final Stand, xXNOOBLORDXx's Blog

My Main: Human, Level 600, Prestige 2, Rebirthed, Kkx100(Super Full Power), Stats:                                               

Hp: 895

Ki max: 667

Melee dmg: 895 (1395_ Kkx100 (SFP))

Ki dmg: 895 (1395_ Kkx100 (SFP))

Melee resist: 667 (1167_ Kkx100 (SFP))

Ki resist: 667 (1167_ Kkx100 (SFP))

Speed: 667 (1167_ Kkx100 (SFP))

My Alt1 Android, PRINCEE_ALCRATS, (REBIRTHED) lvl ???, Stats: 

Hp: ???

Ki max: ???

Melee dmg: ???

Ki dmg: ???

Melee resist: ???

Ki resist: ??? 

Speed: ???

My Alt2 Jiren, (other world (possibly)) G.O.D. lvl ???, Stats:








More Information:

-My Main Human Role-Plays as a Jiren's race. It is unsure if its Role-playing as Jiren but since it has a halo that role plays as if its a "prest…

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Denissboss1 Denissboss1 6 May 2020

What would any of you want to be added in DBZ:FS or improved?

Asking this because why not, would be nice to see what everyone else wants in the game or improved. I would also want anything on this trello ive made heh, https://trello.com/b/UckFobFk/dragon-ball-z-final-stand-fan-ideas.

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TheSuperSaiyanGuy TheSuperSaiyanGuy 27 April 2020

New Sister Wiki

As you all may have heard, SonnyDhaBoss gave WankaSpoi1 and I admin permissions on his recently-opened DBOG Wiki few months ago - he announced it on his Discord just yesterday, and replaced the DBOG Trello. He also hired some members from our wiki as well, as moderators.

I guess it's safe to say DBOG Wiki is our new sister wiki. Here is the link: https://dbog.fandom.com/wiki/

  • 1 What is DBOG?
  • 2 Will you still work on the DBZFS Wiki?
  • 3 What about the wiki you created?
  • 4 What will be on the DBOG Wiki?
  • 5 Can I help you on the wiki?

Dragon Ball Online Generations (DBOG for short) is the game made by SonnyDhaBoss. Like DBZFS, DBOG is based off on the Dragon Ball franchise. It's pretty much the latest Dragon Ball trend on Roblox, and you might see some DBZFS Yo…

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MoppingFloors MoppingFloors 26 April 2020

Im A Jojo Fan Now But Its Even Worse

oh god im reading the manga, HELP IM ON PART 8 AND I LIKE IT AS MUCH AS PART 4, AND I REALLY LIKE PART 4!

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MoppingFloors MoppingFloors 3 April 2020

Im A Jojo Fan Now

Got Introduced, Couldn't Stop, Its In My Dreams Now, My Main Masterpoop103 Acc Is Literally DIO, Help Me PLz

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Wartop Wartop 28 March 2020


  1.   Spend all feature when buying beans/jars
  2.   Multiplie loadouts and you can change between them
  3.   To be able to use old forms for example: If u prestige as a saiyan and buy ssj rose, you can switch between what to use ssj blue and ssj kaioken or rose
  4. New wish for hard top or harder mode when you beat it you can remake your character's height, bulk, jiren's head, eyes and  

majin's hair.  (sorry for bad english)

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Elomento Elomento 24 March 2020

Restaurants Is What I Neeeeeed

Anybody else starving and tryna get to a restaurant but cant cuz of corona. Yeah me too

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TheSuperSaiyanGuy TheSuperSaiyanGuy 19 March 2020

New Wiki Created

Just a quick announcement, but today, I've decided to create a new DBOG Wiki (based on my own decisions and other users' opinions). It was a hard decision, considering how there's already other Wikias supporting DBOG, and already a Trello site for the game.

The new wiki I created is from scratch, so there's not much on the new wiki as I'm typing this.

  • 1 Q&A
    • 1.1 Link to the new wiki?
    • 1.2 Why have you made the wiki?
    • 1.3 What'll be on the wiki?
    • 1.4 Are you still gonna be working on this wiki?
  • 2 Conclusion


Simply because I found many players converting their interest from Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand to Dragon Ball Online Generations, since the beta version of DBOG has came out.

