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Fusion, or Fusion Dance, is a move or technique available in-game that allows two players to fuse into one, and can be bought in the "Other" section of the Shop at level 130, for 50,000 Zeni.

Criteria and Activation

To begin the Fusion Dance, two participants ("fusees") must meet the following criteria:

  • The fusees have purchased the Fusion Dance and equipped it in their current active move slot (recommended for both to equip the said technique in "Auto-Fire")
  • The fusees are side-by-side to each other or relatively close
  • The fusees are within 5 levels of one another
  • The fusees must activate the Fusion Dance within the one second of each other
  • There should be nobody else nearby

Once all of the said criteria are met, the participants' avatars will begin a synchronous animation (the "fusion dance"), before symmetrically colliding into each other. Immediately, a slight burst of energy will envelop the two, and disappear quickly, revealing a single entity (referred to as the "outcome", or the "Fusion").


  • You can use Senzus/Jars while fused.
  • Attempting to transform (pressing G or H) will only pass the controls to the participant's fusee


  • Upon fusing, the statistics of both players will be added together.
    • For example, if two players have 500 Melee Damage, but one of them has 750 Speed whilst the other has 400 Speed, Melee Damage would equal 1000, and Speed would equal 1150.
  • Both sets of cosmetics from each player will form into one as well, including hair, and accessories.
    • Clothes will be the top of one player and the bottom of the other player.
      • The player in control can change the Fusion's clothes.
  • If a player fuses whilst in a state that drains health (i.e. Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10 or Kaioken x100), the Fusion's health will not start draining.


  • To "defuse", one of the players must leave the server. However, sometimes it will not cause the player to "defuse". Instead, the remaining player maintains control of the fusion indefinitely. Even if the other participant joins the same server, both of them will have free will. This is fixed by rejoining.
    • Successfully "defusing" will cause the remaining player's body to become their actual Roblox avatar's body, but the animation is still Final Stand's. That glitch is also fixed by rejoining.
    • Charge-resetting can be used as an alternative way to "defuse". However, it will only "defuse" the person in command, while the other person will have their camera stuck in place forever, and will be forced to rejoin anyway.



  • During a Fusion, the result cannot transform or revert back to their base form, only using Ultra Instinct, which will be reverted. Therefore, it is advised that the Fusion participants transform into their most powerful form before initiating the Fusion Dance.
  • The fusee in control cannot earn zeni by killing NPCs.
  • Unless the result of a fusion between android and any other race doesn't have the Android's control, holding X will neither charge Ki nor convert Ki attacks into Health or Ki.
  • If the red beans were used prior to fusing, the effect of red beans will get added to the fusion's stats indefinitely.
  • If both participants fuse while in Ultra Instinct "Omen" or Mastered Ultra Instinct, only the fusee in command's Ultra Instinct will run out. The other fusee will be active for the rest of the fusion. However, the dodge and vanishing will be gone.
    • Due to this, it may be more beneficial for fusees to use forms with higher stat increases than Ultra Instinct if they have them, seeing as the auto-dodge from Ultra instinct will be gone.
  • It appears that the player who uses the "Fusion dance" later, will be the one in control.
    • You are also more likely to be in control if you join the server first.


  • Essentially, if your partner were to leave after the fusion. You would either be reverted back to the Roblox kid's body or if performed correctly, by using the fusion dance move while fused(doesn't matter if anybody is close), will achieve the fusion even if the fusee is gone.
  • Almost every time you want to pass control to your partner, the receiver will not be able to charge Ki and use movements. However, there's still a chance that this won't happen.
  • Currently, when pressing G or H the player controlling the merger will pass to the other player, but the other player controlling the merger will not be able to release skills and will no longer be able to move to the other player again.(Just leaving and entering the game again).

Types of In-game Fusions

Machine Mutation

Machine Mutation is when two Androids fuse together. Notable examples include Super Android 13, and Super 17.


Assimilation (or Namekian Fusion) is when a Namekian fuses with another Namekian, to form one with another's body. Notable examples include Piccolo fusing with Nail and Kami, to form the Namekian with Piccolo's body. In DBS, Universe 6's Namekians were the entire planet fusing into two Namekians.


Absorption is when a Majin absorbs another race. Notable examples include Super Buu absorbing Gohan, to form a Majin with Super Buu's body and Gohan's shirt.

Majin Infusion

Majin Infusion is when a Majin becomes part of another race's body. Notable examples include Uub fusing with Majin Buu to form Majuub.

