• Ike4c130

    What I do

    March 11, 2019 by Ike4c130

    I am a powerhouse machine

    I am legit trying so hard

    I am a young boy who likes anime (especially My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z)

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  • Darnder

    Saiyans! A Rework

    March 10, 2019 by Darnder

    Alright, so just got done with the Human Rework, so it's time for Saiyans. I think these guys could definitely use one, so let's get into it.

    These guys are known for having the best and most forms in the game. But what if we made them really fit their throne of forms? Oh I'm talkin forms. Alright, forms everywhere! (Don't worry, I'll try my best to balance them properly).

    False Super Saiyan: This form acts as sort of a mini-mumbo-jumbo-ultra instinct. Now hear me out! Before you start typing away that I'm making Saiyans op, just listen... or read... anyway, the way this is like UI is that it can only be activated when you're at very low health (around 20% or so.) Upon activation it'll give you +50% of your health back and gives you +20 in a…

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  • Darnder

    Humans! A Rework

    March 10, 2019 by Darnder

    So we all know the Human race. The Kaioken Using, Mystic Wielding, Standard boys that we all know and love. We also know that the Human Experience can range from interesting to just plain annoying. Humans only really have a couple defining features. One being the Kaioken (Allowing you access to the earliest form in the game) and another is them having one of the only God forms with the name "God". But what if these guys got a rework? Specifically with their Kaioken. 

    Those that have seen the anime (or just play the game or look at this wiki a lot) know that Kaioken doesn't exactly work like other "forms". It can be used as a stat multiplier or just and addon to a form you're using. Quite simply, it's a power boost. So what if we reworked it…

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  • Burnybo

    I hopped on final stand when the new update got the new broly kamehameha but whis wont sell take my money. Anyone know what to do?

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  • FutureKnight785

    I am trying to figure out what is the best move to use in the game. Can someone help me?

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  • TheSuperSaiyanGuy

    This is a list of my template ideas.

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    Category Pages
    Homepage Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand Wiki
    Races Android Race | Frieza Race | Human Race | Majin Race | Namekian Race | Saiyan Race
    Gameplay Assist Characters | Beam Clash | Builds | Character | Dragon Balls | Emotes | Farming | Multiplayer Battle Arena | Music | Power Level | Prestige | Quests | Scouters | Senzu | Skill Points | Time Chamber Access | Tutorial | World Tournament | Zeni | Zeni Grinding
    Information Combos | Emotes | Map | Music | Skill Points | Tutorial

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  • StoneWorms

    DBZ:FS Discord?

    March 3, 2019 by StoneWorms

    Is there an official Discord server for the game? If so, can someone please send me an invite link? Thanks!

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  • XxsupersonnyxX

    Help Please

    March 3, 2019 by XxsupersonnyxX

    Can someone please help me. I was in the middle of T.O.P and i had a bunch of other people and I randomly just got kicked from the game and now when i join back it doesn't show my body and my camera view is near the snakes please help. My User: XxsupersonnyxX

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  • BrandoMeBoyo

    If anyone is in the discord please get me an invite, i was on it in my old account now i cant get back on it without the invite.

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  • Ultra Instinct scargxd

    Someone explain to me why this game makes no sense when it comes to npcs

    Frieza is stronger than a super saiyan 3 in this game but in the anime he lost to super saiyan Goku

    Broly is stronger than a super saiyan blue but in the anime he lost to Super Saiyan Goku with the other's energy

    Beerus makes a lil bit of sense, but SSG Goku was able to get beerus all the way up to 70% power, not 50

    Future Zamasu Makes Sense

    Jiren makes no sense, ui goku nearly eliminated him, but in this game, ui cant do much...

    Friaza is just straight up absurd

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  • Kiritakas


    i were playing with my friend final stand we were dreaming to fuse so i were just farming a lot and he just watched and when he logged in 

    he lost eveything he were prestige 1 and 297 level when he spawned where the snakes is (where you start play the game) he could do anything

    he cant open menu even fly he could only walk and jump and he were in a black and white tuxedo WHAT WE HAVE TO DO ?????

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  • Darnder

    The Races!

