Emotes or 'emoticons', are actions caused by the player inputting commands into the ROBLOX chat.

List of EmotesEdit


  • Dance (1, 2 & 3) - Performed by typing /e dance, /e dance2, or /e dance3. Each command triggers a different dance loop.
  • Laugh - Performed by typing /e laugh. Results in the player's avatar laughing hysterically.
  • Wave - Performed by typing /e wave. Results in the player's avatar waving.
  • Cheer - Performed by typing /e cheer. Results in the player's avatar jumping up and cheering.
  • Point - Performed by typing /e point. Results in the player's avatar pointing forward.


  • Arms Crossed - Performed by typing /e cross. Results in the player's avatar crossing their arms as seen in the picture below.
E cross


  • If the player moves, or is moved, whilst dancing or using the Arms Crossed emote, they will be forced out of the emote.
    • This means using moves that move the players position such as Meteor Crash and Instant Rise will cause the player to cancel the emote.
  • Players are able to use both /e cross and any other emote at the same time. This will result in the player's avatar dancing/pointing/cheering/laughing with their arms crossed.