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Charging, sometimes referred to as powering up, allows the player to charge their Ki bar by holding down the 'X' button on PC (RB and RT on Xbox). The amount of Ki being gained each second increases as time goes on. Ki is recharged slower whilst in any transformation or when fused. (You would highly need Faster Charge if you use fusion)

Whilst charging on land or slightly above the ocean, small rocks, small waves of water, or chunks with the texture and color of the block under you (not including spawn plates or in the air) will start to rise around you respectively. This can also happen while charging inside of a beam or on top of a Quest Giver's question mark.

Chunks rising.

Energy Absorption

Energy Absorption

Main article: Android

Androids are incapable of charging. Instead, they have an ability called Energy Absorption. This ability allows them to absorb Ki moves, restoring their Ki and health instead of taking Ki damage.

An Android's Ki absorption is lesser than the health absorption(Health regens slightly faster than Ki). Ki absorption is directly proportional to damage done by ki moves. In Direct Current Ki absorption is halved.

Faster Charging

Main article: Faster Charging

The Faster Charging gamepass will allow the player to charge much faster than normal. It also visually changes, with more chunks rising. The gamepass can be purchased with 225 Robux.


Charge-resetting (sometimes referred to as hard-resetting) is when a player holds down X, goes to the Roblox Menu, then resets their character. Instead of the game's dying animation happening, the player's character falls into pieces (much like Roblox's default death animation) 12 seconds after resetting.

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