Farming is the method of quickly obtaining EXP and Zeni by repeatedly killing enemies.  

Note: It is best to use only base form, and melee attacks. Ki attacks and forms reduces the average amount of Zeni and EXP you get.

Earth Farming

NPC Level Zeni EXP Location
Saibamen/ Saibablues 25-30 70 500-750 At the canyons between Central City and Satan City.
Chi Experts 50-55 150 900-1,350 Far north of Goku's House, past the Kung Fu Masters training grounds.
Kick Boxers 70-75 170 1,100-1,650 West of the Chi Expert spawn points, inside of a boxing ring. Great for Zeni farming
Androids(A,B and S) 85-105 196-200 1,656-1768 Destroyed East City, next to Martial Arts Masters.
Imperfect Cell Undisclosed 100 2,000 West of West City in Ginger Town.
Evil Saiyans(SSJ) 180-


350 3,000-2,000 Northwest of West City in the Wasteland.

Namek Farming

NPC Level Zeni EXP Location Tips
Rogue Namek 180-185 250 2,500 East of Guru's House. No Bone Crush/Similar melee moves (long stuns)
Strong Frost Demon 220-225 500 4,500 North by NE of spawn No long melee stuns, seemingly low speed (slower melee rate)
Executive Frieza Soldiers 190-195 175 3,000 West of Guru's house Same as the Rogue Nameks

Space Farming

NPC Level Zeni EXP Location


Femiatin 240s 270+ 3000+ if first form (not base form) 4000+ base form Planet Alpha Useful attacks like Spirit Bomb Sword can help damage it a lot. Beware of Dirty Fireworks x5. Not recommended to use base form as they do more damage.
Gorgolians 210s 300+ if base form around 3000+ base form Frieza Planet #981 Have Final Blow (Hard to tell due to it not having skill animations)
Fishmanians 200+ 280+ first form around 3000 first form Nemee Will spam Dark Beam if you are too far away from them. Also have strong punch (unknown for sure)
Rogue Namek Captains 180+ 190+ base form around 2800 base form Popol Treat them the same way as Rogue Nameks
Evil Yardrat 180-185 Around 170 base form with friend around 3000+ Yardrat They have ki blasts and a melee attacks
Universal Yardrat 300-305 Around 170 around 4500+ Yardrat They have high damage but can tank little so distance is key
Kachukians 251-253 300 About 4000 Tazba Can be killed in about 2 hits with genocide shell, but only gives about 270 Zeni