    February 1, 2019 by Darnder

    You all know the races of the game. And the stereotypes surrounding them. Well, two of them. "Androids are overpowered and should be nerfed" or  "are underpowered and need forms." "Saiyans are overpowered". Stuff like that. Well, it turns out that there are a few underpowered races, and some that would really benefit from new or updated forms. Now, I will be doing this analysis purely based off form stats. I won't include Ki/Health max bonuses or any race specific Health and Ki bonuses because those are pretty vague. I will only be ranking them off of purely their stats. So that means I won't be including Namekian's and Majin's regen (Or the Majin's regen abilities in general) moves. At the end I'll just give MY OPINION WHICH IS OPEN FOR C…

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  • XXYuchiXx

    I Need Help

    January 8, 2019 by XXYuchiXx

    A few days ago I was playing the final stand normally until I left and when I came back the other day my character could do nothing but walk and jump and be in this clothes Black and white

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  • ThatPaintBrush

    We need it bois, and you know it.

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  • Absolute Duck


    December 6, 2018 by Absolute Duck

    List of Admins. (Ranked by rank.)

    • Chillerrr1234 (Head of Command)
    • Wankaspoi (Bureaucrat)
    • Datonesaiyan (Administrator)
    • LividPlanets (Administrator)
    • SteptimusHeap (Content Moderator)
    • Android 004 (Discussions Moderator)

    • Resubian
    • IDmissing
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  • Elite Namek

    Problem with Piccolo Cape

    November 26, 2018 by Elite Namek

    I am not sure if it happens to just me but unlike the Cool Detective Cape the Piccolo cape likes to go inside of my body whenever I move and doesn't even sit right when I stand still!!, There isnt any way I can contact the creator or devs so I am talking about it here. I hope it gets fixed! IMO Piccolos cape is one of the coolest clothing items in the game!

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  • Molo75

    Top 10 best forms in the game

    November 16, 2018 by Molo75

    (Note that this was made before the last update) Okay so first this is just my opinion so please dont hate me after reading this. Also i rank these on how long they are usefull in the game, their stat increase, ki drain, ki max, heal, and how usefull i think they are in a fight.

    So this might come as surprise since it does not have a big stat increase and does not increase your ki max but other than that its a good form. If you dont want to start a fight or just stand around in your best form it can be nice to just be in fullpower super saiyan since it does not have a ki drain and it helps with the weaker base form that saiyans have by adding those 50 extra to all stats.

    Its basically fullpower super saiyan but better. Yes it does not add as…

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  • TheSuperSaiyanGuy

    Why are you reading at this part? I just said the thing, now git!

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  • StolenSoul69

    Dragon Balls

    October 21, 2018 by StolenSoul69

    Are thier dragons balls in the game people are sayig thier are but i cant find any

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    Looking for a clan

    July 26, 2018 by AMINOTOR

    Stats :
    - Prestige 2 saiyan level 682 -Currently-
    - Fairly skilled at pvp
    - Very helpful member of TOP's (due to experience)
    - Respectful to clan members + loyalty
    - Active at the scale of 8/10

    If you have an offer or invitation I look forward for that in the comments and thanks for your consideration.

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  • Absolute Duck

    Alright, since Snake added DB X characters he sure as hell doesn't care about canon, but he should AT LEAST make his forms more logical. Now most of you have been complaining about the God Saiyan forms and nerving them to like 450 and stuff, this is how they should be using in-game stats.

    Since Snake made Blue Kaioken x 10 the same stats and Blue Evolution, its clear that the Blue Kaioken form should be x 20 not 10. Now if you do some quick math, you'll see that the "kaioken" form added onto the blue form is actually not an in-game form. Its +300 to all stats, which is twice as much as x20, and kaiaken doesn't even add defense, but there is +700 in defense too.

    The kaiaken x 20 form is a +155 to damage and speed, so the ACTUAL blue Kaioken form…

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  • AwesomeJay1999

    hair styles

    July 16, 2018 by AwesomeJay1999

    hey, gohans SSJ hair (buu saga), which style has it out of the 50- something style? also, which one is best for the new broly look, id assume it would be yamchas hair or kid gohans but im not sure. theres only one view of broly's new hair design so im saying yamcha for right now. 

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  • AwesomeJay1999

    i just prestiged to level one prestige and was wonder, without use of the HBTC if i could level up fast from lvl 70 to 100 so i could kick off getting to rose a little quicker 

    im a saiyan, i have ssj and virtually no moves at the moment. i would like hlep too so if you wouldnt mind helping me out my Roblox ID is AwesomeJay1999

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  • IDmissing000

    I had already posted this on the world tournament page, but I just decided to make a few changes. Also isn't it funny how its R.U.Ms? I think it should be 185 rank for the tier 1 and 250 rank for the tier 2, but they'll still have to be bought once you achieve the required rank.

