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Glitches are effects unintended by the developer(s). Most can be fixed by charge-resetting or rejoining the game. (This article still isn't fully organized, so although a majority of these glitches are patched many aren't in the patched section.)


Freezing Players and NPCs

  • If a player uses a move that sends another character flying, and the player leaves during the duration of the move, the character will continue to travel in that direction infinitely.
  • If a player uses Aerial Breaker and immediately leaves the game, the Player or NPC will indefinitely stuck in a fixed position, though some NPCs can still dodge in it's fixed position.
  • If a player uses Recoome Kick right after using Z-Vanish, there is a chance to get frozen with a purple aura around the legs. Dying will fix this.
  • It is possible for a player to use Spirit Splash or Kick Barrage on a glitched player and have them Backflip out of it, fixing the player.
  • If a player uses sudden storm on a despawning npc, the player will be frozen in the move.

"Stacking" Glitches

  • If a player uses a move they can hold as long as they please (such as Chain Destructo Disk, Crusher Ball or Spirit Bomb) and escapes a combo move with the instant rise or backflip, the move will continue to stay in the place it was, but the player will be able to move and fight as if it wasn't there. Using the move again will cause the "stored" attack to activate.
    • If a player stores Double Buster, then they will be immune to almost all sources of Ki Damage.
    • During any stacking of moves, multiple changes take place to some game mechanics; Any flinching/stun from a source such as regular punches will instead not play the stun animation and make the player move slowly, also not taking any knockback. Whenever a move is used, it will never automatically unselect itself, allowing a player to spam a move like rush easily. If a player has a beam in their stack, then if they fire the beam while having other moves still stacked, they will be able to re-aim the beam to their cursor for the entire duration; Although aiming the beam in first person is recommended as doing it in third person may cause the beam to fire backwards or in random directions much more often. Any of the stacked moves can be fired at any time, even while taking damage or using another.
    • An alternative version of stacking moves is possible through the usage of backflip or instant rise; since those moves have a delay before activating after being used, if a player used either and quickly switched to a move before it activated, it will charge that move. To hold the moves instead of firing instantly with this method, hold the mouse click until you unselect the move similarly to using the move normally. This method, while tricky, is much more efficient than the normal method as it can be done completely alone, faster, easier when mastered, and without using Ki from backflip since doing it properly won't use it. The only downside is that you cannot move with all of these moves stacked on your own, as to move with a stack you have to backflip out of another players move.
  • If a player transforms and reverts back to base form within the moment of invisibility in step-vanishing, then the aura of their form will stay even though they have reverted. They can stack as many auras as they want. This does not, however, seem to work with any of the Saiyan transformations.
  • If a player vanishes while activating a chargeable Ki move, it is possible for the move to become completely invisible (If done on a wave move it will break the wave and the player won't be able to fire it.)

Fusion Glitches

  • If a fused player that is not in control leaves the game, the other player will still be fused.
  • When a player's fusion ends, their Roblox body package may show over the normal in-game body-package.
  • Red bean stat boosts affect fusion if they are active during the initiation of the fusion, and the stat boosts will stay active through the duration of the fusion.
  • If a player leaves during fusion, the fused model may appear, but the other player will have not to be affected, except that they cannot fuse with any other players until they leave or charge-reset.
  • When a fusion is complete one of the partners that fused may unfortunately be stuck at their main spawn-point and outside of the fusion on the current map, during this the partner is unable to move, the partner will remain there stuck forever unless the partner rejoins the game, with no body you cannot charge-reset so rejoining is the only option, but the partner can unusually chat with other players who are at the spawn-point, they will be able to see the messages of the partner but they will never know who it is as the name tag of the partner is not displayed. Since the player is stuck at their spawn-point infinitely they may never capture a glimpse of the fusion unless they rejoin the same server or if the other partner appears at the spawn-point.

