The Character Slots gamepass icon.

The 'Character Slots' is a gamepass that can be purchased for 125 ROBUX and allows the player to switch to a second character by talking to Fortuneteller Baba in front of the Shop in West City. The characters are completely independent, meaning:

  • They can still collect Dragon Balls and make wishes even if the first character has made their wishes already.
  • They can talk to NPCs that grant them free EXP or stat points, even if the first character has already or cannot to begin with.
  • They can redo all quests the first character might have done.
  • They must repurchase every move and piece of clothing the first character might have.

Gamepasses will still be shared between both characters.


  • Previously, when a player switched from their first character slot to the second (and vice versa), they would spawn wearing the package currently equipped to their ROBLOX avatar. This was patched out around the release of the T.O.P. update.
  • Also, SnakeWorl fixed the bug of getting in the First/Second character that does weird glitches to ki attacks. E.g. An NPC dodging a Kamehameha wave.
  • If you change slots while you have Ki Sense turned on the Ki shapes will stay near Fortuneteller Baba.