    • Friezas:
    1. Super Death Ball - A stronger supernova that seeks the target, solid red with holy wrath effects, charged with one hand, so you can tell it appart from G.o.D sphere, charges as fast as holy wrath. (12.5k zenni)
    2. Last Emperor - A last resort beam that can only be used once the user is in critical condition, has nearly no charge time, and has damage similar to KKx4 Kame, to compensate for the Frieza's underpowered ki dmg. (25k zenni)
    • Humans
    1. Very Strong Punch - A v…
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  • IDmissing000

    Rank is supposed to be a way of measuring someone's skill and for picking your approach on a player, if its gonna be intense or calm. It doesn't quite work like that, you should look at someone's rank while looking at their level,prestiges and forms, if you see a SSBE with 200 - 220 don't be that intimidated, if someone has double my stats and the same rank as me (an arcosian) they are probably gonna have pretty trashy skill, and probably are either gonna be extremely territorial using generic combos at you or just gonna invite you to top.

    On the other side of the coin don't be cocky when going against a lower rank, you don't know who is controlling that character, perhaps is a new guy, perhaps its the same guy that controls a level 500+ Ra…

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    June 29, 2018 by AMINOTOR

    This community in general had alot of nice people that help each other out and overcome obstacles together..But there is one part of the community that is VERY toxic and I'm talking about people that literally take no chill and completely harass you for giving their virtual character ONE punch.

    My mood has changed these days if you see me act so tough on servers in discord and in-game is because these people won't stop untill they get a taste of their own medicine. And yes I act that way cause I am really mad at people who go flexing their 'SKILLS' often known as 'SPAM' on other players and saying stuff related to 'You are trash quit the game;go die' that seriously needs to stop and it pisses me off. No matter how I try to be patient with t…

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  • Breeie

    My recent inactivity

    June 28, 2018 by Breeie

    I sincerely apologize for being inactive and not editing or helping out the wiki in any way. Now that I think about I feel as if my inactivity was enormously selfish and rude, I plan to resume my duties and help out the wiki more then I have ever done. I hope I can be forgiven. 

    Take this blog as me telling the wiki that my long absence is over and I'm back. 

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    1. Androids

    2.Saiyans (me)





    -IDmissing much le TRIGGERED- sorry but this is my opinion xdd

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  • Mega Z-Move Ultra Diancie

    Saiyan Race: They should have a ssjkkx20 for lv 550 no prestige little health drain(due to mastering kaioken) and lesser Ki drain +1000 to all SSjb Shinka for lv 600 prestige 2 minimal ki drain +1000 to all 20% chance to Instinctly dodge

    Frieza:They should start out at first form but when they get 3rd and Final form It becomes their natural form as they will spawn on that form and no ki drain. Tranforming into first second or third will give faster ki charge. Perfect Golden Frieza Buff: No Ki drain +700 to ki and speed +475 to both resistence and melee CON: this form will only last if your health is above 15%.

    Majin: They should have a slow auto regen health ability slower than android ki regen but faster than other races.

    Human:They should…

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  • Shrekyboi


    You aren’t supposed to be here

    Go away already

    My fingers hurt and you wasted your time

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  • Icantfindausernameman

    I don't know if Saiyans should even get anymore transformations but I came up with this idea and couldn't let it go

    So I was thinking of a transformation similar to what ascended Super Saiyan is to ssj1 for ssj2.

    Trunk's Super Saiyan Rage transformation that was seen at first as a sort of False God Super Saiyan transformation could fit into Final Stand very well. The transformation could be called Super Saiyan RageGod Ki Rage, False SSJ Blue, or just Rage.

    The transformation could be activated by transforming while Super Saiyan 2 at full Ki and low health (Below 35%). 


    The transformation would be unlocked at either lvl. 200 or 100 Prestige 1 and be stacked on the stats of SSJ2 so I took fractions of SSJ Blue that would be the boosts for t…

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  • Mega Z-Move Ultra Diancie

    So If I can beat Broly in a 1v1 as a Lssj is that strong?

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  • Breeie

    Majin Ideas

    April 24, 2018 by Breeie

    I recently found this post and it was very interesting, I wanna see what you guys think?

    Fixed some grammar errors


    when i think of majin i think of bubble gum it gets chewd on repeatedly and it will always be able to take back its original shape. when this game started i was there i hopped on made a majin character and started my adventure. i would remember the episodes were majin buu would get the shit beat out of him get disfigured just to patch himself up and keep on fighting. i wanted to be just like that get in fights take lost of hits. be able to come back from whatever you throw at a majin.

