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Emotes are actions performed by the player's avatar, by typing certain commands into the Roblox chat.

List of Emotes


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Emote Command Description Visual
Dance 1 /e dance1 The player's avatar does a slow dance.
Dance 2 /e dance2 The player's avatar does a dance similar to the wave.
Dance 3 /e dance3 The player's avatar does a freestyle.
Cheer /e cheer The player's avatar jumps and waves their arms around.
Laugh /e laugh The player's avatar places both their hands in their stomach and laughs hysterically.
Point /e point The player's avatar points forward with their right hand.
Wave /e wave The player's avatar waves with their right hand.
Cross /e cross The player's avatar crosses their arms.
E cross.png

NPC Emotes

There are numerous interactive NPCs that can be found in positions that are unique than the ordinary stationary pose.

Young Man

The Quest Giver Young Man at Satan City can be found with his head looking down.

Vegeta and Future Vegeta

Vegeta at West City can be found stationary in the Crossed emote. The same goes for his future counterpart.


Piccolo at West City can be found stationary in the Crossed emote.

Namekian at Capsule Corp

At Capsule Corp's backyard, there are two Namekians, and one of the namekains is doing a dance emote that cannot be done by players.

Quest Giver Namekian at Western Namek

At one of the villages, there is a Quest Giver at Western Namek that can be found repeating the Cheer emote. However, his emote is supposed to signify that he is rather panicking, not actually cheering.


  • If the player moves or is moved while dancing or using the Crossed emote, they will be forced out of the emote.
    • This means using moves that move the player's position such as Meteor Crash and Instant Rise will cause the player to cancel the emote.
  • Players are able to use both /e cross and any other emote at the same time. This will result in the player's avatar dancing, pointing, cheering, or laughing with their arms crossed.
  • The Crossed emote is the only emote that can be done in midair.
  • The Crossed emote is exclusive only to the game. All other emotes can be done in other Roblox games.
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