Special Move Glitches

  • If a move that controls the movement of another player (such as dragon throw during the spin or second bloom) is used on a dead player, and the player revives during the duration of the move, that player will be teleported back to the area of their death upon respawning.
  • Sometimes when you use Super Dragon Fist, it won't reach your target due to lag.
    • There is also the possibility it launches you extremely high into the air.
  • If you use Dragon Throw on someone who isn't floating and they are thrown into the air, they constantly fall, therefore they cannot fly up or fly. In order to reverse this, use instant rise then fly down.
  • If 2 people use dragon throw/dragon crush on each other at the same time, they both spin on the spot and are thrown in their respective directions.
  • When a player charges any chargeable Ki attack then that player is attacked by a move that locks in the target (ie. Kick Barrage Justice Combination Spirit Splash) and backflips, they can use another chargeable move. And they can continually do this to build up insane amounts of attacks.
  • When a player uses Punisher Drive while spamming Flash Strike, it will no longer operate.
  • Whenever a player buys a move, there is a chance their Skills menu will break and they won't be able to switch categories.
  • If an NPC uses a move on the player that controls their movement but loses or changes targets before the end of the move, the player may become frozen.
  • If a player uses Kick Barrage, it is possible for the user to get stuck in the kicking animation. A cause of this glitch is an NPC uses a lock-on move such as justice combination at the same time you use kick barrage and you kill that NPC, after that you are unable to use the move until you rejoin/hard reset
  • If two players use moves at the same time on each other, both will go through the animation.
  • If you use spirit bomb sword, and aim at a groin, a special animation plays, identical to Namekian's Regen ability, but with the groin.
  • When 2 players use Trash? or Trash??? on each other at the same time, both players will rise into the air and hit each other down.
  • Energy Barrier and Holy Wrath behave much differently than other moves; whenever they are used, instead of keeping the player in place until the move finished/is fired, it only makes the player move slower than usual and prevents attacking until the initial move-use delay ends. This means a player can charge Holy Wrath and attack using punches and other moves just fine, firing it at any time with the only downside being slower movement; Energy Barrier can be used this way to have temporary invincibility while being able to attack.
  • When a server is crashing a lot (ping excess), it is not possible to use teleportation to reload the server. Example: Use the player's name with the "+" in front of the name.
  • When using kaioken assault there is a chance to glitch into the ground, within ToP/true ToP this same glitch happens in the form of eliminating you from the ToP

Visual Glitches

  • Flying through the roof of the underground city in South Namek can cause a lighting glitch.
  • On Xbox, after going to a different map besides Earth (Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Space, etc), it is impossible to move or fly vertically. Occasionally, the camera spins endlessly.
  • Whenever a Majin player transforms into Metal Majin, all equipment (excluding Senzus) the player has been turned to the metal as well. In simpler words, if said player transforms into Metal Majin while having Trunks' Sword or Flying Nimbus equipped, the equipment would turn metal too.
    • Performing this glitch with Double Launcher will spawn two small metal orbs that can be pushed, similar to when a building is destroyed.
  • In Space, if a player revolves around the Planet Earth, the planet will suddenly recolor itself, and stay that way.
  • Bulma's hairstyle appears to have a slight shade of green. This could simply be a coloring error.
  • On rare occasions, the mouse and camera will not be in its shift-lock position as it normally is. This bug seems to happen particularly on Planet Namek. Console users can avoid this glitch by not moving their camera for a little bit after the first spawn in. It's unknown if this bug also happens in other maps as well.
    • This also happens in space as well
  • There are numerous instances of NPCs omitting pieces of clothing or all of their attire.
    • Android Prototype A appears nude, excluding his cybernetic arms and chest.
    • In both the Tournament of Power and True Tournament of Power, Caulifla appears to be missing her top and armbands.
    • When snap vanishing while in Super Saiyan 4 if you un-transform while in vanish your hair will stay yellow, the aura will still be visible and you would be able to transform with the hair.
  • Whenever a player buys a move, all of the buttons on their menu will slightly yet noticeably lose color. In other words, it is possible to make the buttons completely white this way.
  • The background for Character Creation has model errors:
    • The overhang for Korin's Tower is missing.
    • The clothing shop in West City is missing its walls and mannequins.

Transformation Glitches


  • In various Saiyan forms you can achieve a non visual aura (or "full power")
  • This can be achieved by totally draining your Ki then transforming (it only works in SSJ2 / SSJ3 / LSSJ / SSJR / SSJBKX10 / CSSJ)
  • These glitches are completely visual (the "full power" is just visual, the user will be draining Ki)
  • In the case of SSJBKX10 the blue aura will dissapear only remaining the kaioken aura


  • When using MKKX10 and losing all your ki, an aura glitch may happen where the aura stays while you keep your base form stats


  • Sometimes when transforming into Second Form, the player's head may be incorrectly positioned inside the player's torso.
  • The Third Form's chest armor may be positioned slightly lower than normal.