Like I said befo…

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UFaxn UFaxn 13 February 2020

My likes and Dislikes

My likes •The Freiza race •Destroying all Sayians and Jirens •Spamming beams at people I need to finish off quick •The new Golden Cooler Buff •Ike4c130 (Im not gay) •MAXTERY (Im not gay) •Lardle2 (Im not gay) •PvP Fighting strong people My dislikes •Sayians, I mean there annoying have you seen them lately in the game? There becoming more toxic than ever before. •Jirens. There just like Sayians but a little less annoying. •Snake. He should eve added more buffs for the Frieza race but we all know snake and how disappointing he can get. Beerus and Champa. Those are really annoying to fight in that quest. They keep spamming GoD anger at me like its some time of frisbee that there throwing. •Humans. Something about humans doesn’t sit right with…

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DabbaLucciXp DabbaLucciXp 3 February 2020

Xbox one dbz final

Ok so im a lvl 400 and i been playing on my xbox one and need help fighting broly br and doing easy t.o.p if at least 4 or 5 strong players on xbox one would like to help me jus add my gamertag and let me know. Below is my gamertag


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Forsaken2 Forsaken2 21 January 2020


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UndoneZodia UndoneZodia 21 January 2020

TOP Tips and Tricks


I've been SOLOing TOP for a few days, but before that I was a healer. Here are some of my tips and tricks for those participating in a TOP.

Soloer Tips: 

Alright soloers! (Soloers probably isn't a word) You're the most important part of TOP (except for healers which you need.) You have to defeat all the hard guys like Jiren, and basically carry everyone in TOP. Have fun with that!

1. Always make sure you have a healer. If you don't confirm you have a healer, your chance at winning pretty much drops to 0. Trust me on this one. You might think "Oh, I can just wing it and wait to heal." Trust me when I say that even if you someone make it to Jiren, you're most likely gonna get clapped if someone doesn't have your back healing you.

2. Deal…

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RedLightnng RedLightnng 21 January 2020

Please give my levels back

Soo recently my progress was wiped and I'm trying to level up.... I've gotten to lvl 180 I was level 590+ I just found proof of my level.... Si guys help me get my levels back... Here's the proof

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HPDokku HPDokku 21 January 2020

Human Race Revamp

Heyo Everyone, this is my second race type blog, my first being the Bio-Android Race post. I've read alot of comments on people wishing for Kaioken and Mystic to be gamepasses, since canonnly they are known to be avaliable to everyone, so, heres what i came up with:

(Keep in mind i had to keep the Humans High-ki draining charactristic)

(Also, the ki rankings go: Low, Moderate, Medium, High, Very-High)


(G) Lvl 50: 5% Potential (+35 all) (Faint light blue aura) (Moderate Ki drain)

(0.5 G) Lvl 125: 10% Potential (+80 all) (Moderate light blue aura) (Moderate Ki drain)

(1.5 G) Lvl 160: 20% Potential (+125 all) (Strong light blue aura) (Medium-High Ki drain)

(H) Lvl 275: Maximum Power (+225 all) (Strong white aura w/ lightning) (High Ki d…

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LoliWorld LoliWorld 18 January 2020

Teleportation Fix Suggestion.

The teleportation on Xbox has always been in a weird state when it came to functionality and Roblox's ToS. And my guess is that one of the biggest playing factor's in this problem is the chat system, and how the developers need to place high restrictions on chat content in order to keep in line with the ToS. So I would like to propose a suggestion towards this issue. The old teleportation system involved typing a player ID into chat and then activating the command, but since then chat has either been disabled or down, which then results in the inability to teleport. So my suggestion for this issue is to have something like a separate chat, where when you type a player ID for the teleportation command it only shows up in a chat bubble for y…

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Thicc booty judy Thicc booty judy 12 January 2020


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TheSuperSaiyanGuy TheSuperSaiyanGuy 8 January 2020

A little game

This was inspired by a Reddit post. I thought it would be a pretty fun game.

In this game, you comment what superpower you want, but the first person to reply to your comment can choose a side effect, limitation, or weakness.

