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Flying is a mechanic that allows players to traverse the game world faster than if they were to travel on foot. The speed at which a player travels is determined by their Speed.


  • Hold [Space] - Ascend / Begin Flying
  • Hold [Ctrl] - Descend
  • Hold [Shift] - Fly Faster
  • Hold [Shift] + [W] + Hold [W] - Fly at Top Speed
  • Top Speed + Hold [Space] - Ascend at Top Speed          
  • Top Speed + Hold [Ctrl] - Descend at Top Speed

Floor Gliding

'Floor gliding' can be executed by holding SHIFT, A or D and double-tapping W whilst running on a flat surface. This results in the player 'gliding' across the floor constantly at top speed, even whilst turning. Once the player's Y-axis position is changed (i.e. they are pushed upwards), they will revert to flying regularly.

Floor gliding can also be executed by just holding SHIFT and double-tapping W if the player's Speed is equal to or higher than 550 points. It can not be executed with the Flying Nimbus.


  • Charging and proceeding to fly at top speed at the same time will cause the person to lose their charge aura and fly in place. Letting go of X will cause you to fly without an aura, and without ki drain.
  • When trying to Floor Glide, there is a small chance that you will fly straight into the ground. To fix the bug, stop flying at that moment.
  • When flying, the flight sound has a small chance to repeat itself, it fixes itself.
  • On Xbox, when running there is a high chance that you will randomly start flying at top speed, differs from person to person
  • When equipping little jiren, there is a chance that you may not be able to fly or your charge is slanted, unequip to fix this glitch
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