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The Future is the fourth playable area and third unlockable area in Final Stand. The player must be at least level 300 to travel to the Future.


Once the player has reached level 300, they may interact with Trunks' Time Machine on Earth, northwest of Ginger Town. Doing so will teleport them to the Future.


The Future bears a similar layout to that of Earth with several glaring differences, including craters, ruined cities and a man-made lake between the remnants of West City and Central City. The Future also lacks the same warm colors found on Earth, replaced with bleak browns and a dark, ominous sky.



  • Mysterious Men have their plural as "Mysterious Mans" in-game. This is due to the game's plural system.
    • The error also happens in Yamcha and Tien's Saibamen Quests, where the game calls them "Saibamans".
  • The Korin NPC previously present on the map has since gone missing.
  • Destroyed Future is the second map to have spawn points that are in the middle of the Outskirts, the first being Space.
  • The corpse that gives players the Golden Frieza Quest is a reference to the well-known ROBLOX YouTuber, iBeMaine.
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