    Moving on from that speach here is what i think majins should have been like.

    Full heal will be replaced with a skill called majin Cells. when h…

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  • I’m a nimbus


    April 23, 2018 by I’m a nimbus

    I do not take credit I only take cash

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  • Molo75


    March 21, 2018 by Molo75

    Tiers are a fanmade system to help organize and compare the different forms in the game. The main tiers are tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4. Tier 1 is the first form you get on Earth tier 2 is the form you get on Namek tier 3 is the form you get in space and tier 4 is the form you get in destroyed future (the first form in future for saiyans). There are also some other smaller tiers these are tier 1,25, tier 1,5 and tier 5 these exist because the system was made for all races to have the same main tiers and to not course confusion by having for exaple majins tier 2 be saiyans tier 4. This is because majins only get one form on Earth while saiyans get three so it seemed like a better solution to give saiyans, humans and freizas some tier …

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  • Breeie


    March 15, 2018 by Breeie

    When ever I get online and I check the comments for races, there always is somebody that asks “Which is best rce” and I’ll be honest, due to the game not being very balences, the Saiyans are the best because they are the most focused on by Snake. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose other races. All other races except for Saiyans fit a specific fighting style. (Saiyans domt because their strength is in transformations)

    Saiyan Race Extremely powerful transformations compared to other races Use your stats wisely, make sure that your stats are focused in one area

    Frieza/Acrosian Race Very good for Ki Damage Suggested to focus on Ki Max and Ki Damage

    Human Race Melee Ki focused Use stats on melee

    Majin Race Tank and Defense based Focus stat…

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  • LongMishael123


    March 5, 2018 by LongMishael123

    Hello, my name's LongMishael123 and I am a Saiyan in DragonBallZ Final Stand!! I have Super Saiyan as my first form and I am Level 61. Now, to join my stream, because I will be online today from 3:30 to 5:30pm, maybe earlier, you must send me a friend request to join my server, (not private, public),  and you will be going on amazing adventures with me!! I will be defeating the Saibamen, Chi Masters, Perfect Cell and many more! So if you would like to join me on defeating bad guys, send me a friend request first before you join me and I will check! Deadline is 3:35pm, so I suggest you all start sending me friend request on ROBLOX, if you want to. Also, I will be entering the World Martial Arts Tournament! So see you there!

    So, thank you for…

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  • WankaSpoi1

    If you follow SnakeWorl on Twitter, you might have seen him post a blurry screenshot of his To-Do list for Final Stand. If you haven't then here it is:

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  • Raymundosan

    updated map progression

    January 26, 2018 by Raymundosan

    been working on this for about 20 mins now i plan on posting full map of earth but befor that ill be posting each island segment one by one then finally posting the full deal feed back would be nice.. helps me get motivated  :p

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  • Diggadiz

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Diggadiz and I started playing this game for about 1-2 weeks now and am enjoying this game alot! While playing though, I realized that the stats for each race are ever changing based on base form stats and transformations. Therefore, I decided to create some graphs depicting the levels at which a race excels in a certain stat, such as melee damage, ki damage, melee resistance, ki resistance, and speed, based on base stats and stat boosts from transformations. The following transformations for each race was applied at the levels that they could be obtained as shown below:

    Saiyan: Super Saiyan (LVL 50), Ascended Saiyan (LVL 65), Super Saiyan (LVL 100), Super Saiyan 3 (LVL 150), Super Saiyan God (LVL 270), Super Saiyan…

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  • Hcly

    I noticed that you can wear some hats, just wondering which ones is compatible.

    If anyone can make a list (and with the links if you're feeling generous) of all the hats?

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  • Resubian

    Adoption Request

    December 5, 2017 by Resubian

    So the original creator of this Wiki Jeton123 abandoned it after 3 days, he has not been active since September 15th, I plan on starting an adoption request for the Wiki, this will give me admin rights for the wiki to improve stuff like the background, directory and start banning griefers from the wiki. One of the requirements is that I make a blog post stating my intention and giving the community a week to respond before starting the adoption process. I have various experience with what goes into making a Wiki look presentable as I've done so 3 times in the past for various projects. I'd also be interested in starting an admin team preferably one expert from each playable race to ensure quality.

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  • PrixTrix

    Vote for Logo

    November 30, 2017 by PrixTrix

    I Was thinking for make a new logo for this Wiki

    this is a preview

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  • Purebeast15

    We really should make the catergories for each different race. On each page we should list their transformations and what benefits they give and what they are granted access to that others races don't get.

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