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Universal God Friaza, or known simply as Friaza, serves as both a multi-Quest Giver NPC, and a boss NPC.


Being a deity, he is a large muscular figure lacking a shirt and wears white pants. He wears a broad-brimmed hat that resembles that of a witch's. Looking underneath his hat, at his face, the player can see what appears to be spectacles. His long auburn hair is tied back in a ponytail.

Map Appearances

The Secret World

Main article: The Secret World

Other World

Main article: Other World


1% Power
Friaza fights in this form in The Secret World. It is often noted by players that even in this amount of power he can kill players in mere punches.

50% Power
It is stated by an NPC named LORE that Friaza fought Goku and Vegeta in this state. Although he isn't able to be fought in this state, it is noted by LORE that he was able to easily incapacitate both Goku and Vegeta, whose bodies can be found at The Secret World.

100% Power
Friaza fights in this form in Other World. In this state, he is referred to as Friaza 100%. This form makes him the strongest NPC in the entire game up-to-date. It is noted by players of the Other World that he can deal ludicrous amounts of damage regardless of the player's level.

Given Quests

Quest Goal Quest Type Rewards
Further Beyond! Defeat:

  • 1 Gohan Blanco
  • 1 El Hermano
  • 99,999 Zeni
  • 9,999,999 EXP
The Gods Defeat:

  • 1 Beerus
  • 1 Champa
  • 50,000 Zeni
  • 9,000,000 EXP
Garbage Force Defeat:

  • 1 Guldo
  • 1 Recoome
  • 1 Burter
  • 1 Jeice
  • 4,000 Zeni
  • 400,000 EXP
Ginyu & Cell Defeat:

  • 1 Captain Ginyu
  • 1 Perfect Cell
  • 5,000 Zeni
  • 400,000 EXP

Corresponding Quests

Quest Quest Giver Quest Type Goal Rewards
God of Gods!! Angel Frieza One-Time Defeat:

  • 1 Universal GOD FRIAZA (1% POWER)
  • -1,000 Zeni
  • 99,999,999 EXP
God of Gods!! ~Rematch~ Unknown Quest Giver Daily Defeat:

  • 1 Universal GOD FRIAZA (100% POWER)
  • -1,000 Zeni
  • 14,000,000,000 EXP


Move Description
Death Beam Barrage.png Death Beam Barrage Friaza fires four consecutive Death Beams.
Aerial Breaker.png Aerial Breaker Friaza does a barrage of punches and kicks, then finishes off by firing a Burning Breaker.
Z-Vanish.png Z-Vanish Friaza teleports behind his opponent.


  • Friaza is a reference to Roblox player and hero Friaza. This is evidenced in the "Featured Channels" section of SnakeWorl's YouTube channel.
    • Although now unavailable for general viewing, Snake had previously uploaded a video detailing Friaza's incredible power and heroism. A video of Friaza showcasing his power can be found here.
    • Friaza also has a full YouTube channel where he uploads various types of content.
  • Friaza was the most powerful boss NPC, in terms of damage. However, he was dethroned by Broly BR after Dimensional Rift's release.
    • It would be at a later date where he reclaims his place, in his 100% Power form.
  • Friaza is one of the few interactive NPCs to not be based off from the Dragon Ball Universe, the other being the Hair Stylist.
  • The Dragon Ball Universe equivalent would be Zeno, if the "GOD" part in Friaza's NPC name "Universal GOD FRIAZA" is not referring to God of Destruction, which is often abbreviated to "GoD".
  • Friaza is one of the few multi-Quest Giver NPCs, the other being Chi Chi.
  • God of Gods!! and God of Gods!! ~Rematch~ are technically the only Quests that give a negative amount of Zeni.
    • However, it's speculated that no matter what form a player has (except for Majins), he will still give said player a base of over 1,000 Zeni from his initial death, making the loss from the Quest redundant.

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