Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand Wiki

The following is a simple list of rules on this wiki.


Do not spam

This wiki should not be used to advertise sites with links or any other form of advertisement. Links are allowed if they do not help the article or topic being discussed, it should be reported and deleted. Spam also means that you post a message extensively, do not do this as well as the message will be deleted.

Do not vandalize

Vandalism includes posting inappropriate content, unnecessary info, or removing necessary info. If seen please take the directive to remove it yourself, if unable to do so, alert somebody who can.

18+ content is not allowed

Do not post any vulgar material. This includes porn, nudity, gore, and other mature content. Any message should be reported immediately and it will be deleted. Breaking this rule may result in you losing the ability to edit pages and add images.

Hate speech is not allowed

Do not post racist, homophobic, or offensive slurs. This includes post disparaging messages relating to somebody’s race, religion, gender, and sexuality. Hate Speech also includes messages supporting violence or hate. When spotted, Hate Speech will be deleted but the offender will not be banned.

Excessive swearing is not allowed

Please do not swear or say anything inappropriate "excessively". If a post or comment has broken this rule, it will immediately be deleted and whoever posted the comment/message will receive a warning.

Use common sense

This includes being obnoxious, or creating unnecessary pages.

Punishments can be changed depending on the severity of the vandalism.


What qualifies as a page?

A page is qualified as a "page" when there's acceptably enough information on the new page. By "acceptably enough", we mean there's enough bytes filled in. If you are (for example) too lazy to fill in information on the page you're creating, simply put down an {{Under Construction}} template on the top of the page (you can optionally put down a reason). Other qualities that make an acceptable page are:

  • A proper title (no commentaries or "extra words" added).
  • No commentaries or biased info on the page.

After submitting a page, a Content Moderator or any available Staff Team member will look over and decide whether or not to delete it.

What if I want to be a moderator for this wiki?

We are currently teeter-tottering between hiring more wiki staff members or not. The best option is to simply be patient.

Are you admins of the game?

Although SnakeWorl, the other developers, and a significant number of players are aware of this wiki's existence, we are NOT official admins of Dragon Ball Z Final Stand. This wiki was made mainly to serve as an information site and guide for players of the game.

This wiki is, however, part of the official Roblox Interwiki, a project made to unite wikis of Roblox games, such as this one, together in a template.

What's the official Discord server?

If you mean the official Discord server for the game itself, click here.

If you mean the Discord server for this wiki, click here. There should also be an invite integrator on the side of your screen. Keep in mind these rules also include Fandom’s Guidelines

If you have any questions, please ask one of our admins for help.