  1. You can't put down more than one superpower per comment.
  2. No OP limitations (i.e. "you die whenever you use them", or "you can't use it").
  3. No powers like "I can destroy anything I want in existence".
  4. You can't reply more than one limitation.
  5. Don't be salty.
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E7rapper111 E7rapper111 7 January 2020

I need tips

I am a LV 192 Android and spend all of my stat points on meele dm and speed

I am good with PvP, but cannot grind well in the HTC.

Can you give me quests that i can do and level up from?

  • What LV should i prestige at?
  • When should i rebirth?
  • Is there anyone on the wiki who can fuse with me?

  • Energy Barrier
  • Backflip
  • Meteor Crash
  • Kaioken Assault
  • Murder Pillar
  • GoD Sphere
  • Galick Gun
  • Justice Combination
  • GoD Hakai
  • TS Moltovz
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Omega metal cooler Omega metal cooler 4 January 2020



playersk1245xx: DO HAVE YOU IS WANT DIE ME?


ME:( he is a godly player)

he is somehow level 924 rebirthed

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TitaniumNoobYT TitaniumNoobYT 31 December 2019

Help Requested for Normal T.O.P.

Hey, as you can see by the title, I need some help with the normal Tournament of Power.I am a level 400 Saiyan and I have the Faster Charge Gamepass, if that matters. I’m also an XBOX player,but if necessary I will try to find a way to play on PC. My username is NoobTitaniumYT. I also have a Discord, Titanium Noob - ROBLOX #0404. I would really appreciate if somebody could help me with it, since none of my friends really play Final Stand. If you want to negotiate a time,please leave a reply informing me. Thank you!

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DarkEnd2 DarkEnd2 12 December 2019

Goodbye! DarkEnd will see you next time on Dragon Ball Tudoki!

I am deleting my acc, goodbye wiki!

Reason being is that I am finishing up senior year, which I have to be focused!


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Ike4c130 Ike4c130 11 December 2019

Saiyan Branches and Forms (Ideas)

Demonic Saiyan (LSSJ): Wrathful Form (Level 25, Prestige 0), Ssj A-Type (Level 50, Prestige 0), SSJ C-Type (Level 75, Prestige 0), LSSJ (Level 100, Prestige 1 (Replaces SSJ2)), SSJ2 (Level 100, Prestige 0), LSSJ2 (Level 200, Prestige 1 (Replaces SSJ3)) SSJ3 (Level 150, Prestige 0) LSSJ4 (Level 425, Prestige 3), Legendary God [Like Broly God] (Level 350, Prestige 2)

Saiyan (Pure): Every SSJ form except SSJR and SSJ4

Divine Saiyan: Same forms, same prestiges... (Excluding SSJB, SSJBKK, MSSJB, and SSJ4)

Demonic Saiyan (Like Mira): (They can absorb things) Berserk (Level 25, Prestige 0), Super Saiyan (Demonic) (Level 250, Prestige 0), SSJ4 like form (Level 550, Prestige 4) (Requires you to absorb Tokotoki Egg) *Also Receive a decent base*

GT Saiya…

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TheSuperSaiyanGuy TheSuperSaiyanGuy 8 December 2019


Hello, whoever this is! Welcome to my fan-made lair, where I put in my fan-made content.

The characters are based off on the characters from each race page, and the setting was basically inspired by some other works.

From the universe and timeline that Zeno completely erased to defeat the mad Kai Zamasu, an alternate timeline (possibly due to distortion) sprung forth, where a new big bang sprouts from within the space of nothingness, and eventually comes forth a new universe.

This brand new and alternate universe, for some odd reason, has the same features and structure as the main universe. Not even Zeno himself could figure out why.

Just so you know, there's more to come... If you're interested in helping out, DM me suggestions on Discord! M…

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Forsaken2 Forsaken2 3 December 2019

This pain willl only make me stronger

Yo Yo. U gotta check out the dragon ball wiki. its really active on there and I am too. check out 'Ya boy king kai' too! 

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Enforcer3213 Enforcer3213 1 December 2019

Why is text chat not working on Xbox one anymore

Since the update on 28th text chat is not working pls help

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TheSuperSaiyanGuy TheSuperSaiyanGuy 1 December 2019

Help Wanted

Looking for trusted users willing to join the Moderator Team and to help the wiki!

  • 1 Requirements
  • 2 Staff Ranks
    • 2.1 Chat & Discussions Moderator
    • 2.2 Content Moderator
    • 2.3 Administrator
    • 2.4 Bureaucrat
  • 3 Request Form
  • 4 Have any questions?