List of Possible Race Combinations


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Fusee A Race Fusee B Race Result Physiology Special Trait(s) Visual
Android Android Super Android Dramatically resembles an Android.
  • Energy Absorption
  • Higher stat points.
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 3.53.50 PM.png
Android Frieza Race Mecha Alien Possesses fusee A's body, except the result normally appears shirtless, and has the Frieza Race's skin.
  • Energy Absorption
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 4.31.46 PM.png
Android Human Mecha Human
  • Energy Absorption
  • Increased Health
Android Jiren Mecha Jiren Appears with fusee A's body, except with the head of fusee B.

Mecha Jiren

Android Majin Mecha Majin Possesses fusee A's body, with a Majin's lekku.
  • Energy Absorption
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 1.14.52 AM.png
Android Namekian Mecha Namekian
  • Energy Absorption
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 7.43.19 PM.png
Android Saiyan Mecha Saiyan
  • Energy Absorption

Super Saiyan 4 Mecha Saiyan

Frieza Race Android Alien Cyborg Posseses Fusee A's Body, but with the hair of Fusee B.
Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.03.07 AM.png
Frieza Race Frieza Race Alien Fusion
  • Greater Ki Damage
Frieza Race Human Alien-Human Fusion Resembles Frieza Race, only with hair, and human-like skin underneath its armor shells.
  • Increased Health
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 8.06.38 PM.png
Frieza Race Jiren Alien-Jiren Fusion
Frieza Race Majin Majin-Infused Alien Possesses fusee A's body, with a Majin's lekku.
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 1.25.28 AM.png
Frieza Race Namekian Alien-Namekian Fusion Resembles Frieza Race, only with green antennae, and big green ears.

white namekian and golden form fusion

Frieza Race Saiyan Alien-Saiyan Fusion Resembles Frieza Race, only with hair, and Saiyan-like skin underneath the Frieza Race member's Bio Suit.

Golden Super Saiyan God Frieza-Saiyan Fusion

Human Android Human Cyborg

God Human Cyborg

Human Frieza Race Human-Alien Fusion Possesses fusee A's body, but is shirtless
Human Human Human Fusion Dramatically resembles a Human.
  • Increased Health
Human Jiren Human-Jiren Fusion
Human Majin Majin-Infused Human Possesses fusee A's body, with a Majin's lekku.
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 4.27.23 PM.png
Human Namekian Human-Namekian Fusion Resembles Fusee A, but has the antennae and scales of Fusee B

Demon God Human-Namekian Fusion

Human Saiyan Human-Saiyan Fusion Resembles both Saiyan and Human

Mystic Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10 Human-Saiyan Fusion

Jiren's Race Android Jiren Cyborg
Jiren's Race Frieza Race Jiren-Alien Fusion
Jiren's Race Human Jiren-Human Fusion Possesses fusee A's Body, but with the shirt and Accessory of Fusee B

Jiren-Human Fusion

Jiren's Race Jiren's Race Jiren Fusion
Jiren's Race Majin Majin-Infused Jiren
Jiren's Race Namekian Jiren-Namekian Fusion Resembles Fusee A's body, but with Fusee B's Antennae

Despaired White Jiren-Namekian Fusion

Jiren's Race Saiyan Jiren-Saiyan Fusion

Jiren (Fear Form) - Saiyan (God Form) Fusion

Majin Android Android-Absorbed Majin
Majin Frieza Race Alien-Absorbed Majin Possesses fusee A's body, having a lekku, except the result normally appears shirtless, and has the Frieza Race's skin.
Majin Human Human-Absorbed Majin
  • Increased Health
Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 13.41.06.png
Majin Jiren Jiren-Absorbed Majin
Majin Majin Super Majin A more powerful Majin, being a completely third Majin entity, with fusee A and fusee B being first and second.
  • High Melee and Ki Defense.
Majin Namekian Namekian-Absorbed Majin
Majin Saiyan Saiyan-Absorbed Majin
Namekian Android Namekian Cyborg Resembles a Namekian, only with fusee B's hair.

Ultra Instinct "Omen" Namekian Cyborg

Namekian Frieza Race Namekian-Frieza Fusion Has Frieza Race's tail and skin, along with green antennae and ears.
  • Higher Ki Damage
Namekian Human Namekian-Human Fusion Resembles a Namekian, only with fusee B's hair.
  • Increased Health
Namekian Jiren Namekian-Jiren Fusion
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 8.16.38 PM.png
Namekian Majin Majin-Infused Namekian Possesses fusee A's body, with a Majin's lekku.

