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Combos are set of moves performed in sequence, usually with strict timing limitations, that yield significant damage or an advantage. Combos just require no more than 2 moves, but some could need even all of your slots. Teamwork may also be needed.


Some of these combos require a high level, gamepass, or any move that you can only get from Whis.

Moves written in bold are acquired through a gamepass, while moves written in italics are acquired from Whis. Combos with an asterisk (*) at the end can be repeated to continue the combo.

  • Using Spirit Bomb Sword is highly recommended against, as it takes a lot of Ki and can lessen your fighting time
  • Androids are unable to do many of these combos as a result of their Ki Max
  • Use green or blue senzu beans/jars, during or after combos as performing successful combos take lots of Ki
  • Careful using Z-Vanish with NPC's, as they immediately turn to hit you, as soon as you vanish behind them

Melee Combos

  • Final blow + dive kick
  • Double launcher + kick barrage + punisher drive +kick barrage + punisher drive repeat
  • Double Launcher + Justice Combination
  • Double Launcher + Bone Crush
  • Double Launcher + Second Bloom
  • Double Launcher + Sledgehammer
  • Double Launcher + Kick Barrage + Power Impact + Final Blow + Arm Crash (when arm crash fails to attack, do a justice combo)
  • Double Launcher/Launcher + God Slicer
  • Flash Strike (or Strike of Revelation) + God Slicer
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Aerial Breaker
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Aerial Breaker + Super Dragon Fist
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Justice Combination + Super Dragon Fist
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Second Bloom
  • Double Launcher + Power Impact
  • Flash Strike + God Slicer (or any other guard break)
  • Flash Strike + Meteor crash + Final Blow
  • Punisher Drive + Meteor Crash + Double Launcher + Spirit Bomb Sword + Power Impact + Super Dragon Fist
  • Punisher Drive + Meteor Crash
  • Punisher Drive + Double Launcher + Meteor Crash + Super Dragon Fist
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Power Impact + Super Dragon Fist
  • Final Blow + Strike of Revelation + Second Bloom + Final Blow (or Super Dragon Fist)
  • Final Blow + Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Meteor Crash
  • Final Blow + Strong Kick
  • Emperor's Edge + Spirit Bomb Sword + Emperor's Edge + Punisher Drive + Meteor Crash
  • Emperor's Edge + Spirit Bomb Sword + Emperor's Edge + Punisher Drive + Power Impact + Dragon Fist
  • Flash Skewer + Punisher Drive + Justice Combination
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Meteor Crash
  • Double Launcher + Punisher Drive + Spirit Bomb Sword + Flash Strike + Kick Barrage/Meteor Crash/TS Molotov
  • Double Launcher + Meteor Crash
  • Super Rush/Rush + Super Dragon Fist + KaioKen Assault and repeat
  • Punisher drive + Kick Barrage + Second bloom (if you get there on time, otherwise use flash strike to clear the distance) + Super rush/rush
  • Double Launcher + Launcher + Meteor Crash/Wolf Fang Fist/Anger Rush + Final Blow + Super Death Beam + Pressure gauge + Super Dragon Fist/Super Rush
  • Flash Skewer + Sweep Kick + Punisher Drive + Kick Barrage or Meteor Crash (Meteor Crash will land less often, but can extend the combo into a TS/Molotov, also be sure to punch to initiate the combo, and after the Flash Skewer for extra damage!)
  • TS/Molotov + Justice Combination
  • Rush/Super Rush + Justice Combination
  • Rush/Super Rush + Dive Kick

Ki Combos

  • Murder Grenade + Beam Scatter
  • Afterimage Strike + Big Bang Kamehameha/Demon Flash + Justice Flash
  • Afterimage Strike + Murder Grenade + Big Bang Kamehameha + Justice Flash/Divine Lasso
  • Murder Grenade + Emperor's Edge + Super Death Beam
  • Pressure Gauge + Murder Grenade + Big Bang Kamehameha
  • Any Wave + Sudden Storm