  • You must have a Discord account.
  • You must have a FANDOM account.
  • You need to have edited on the wiki at least 200 edits.
  • We recommended you to be fluent in English, and have good SPaG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

NOTE: This goes from top to bottom, from lowest tier to highest. As a trusted staff member, you can be promoted from tier to tier, starting from Chat & Discussions Moderator.

Chat & Discussions Moderators (abbreviated to C&D Moderators) monitor discussions and article comments. They can delete people's comments an…

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Forsaken2 Forsaken2 23 November 2019


Hey hey hey you should watch American Vandel!  If you like documentaries then it would be good for you! look it up!

(trust me)

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Forsaken2 Forsaken2 22 November 2019

Memes. yes.memes

Ok so I actually joined this wiki on the day I got oss for getting into a fight XD. I been stalking this wiki for a while tho I just never felt like making a account. But as of today I shall become a final stand meme maker. Yes. meme maker.

Perhaps this will want to make other ppl do this idk but I just do it in my spare time when im not working on 5 assignments at the same time ;-;

Even if they are not funny for some... Even if their bland... EVEN IF... YOU BEG ME TO STOP I will not.

and if you do not like the way im trying to contribute to the wiki then...uuuuuh... idk tough 

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Forsaken2 Forsaken2 21 November 2019

Snakeworl our lord

Ok so It came to me that If snake doesnt get any more robux he might just close the game down entirely 0_o

He even says he doesnt care what we want so we kinda screwed if we dont buy those dumb gamepasses like dark bubble chat. 

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Forsaken2 Forsaken2 20 November 2019


I was all about saiyans up until now

When I got back onto the game I thought wow!

So many forms so much power it had me confused that saiyans were all over my scouter

Ironic enough I was one of the saiyans too Blind to the facts but now im made anew

This beat fire like the flame kamehamehah

First broly win the skill was broly KamehameNAH

Its some bullshit but now I have recovered

After some thinking I decided what I was gonna do

Get some more robux and get a slot 2

The potential to the Jirens 1 auto point every 2 lvls thats what they packing

See them breaking saiyans left and right damn they clapping

Im gonna get a second slot soon the time is near

once I get a jiren thats all their gonna fear

feel the vicious power despair and bear witness

To the power…

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Hammy175 Hammy175 2 November 2019


How do you use the Broly move, "Erasure Cannon" to Nuke, I've seen it used alot in ToPs. I just got that move and am looking forward to leaning how to use it. So any info would be helpful.

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Zatop Zatop 30 October 2019

New Planet/s

It's been a while that i haven't make a blog, today i'll be doing it again and gives benefits for DBZFS.

[This is just an idea nor suggestion]

King Kai's Planet.

  • Once low levels enter this World, they will get an intense gravity force (Slowed down and require level 50+ to enter)
  • Benefits for Play 2 Win players.
  • Fighting dummy to gain EXP (Not as much as HBTC).
  • Extra Suggestion : This is where Human race get Kaioken.

Kaioshin's World Planet.

I know that there's the Other World, But I would like it if Snake add in this planet for Humans to get Mystic.

He could have replace The Other World with the Heaven World.

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TokoSpectral TokoSpectral 28 October 2019

input lag

having severe input lag for every world, my pc runs fine and ive heard people having the problem back in 2018, is there any fix for it?

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Chewistboss690 Chewistboss690 15 October 2019


So I went to heaven on my sayian and went up 300 levels had 679 base then rejoined and lost 300 base stats and I’m still 807

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Exiledintozero Exiledintozero 11 October 2019

This is the last time im doing this...



A Hybrid at it's root has android base stat growths but is able to use forms, previously to become a hybrid players had to go through the process of farming a android to the desired level, then gathering the dragonballs, and wishing for race change. Hybrids were around for a good amount of time, the time required to build a decent one previously served as a barrier to mass hybridization.

When a player goes to heaven, if their race is not android, their stat growths are changed to that of a androids. barring the 600 level requirement to do ha…

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Ike4c130 Ike4c130 14 September 2019

Soviet Frieza's National Anthem

We Friezas' shall rise

All other races shall not prevail

We are undefeatable

With Our Ki Damage...