Pure Ultimate Majin-Infused Namekian

Namekian Namekian Assimilation The Assimilation normally has fusee A's body.
Namekian Saiyan Namekian-Saiyan Fusion Has Namekian green skin, along with Super Saiyan hair, if assuming that the Saiyan transformed before Fusion.

Awakened Super Saiyan Rosé Namekian-Saiyan Fusion

Saiyan Android Saiyan Cyborg Possesses Super Saiyan hair, assuming that fusee A is in a Super Saiyan form, mixed in with fusee B's hair.
Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 11.25.13 AM.png
Saiyan Frieza Race Saiyan-Alien Fusion Possesses fusee A's body, except the result normally appears shirtless, and has the Frieza Race's skin.
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 4.00.10 PM.png
Saiyan Human Saiyan-Human Fusion Has both fusees A and B's traits.
  • Increased Health

Super Saiyan 3 Kaioken x20 Saiyan-Human Fusion

Saiyan Jiren Saiyan-Jiren Fusion

Saiyan (God Form) - Jiren (Fear From) Fusion

Saiyan Majin Majin-Infused Saiyan Possesses fusee A's body, with a Majin's lekku.
Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 11.36.39 PM.png
Saiyan Namekian Saiyan-Namekian Fusion It resembles a Saiyan, only with fusee B's antennae and pink spots.

Awakened Super Saiyan Rosé Saiyan-Namekian Fusion

Saiyan Saiyan Saiyan Fusion Drastically resembles a Saiyan.

Super Saiyan Rosé Evolution Saiyan Fusion


  • "Fusee A" refers to the fusee with more EXP while "fusee B" refers to the fusee with less EXP.


  • If two Ultra Instinct users fused, and then one of the fusees had their transformation run out, the Fusion's head will still possess the aura, but not its entire body.
    • When the fusee loses Ultra Instinct, the stats would be severely lower as it would (UI + Base) × 1.25
  • There's would be no Potara Fusion because it would be the exact fusion as Fusion Dance since they would have the same time limit (∞). It would be similar stats as the debate of Gogeta or Vegito. Also stated from SnakeWorl, "... fusion is the most unstable thing in-game...".
  • If one of the fusees has Trunks' Sword equipped, then the Fusion will also be able to wield the weapon, even if the other fusee doesn't have the gamepass.
    • Same goes for Dark Bubble Chat, giving the Fusion a dark chat bubble, even if the other fusee doesn't have gamepass
  • The game's Fusion technique is quite similar to EX-Fusion, from the game Dragon Ball Fusions, where two participants perform the Fusion Dance while wearing armlets called Metamo-Rings.
    • Like the Fusion technique in the game, EX-Fusion doesn't depend on race and height.
      • In fact, both techniques have the result wearing both fusees' clothing and hairstyle.
  • Differences between the Fusion Dance in the anime/manga and in the game include:
    • The Fusion Dance in the anime/manga only lasts up to 30 minutes, while the Fusion Dance in the game lasts as long as each of the fusees is online.
    • The Fusion Dance in the anime/manga requires the fusees to have similar height and Ki. However, in the game, height doesn't matter; only the level does.
      • This might be one of the reasons why the developer(s) wouldn't add Potara Fusion to the game, since Potara Fusion is basically the same, and that race, height, and form doesn't matter, just like the game's Fusion Dance, which would make it pointless to add Potara Fusion.
    • The result of the Fusion Dance in the anime/manga always appears wearing a Metamoran jacket and pants (the attire that Gotenks and Gogeta both wear). However, in the game, the Fusion's attire is just a mixture of its fusees' attire.
    • Assimilation can be done multiple times in the anime and manga. However, in the game, it can only be done once, if not counting boosts from Kami and Nail.
    • Assimilation is permanent in the game, while in the anime/manga, they can dissimulate, seen with Kami and Piccolo.
    • Like Assimilation, Absorption can also be done more than once in the anime/manga.
    • The result of the Fusion Dance is able to transform, as evidenced by Gogeta transfiguring from the base, to Super Saiyan, to Super Saiyan Blue, in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. The result of transforming cannot happen in the game.
      • There could actually be a reason for the result unable to transform. If a result of two different races combined transformed into two separate forms at once, the result will most likely be glitched, and could even result in a crash.
        • That being said, the developers patched "G" and "H" to separate the fusees.


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