Ki and Melee Combos

  • Double Launcher, Punisher Drive, Double Launcher, Punisher Drive, Spirit Bomb Sword, Meteor Crash, Super Death Beam/Justice Flash. (Use Justice Flash, only if you have a lot of ki left)
  • Double Launcher, Spirit Bomb Sword, Super Death Beam
  • Punisher Drive, Emperor Edge, Spirit Slash/Spirit Bomb Sword, Kick Barrage, Afterimage Strike, Murder Grenade, Power Impact, Crusher Ball
  • Punisher Drive, Spirit Bomb Sword, Divine Lasso, Final Blow, Final Kamehameha
  • Punisher Drive, Spirit Bomb Sword, Flash Skewer, Big Bang Kamehameha, Final Blow, Divine Lasso (Add in G.O.D Hakai and Final Kamehameha if you have enough Ki amount)
  • Punisher Drive, Meteor Crash/TS Molotov, Death beam/Death beam barrage/G.o.D Anger
  • Double Launcher, Punisher Drive, Spirit Bomb Sword, Big Bang Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha, Divine Lasso
  • Double Launcher, Punisher Drive, Spirit Bomb Sword, Spirit Slash, Divine Lasso, Z Vanish, Power Impact, Final Kamehameha
  • Double Launcher, Punisher Drive, Spirit Bomb Sword, Big Bang Kamehameha, Super Dragon Fist
  • Flash Strike, Spirit Bomb Sword, Kick Barrage, Super Rush
  • Double Launcher, (Punisher Drive here if you want), Spirit Bomb Sword,
  • Double Launcher, Punisher Drive, Big Bang Kamehameha. (Add in Final Kamehameha, Divine Lasso or Super Dragon Fist if you want)
  • Finish Breaker, Kaioken Assault, Super Dragon Fist
  • Afterimage Strike, Murder Grenade, Big Bang Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha, Divine Lasso
  • Hell zone Grenade, Rush/Super Rush
  • Explosive Grip, Rush/Super Rush
  • Second Bloom, (Any Beam Attack aimed at their landing point)
  • Double Launcher, Punisher Drive, Emperor's Edge, Power Impact, Divine Lasso. (Takes a large amount of ki)
  • Dirty Fireworks (used only for feigning Power Impact), Super Death Beam (if opponent Backflip)/Divine Lasso.
  • Power Impact, Justice Flash/Sudden Storm/Divine Lasso.
  • Double Launcher + Justice Combination + Final Kamehameha + Eraser Canon (Big Bang if you don't Have it) Kaioken Assault (Quickly) Big Bang Kamehameha
  • Aerial Breaker + Demon Flash

Combos For NPCs

  • Afterimage Strike, Meteor Crash/Justice Combination, Super Death Beam (if you have a lot of Ki)
  • Afterimage Strike, Spirit Bomb Sword, Spirit Splash*. (Due to the Spirit Bomb Sword nerf, this combo may be unviable to characters with low Ki Max)
  • Final Blow + Super Rush/Rush + Final Blow, Super Rush/Rush*
  • Z-Vanish + Spirit Bomb Sword + Z-Vanish, Meteor Crash + Rush/Super Rush
  • Flash Strike + Sweep Kick/Flash Skewer
  • Meteor Crash + Drop Kick + Super Dragon Punch

Assist Npc Combos

  • Aerial Breaker + Piccolo/Majin Vegeta
  • Any Wave Move + Tien/Goku
  • Ts Molotov/Meteor Crash + Vegeta/Yamcha/Trunks
  • Trash?/Trash??? + Piccolo/Majin Vegeta
  • Murder Grenade + Any Assist Npc

Name Recommended Amount of Participants Scenario Recommended Device Notes
Multiple Energy Wave At least two. Participants go by each other. Then, each of the charges and fire a beam of any type. PC, XBOX
Supernova Tactic At least five. Everyone spams energy sphere attacks (Supernova, Holy Wrath, etc). Additionally, there can be a participant who uses any close-range move to make the opponent stay in one spot. PC, XBOX This is one of the perfect tactics to use when fighting Broly BR as a team.
Hook, Line, and Sinker At least three. Player 1 uses any optional combo that ends with Power Impact (hook). Then, players 1 and 2 use Divine Lasso, or Blast Meteor (line). Finally, if possible, player 3 uses Trash? (or Trash???) to finish (sinker). PC, XBOX
Stampede At least two. Player 1 uses Power Impact. Then, while the opponent is suspended, all participants use Wrathful Charge or Super Rush. PC, XBOX
Full Nelson Energy Wave At least two. Player 1 uses any close-range move that makes the opponent stay in place (i.e. Spirit Splash). Then, player 2 fires any energy wave. PC, XBOX
Rush Barrage At least two. Everyone locks onto the opponent and spams Rush, Super Rush, Wrathful Charge, etc. XBOX This can be done on PC too, but it would require more precision since PC doesn't have lock-on.
Endless Stunlock Swap At least two Have all players alternate using any attack that locks in on the target. can be hard to aim so it requires practice. Kick barrage is recommended This is up to timing and reaction time, so it's dependent on how fast the player can react and how accurately

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