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Races refer to humanoid-like species that a player selects at the start of the game. There are seven playable races, which are the following:

Race Can Change Height Can Change Skin Color Can Change Hair
Saiyan Yes Yes Yes
Human Yes Yes Yes
Frieza No Yes (Only in Character Creation) No
Majin Yes Yes No
Namekian Yes Yes No
Android Yes Yes Yes
Jiren Yes Yes (Only in Character Creation) Yes (changes Eye Color)

However the races normally chosen are Android, Jiren and Saiyan due to them being the stronger races. However the other races can beat these 3 races easily enough with the right skill. the most unused races are most likely Frieza and Human because Frieza race are glass cannon and humans have alot of trouble early to mid game however humans do get a 500 stat boost form at prestige 1 making them pretty strong. Other races such as Majin and Namekian are used since they have a regeneration ability and majins unstable allow teleporting punches making them difficult in player versus player. If you want advice on races to choose heres some help. It's advised to pick either namekian or jiren since they both dont have much trouble in the game and both introduce you to the game properly. After that its recommended to play either android or saiyan as their mechanics are very different (androids having practically no forms and saiyans having a reliance on them) and after that its your choice since you would know all about these races. Its also recommended to focus your stats in one place so you excel at one thing as mixing stats can make your character very weak depending on the character.

Android - Androids are good for grinding since they have no forms to reduce zeni and xp earned, they have the strongest base out of all races. but they lack ki early on. The higher they level up the stronger they will become. If you rebirth them and level them up very high (1500+) they will become stronger than any other races in term of stats but the other races will still have a better ki max.

Saiyan - Saiyans are really powerful only lacking a good base, these are the strongest race for non prestige/rebirth however they have a reliance on forms making them easily beat able in base.

Jiren - Jirens are effectively a stronger saiyan. they attain forms similar to saiyans while having a base as strong as Freizas, Humans, Namekians and majins. whats better when you prestige 3 times they attain despair making them stronger than saiyans flat out. Good for if you if you are ready to play for a long time. Their only weakness is their Ki Resistance so you should put some points in Ki Resistance

Namekian - Namekians have a good base with decent forms. however they are not as strong as jirens but to combat this they have a 30% Regeneration and attain 40 points from kami.

Humans - Humans are a questionable race with alright forms but nothing to make them stand out. often called the weakest race they can actually hold their own with a Kaioken Times 100 form with a 500 stat boost. They Have alot of trouble early game

Frieza - Frieza are ki builds, their forms can be lacking but they are powerful when built right. Frieza race are refered to as glass cannons as their forms make them weak defensively. According to some really good pvpers its a great race due to their ability not to get slowed by energy blasts.

Majin - Majins are pretty powerful and can be debated to be the 4th strongest. Majins Can attain a 80% regeneration and a form that can use teleporting punches. However the Tp punches are said to be glitched an not work right. They can be very good in player versus player so they do have that.

Other Races

In the map Space, new anthropomorphic races are introduced to the player.

Yardratians are a race inhabiting Planet Yardrat. According to the Quest Giver Yardratian, they used to live peacefully until they started training and bench-pressing. Therefore, he gives out a Quest to neutralize his hostile people, and the Universal Yardratian.

Oriodians are a race known to steal Planet Potafeu's oil and mining supplies. A One-Time Quest is given out by a mining worker to kill the Oriodians and its executives, and a Daily Quest is given out by another.

Gorgolians are a race that, similar to Oriodians' behaviors, raid and steal valuables. A One-Time Quest is given by an inhabitant of Frieza Planet 981, to kill a horde of Gorgolians and their elites, which are trying to capture an ancient statue recovered from the sea.

Fishmanians are a fish-like race inhabiting Planet Nemee. A One-Time Quest is given by someone who seems to have a major dislike to them because they're "ugly", they are also a reference to the "Fishmen" race from One-Piece, hence the name "Fishmanians"

Zentarians are a psychic race that is found on Planet Eros. A One-Time Quest is given by a curious person, who tells the player about the new machines the Zentarians invented called Zentarian Androids, and that the player must investigate on their behavior.

Kachukians are a tribal race that inhabits Planet Tazba. A One-Time Quest is given by a space pirate, who's trying to take over the planet.

Fermatians are a race that is in war with the Saiyans, at Planet Alpha. An inhabitant of the planet asks the player to stop the war.

Playable Races

The Saiyan Race is the most played race in the game. Their base form power is weaker compared to other races, but their strong transformations compensate heavily for that. They also have the most transformations in the game, requiring more grinding for zenni.

The Human Race is a race considered by most to be the weakest one of all, with a standard base, average forms, and average ki max and drain.

The Namekian race is considered by most the strongest one in the game thanks to their great transformations, ki max that rivals SSJBKKx10, and regeneration ability.

The Frieza Race is the main race to use for ki-based builds, due to their form's increased ki damage and lower usage.

The Android Race is the only race to have just one exclusive transformation, giving just +10 to their stats and doubling their ki. They have the strongest base form in the game and regenerate ki while not using it, allowing a very aggressive melee-based playstyle.

Majins are almost entirely based on a unique, tank-like playstyle - thanks to their near-full heal and high-resistance Metal Majin form - that becomes more aggressive over time with forms such as Dark Majin and Unstable.

The Jiren race is one of the strongest in the game alongside the Namekian Race. This is because of their decent base stats and transformations which match that of Saiyans. Their only downside is the Ki Resistance of their later forms, but this is not enough to stop them from having higher overall stats than every other race.

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