Beyond...all other players

We shall defeat all opponents...

Toy with mere foes

They will regret their mistakes...

And we shall provide for those who follow us

and support us all the way

We shall master our forms...

Make our weakness our strengths against androids...

Saiyans will regret, everything they have done to us 

And thus we will generate 

The new...Frieza Race!!!!

(Created by Ike4c130 {A.k.a Father of All Frieza Race)

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MiggateNoBacon MiggateNoBacon 8 September 2019

Golden Metal Cooler

This is just an idea.

Golden Metal Cooler (Imperfect) (Unlocked at Prestige 3, Level 400 and for 500,000 Zeni)

Health Max: 0

Ki Max: 0

Melee Damage: 550

Ki Damage: 650

Melee Resistance: 550

Ki Resistance: 550

Speed: 600

Appearance: Literally just Metal Cooler, but gold. 

High ki drain.

Will be knocked out of form upon reaching critical health, regardless of remaining ki.

Golden Metal Cooler (Mastered) (Unlocked at Prestige 3, Level 550 and for 700,000 Zeni)

Health Max: 0

Ki Max: 0

Melee Damage: 650

Ki Damage: 750

Melee Resistance: 650

Ki Resistance: 650

Speed: 700

Appearence: Same as Imperfect Version, but more vibrant.

Minimal Ki Drain.

Amount of ki is similar to Perfect Golden Form.

Will be knocked out of form upon reaching critical health, regardless of remai…

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CajunCytex07 CajunCytex07 7 September 2019

Idea for the Future

I have noticed that there is a big restriction regarding forms. Once you gain a form you lose another, and honestly, that's a little bulls**t in my opinion. I have actually talked to other players that said they want more control over what forms they want to have equipped for use, and have a preferred line of transformations. So! I believe there should be a feature that allows to equip 4 forms. 2 for G and 2 for H, keeping the 0.5 and 1.5 sec charge times. Of course this should not be allowed for UI, MUI, and GOD, as those are 'last stand' forms due to their requirement and their OP abilities

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Beaksitguy Beaksitguy 9 August 2019

The unfairness/lost ofcus of the game.

{Serious}Situation 1.The laziness.

Now,I think it's safe to say snake is giving the game updates for the sake of giving updates.In my opinion,only 2 out of the 6 updates(the option to get the G.o.D form and the harder top.)The jiren race is an obvious better/extended version of the saiyans,which we dont need.At all.Heaven/Otherworld is a one way ticket to an infinte top/broly,the most broken race i nthe game,got a form that they never needed(althought I think it's a cool concept)And the more exp option for top,is quite literally,saying"Hi.I'm too bored too add a new exp gain for top,so just wish it."In other words.In MY opinion I think these updates are lazy as hell.Again,I'm not saying snake should just reboot/remake the game and add what …

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MoppingFloors MoppingFloors 31 July 2019



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MoppingFloors MoppingFloors 31 July 2019

Jiren Race

I've heard a ton about them over the past few hours, but I gotta say, the one thing I've heard about them was that they were buggy, reaaaal buggy. but I tried him out and I gotta say he was pretty fine. I spawned in with the 2 stat points I got (I just resetted one of my human acc's), the forms are in their correct lv, and I get 1 stat point in everything every 3 lv's

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Mp18-Nibpistole Mp18-Nibpistole 18 July 2019

Broken world tournament

Everything was fine like 1 hour ago but now whenever i click yes to get teleported to world tournament matchmaking nothing happens.

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HPDokku HPDokku 16 July 2019

Bio-Android / Cell Race

NOTE: Nothing on this is canon towards the game. However, even if SnakeWorl doesn't read this, there is still a chance that this can inspire Him to create this race.

Also, Special Thanks to IMysticKiller and BeaksItGuy and Exiledintozero for helping me fix the structure of the Cell / Bio-Android Race :D

Cell Race

Cell Race (Also Known as Bio-Androids) are races which combine Namekians and Saiyans, stat and power wise. They cannot have their height changed, like the 'Frieza Race', Bio androids would have a height and weight fix. and they will have (1.0 Height) and (0.9 Weight). They will gain 1 stat every 2 levels, so as they reach level 500, they will have a total of 1750 stats (correct me if i'm wrong), and even more when added on top of the…

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