There are currently four Clothing Shops in the game (not including the secret shop), and they each offer a large amount of Clothing.

  • The largest amount of outfits can be found in Central City's Thrift Store, along with a couple of scouters.
  • The most accessories, as well as a Hair Stylist for Saiyans, Humans, and Androids, can be found in South City's Hair Salon & Clothing Shop. All outfits from outside of Dragon Ball are also included.
  • There's another shop in located in South City called Cool Krillin's Glasses Shop, where the shopkeeper Cool Krillin sells glasses for the player to equip as accessories.
  • West City's Workout Shop sells the least amount of clothing. It includes a variety of tank tops, and a halo.
  • There is also a secret shop that can be found hidden in a rock behind the Evil Super Saiyans (follow the trail of Evil Majins, Saibareds, Evil Saiyans, and Evil Super Saiyans. Upon destroying the rock's face, Jiren's Secret Hat Shop is revealed. Inside is the owner Jiren, and five hats and a Little Jiren accessory.
    • Such moves that can open the entrance are Special Beam Cannon, Destructo Disk, Kaioken x4 Kamehameha, Final Flash, etc.
    • As an alternative, use a guard-break, or any other guard-breaking move, on someone while their back is to the "entrance" of the shop. This will cause the player to be knocked into the rock, destroying it.


- First Floor -

Torn Purple Gi 800 Zeni

Goten 350 Zeni

Purple Gi 800 Zeni

Ultra Instinct Goku 350 Zeni

Torn Gi 1000 Zeni

Goku Kid GT 350 Zeni

Vegerut's Geeeee 700 Zeni

Tambourine 700 Zeni

Dragon Ball - Supreme Kai 700 Zeni

Gohan Top (Future) 350 Zeni

Argus Universe 88 (Jimpsuit) [Pants] 350 Zeni

Argus Universe 88 (Jumpsuit [Top] v2 350 Zeni

Otamot Jumpsuit (Bottom) 350 Zeni

Otamot Jumpsuit (Top) 350 Zeni

Gi Brandon (Bottom) 350 Zeni

Gi Brandon (Top) 350 Zeni

Grey Jacket 700 Zeni

Pride Troopers (Muscles) - Dragon Ball Super 350 Zeni

Sun Wukong (Top) 350 Zeni

Sun Wukongp (Bottom) 350 Zeni

Mirai Trunks (No Strap) 350 Zeni

Gi Hunna (Bottom) 350 Zeni

Gi Hunna (Top) 350 Zeni

Android 1-X (Top) 350 Zeni

Android 1-Xp (Bottom)350 Zeni

Teen Hero 350 Zeni

Teen Hero 350 Zeni

Argus [Top] 350 Zeni

Argus Universe 88 [Pants] 350 Zeni

Bocage Universe 88 [Top] 350 Zeni

Bocage Universe 88 [Pants] 350 Zeni

Kadock Armor [Top] 350 Zeni

- Second Floor -

Saiyan Armor V9 350 Zeni

Elite Saiyan Armor "Jade" 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor Green Top 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor Prpl 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor Blue 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor Dk Blue 350 Zeni

Gohan(Kid) 700 Zeni

Uub 350 Zeni

Gogeta 350 Zeni

Gotenks 350 Zeni

Kale(Dragon Ball Super) pants 350 Zeni

Kale(Dragon Ball Super) 350 Zeni

Ylw Scouter 200 Zeni

Red Scouter 200 Zeni

Blue Scouter 200 Zeni

Grn Scouter 200 Zeni

Vegeta DBS 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor Pants "Jade" 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor Pants "Navy" 350 Zeni

Red Saiyan Armor Bottom 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor Pants 350 Zeni

