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The Dimensional Rift[1] is the seventh playable and sixth unlockable area in Final Stand. The player must be level 399 to travel to the Dimensional Rift.


Once players have reached level 399, they may have noticed the large green square behind the Hyperbolic Time Chamber on Kami's Lookout. Standing in it will initiate a thirty-second countdown which, once elapsed, will transport a maximum of 15 players to the Dimensional Rift.


The Dimensional Rift consists of a large rocky island, surrounded by pillars of jutted stone among a sea of green. Thunder cracks across the sky with the Earth and Sun visible in the background.

A Warrior's Final Stand

Main article: Broly BR

Broly BR

Broly BR is the only enemy to speak of on the entire map. Broly has four forms, all of which share the same move set and progressively magnify his power: Base, Wrathful, Super Saiyan C-type, and Legendary Super Saiyan.

Once defeated, The player gains a minimum of 230 million EXP and a maximum of 560 million EXP. The amount varies from the total % of damage done to Broly by the player. Forms do not affect this.


  • To curb the issue of AFK and leeching players, those who are not within a distance of Broly after two and a half minutes will be kicked from the game. Those who have not hit Broly at all will not receive EXP regardless.
  • Prior to the Dimensional Rift update, a low-quality video showing what appears to be a distorted version of Earth with what seemed to be purple water was released. Roblox YouTuber UltraHands called the leaked map "Dimensional Rift"[2], which is what this map is known as today.
  • Though the name "Dimensional Rift" might lead one to believe the area is based on the shapeless dimension Broly and Gogeta fight in during Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the map does not resemble it in any capacity.
  • The Dimensional Rift is the second map to lack Quests, the other being the Tournament of Power.
  • Players cannot damage one another while in the Dimensional Rift.
  • Apparently, players can go into this map at 399+ instead of 400+
  • The Dimensional Rift is actually "Outskirts".

Citations and Footnotes

  1. Similar to The Secret World's issue, SnakeWorl omitted capitalization for the map's name, therefore titling it as "dimensional rift".
  2. NEXT UPDATE REVEALED (Broly Movie) !! | DBZ Final Stand (YouTuber: UltraHands)
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