The Great Saiyaman 350 Zeni

Android 16 350 Zeni

Female Majin 2 350 Zeni

FemaleMajin2 pants 350 Zeni

Namekian Cosplay 350 Zeni

Adult Gohan 350 Zeni

Tapion Bottom 350 Zeni

Tapion Top 350 Zeni

Black Goku Top 350 Zeni

Goku Black 2 350 Zeni

Caulifla(Dragon Ball Super) pants 350 Zeni

Caulifla (Dragon Ball Super) 350 Zeni

Vegito Pants 350 Zeni

Vegito 350 Zeni

Vegerut 700 Zeni

Dragon Clan Pants 350 Zeni

dragon clan 350 Zeni

- First Floor -

Goku(Dragon Ball GT ) Adult 350 Zeni

Epic Pants 350 Zeni

Vanir -Blue Gradient Hoodie 350 Zeni

C00l Pants 350 Zeni

School Outfit 350 Zeni

Saiyan Armor 350 Zeni

White headband 2000 Zeni

Red headband 2000 Zeni

Green headband 2000 Zeni

Purple headband 2000 Zeni

Yellow headband 2000 Zeni

Great Detective Cape 450 Zeni

Saitama 350 Zeni

Red Whis' Gi 350 Zeni

GT Goku Top [SSJ4] 350 Zeni

Goku UnderShirt Top [Muscles] 350 Zeni

Zamasu Black Fusion DBS 350 Zeni

Turles ) 350 Zeni

PiccoloCape 3000 Zeni

PiccoloHat 3000 Zeni

Great Detective Fedora 350 Zeni

Nomadic Steampunk Headband 350 Zeni

Black Headband 350 Zeni

Paper Hat 350 Zeni

Valkyrie Helm 350 Zeni

Gray Assassin 350 Zeni

Midnight Rider Shades 350 Zeni

Snowflake Cloak 350 Zeni

Punk Kid 350 Zeni

- Second Floor -

Trunks Again 350 Zeni

Master Roshi 350 Zeni

Vegeta Buu Sage 350 Zeni

Black Saiyan 350 Zeni

Black Bandages 350 Zeni

Arm Bandages 350 Zeni

Android 18 350 Zeni

Android 17 Super 350 Zeni

Cabba 350 Zeni

Beat 350 Zeni

Yamcha (Desert Bandit) 350 Zeni

Son Goten DBS 350 Zeni

Track Suit 350 Zeni

Dio Jacket 350 Zeni

Majin Female Top 350 Zeni

Goku's Jacket 350 Zeni

Goku Time Patrol 350 Zeni

Tien Shinhan 350 Zeni

Crane Pants 350 Zeni

Crane School Uniforms 350 Zeni

Kid buu 350 Zeni

Majin Buu 350 Zeni

Future Trunks [DBS] 350 Zeni

Arcosian 350 Zeni

Bardock (Damaged) 350 Zeni

Bardock 350 Zeni

Pirate Pahroah 350 Zeni

Beerus 3000 Zeni

JO JO 350 Zeni

Adult Gohan GiS 350 Zeni

Orange & Blue Gi Bottom 350 Zeni

Natsu D 350 Zeni

Androide 17 DBZ 350 Zeni

Kefla Fusion 350 Zeni

Galactic Patrol 350 Zeni

BROLY 350 Zeni

King Vegeta 350 Zeni

Male Majin Tank Top 350 Zeni

Future Sweater 350 Zeni

Purple Suit 350 Zeni

Vegeta Dress Suit(Dragon Ball Super) 350 Zeni

Halo 200 Zeni

Orange Gi 200 Zeni

Trunks Pants 200 Zeni

Kai Pants 200 Zeni

Jeans 200 Zeni

Black Pants 200 Zeni

Aqua Training Top 200 Zeni

Green Training Top 200 Zeni

Yellow Training Top 200 Zeni

Red Training Top 200 Zeni

Grey Training Top 200 Zeni

Blue Training Top 200 Zeni

Black Suit 200 Zeni

Kira 200 Zeni

Goku Dragon Ball Super 350 Zeni

Universe 6 Namekian 350 Zeni

Custome Scientist 350 Zeni

Vegeta BADMAN Shirt 350 Zeni

Real Bulk 200 Zeni

Black Tank 200 Zeni

Wifebeater 200 Zeni

Pink Training Top 200 Zeni

Black Training Top 200 Zeni

Top Hat 5000 Zeni

Straw Hat 5000 Zeni

Fedora 5000 Zeni

Buddy Hat 5000 Zeni

Little Jiren 50000 Zeni

Epic Glasses 2000 Zeni

Cool Glasses 2000 Zeni

Style Glasses 2000 Zeni

Nerd Glasses 2000 Zeni

Visor 2000 Zeni

BigGlasses 2000 Zeni

Sleek Glasses 2000 Zeni

Central City's Market Square

Central City's Market Square is a square market that fills up nearly the entirety of the city. It consists of multiple small market buildings, which are the following.

Hercule's Currency Exchange

Hercule's Currency Exchange is a yellow-roofed building located near Central City's Thrift Store. Its shopkeeper is Hercule, who trades 200 Robux for 10,000 Zeni.

Elder Kai's Gypsy of Potential

Elder Kai's Gypsy of Potential is a teal-roofed building. Its shopkeeper is Elder Kai, who unlocks the player's potential (grants 100,000 EXP) for 10,000 Zeni.

Whis' Dojo

Whis' Dojo is a purple-roofed building. Its shopkeeper is Whis, who teaches the player Rare Moves for 10,000 Zeni.

Korin's Senzu Beans

Korin's Senzu Beans is a green-roofed building located at a corner of Central City. Its shopkeeper is Korin, who sells Senzu Beans and Senzu Jars of many varieties for 2,500 and 4,000 Zeni, respectively.


  • The Little Jiren accessory makes it nearly impossible to fly. This is due to the fact that the accessory has its own hitbox, meaning that attempting to fly is much like flying into a wall.
  • Races such as Frieza Races, Majins, and Namekians are unable to use the Hairstyler.
  • All mistakes in the above section are due to the game misspelling the clothing.
  • Jiren and Cool Krillin are the only clothing shopkeeper NPCs in the game.


  • Prior to the 8/6/18 update, Central City's Clothing Shop and South City's Hair Salon & Clothing Shop have had their second floors blocked by an invisible barrier.