Respawn Glitches

  • Using any move that brings you to a player (such as Warp Kamehameha or Z-Vanish) when you die will allow you to instantly teleport back to that player after respawning. Simply attempt to use the move again.
  • Using combo moves on dead players at the right time can cause the move to persist after the player respawns.
  • Sometimes, when dying, you will respawn in the exact same area of the player's death, instead of at the nearest respawn point.
  • Upon entering the game, it is possible to notice the Level, and Prestige above the character itself, and when resetting in this state will cause it to fall apart causing a "hard reset".
  • When you try to use a slot you have not bought the popup menu to buy with Robux will still appear press cancel and then it will give you whatever slot you chose

Patched Glitches

  • If a player used Red Beans within the brief period of invisibility of Flash Strike, the player could use many Red Beans at once, bypassing the cool down.
  • If a player had a large amount of one Senzu color, they could change all of them to a different color or type by buying beans or jars of the type or color they wanted, keeping the amount.
  • If an Android absorbs a strong-enough Ki move, their Health Max and Ki Max can temporarily exceed their maximum until they were hit or ki was used.
  • If a player used Time-Skip and left the game during the duration of the freezing effect, players in the vicinity would stay frozen.
  • If a player were to use an escaping move to escape from Spirit Splash, the energy blade would not disappear and would stay indefinitely.
  • Previously, Mr. Popo was invisible except for his turban.
  • For an unknown amount of time, before the 2020 January 25 update, players were able to somehow get low-leveled slots to access every map (excluding Tournament of Power, Dimensional Rift, and True Tournament of Power) and get to over level 400 easily.
  • Androids were able to regain Ki Max even when they were moving.[1]
  • It is possible for Frieza Race players to be clipped to the ground. This is because their tails have a hit box of their own.
  • In the early stages of the game, players were able to gain ludicrous amounts of EXP by using Spirit Bomb to kill multiple players/NPCs at the same time. This allowed players to reach the level cap of Level 200 at the time.
  • Prior to (08/17/2018) players were able to gain EXP by hitting players. This mechanic was abused by players to gain thousands of levels in an instant simply by heavy hitting multiple players at the same time. The EXP gained was exponentially increased based on how many players were hit and also how much damage was dealt. Often dubbed as the "Red Bean Glitch".
  • The 'Red Bean Glitch' was able to be performed in the Multiplayer Battle Arena for a limited time after it was believed to be patched. This was possible due to EXP gain by hitting players still being activated.
  • If a player uses a heavy attack on 2 players/NPCs at the same time, then it will deal extra damage. This can be used to do an incredible amount of damage to multiple NPCs at the same time. This glitch is mainly used to kill Jiren with one hit along with Red Beans.
  • If a player uses Spirit Bomb Sword and leaves during the duration of the attack, the sword's model will stay there.
  • Whenever Kale and Caulifla merge to form Kefla in the Tournament of Power, there is a chance for Kefla to appear completely naked.
  • With the new update released on (07/16/2020), some errors like walking and disappearing and the flaw in the clothes have been fixed.


  • If a player purchases a transformation with empty spaces in their move hotbar, it is possible for them to obtain the transformation as a technique in the Hotbar, although attempting to use them has no effect.
  • If a player uses Mastered Super Saiyan, then goes back into their base form, transforming next into Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Rose, Mastered Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4, will cause the forms to have no ki drain. However the ki wont have a multiplier so the glitch is like a double-edged sword.
  • There is a chance that in the Tournament Of Power, Hard Tournament of Power, or Dimensional Rift, when fighting an NPC, it is possible for the player to get instantly hard reset, and will not even show the player's body collapsing, it will simply vanish.
  • Kefla's outfit is invisible, leaving the player completely naked, if placed.
  • If Caulifla and Kale reach the health requirement to fuse at the same time then there will be a duplicate of Kefla.
  • It is possible to get NPC's glitched, similar to how players can be glitched using moves like second bloom.
  • It is possible to keep your aura after detransforming. While charging simply detransform and you keep the aura.
  • If joining with a dead slot (that does not have the 4 hour timer) and changing slots to an alive slot, it is possible to teleport the alive slot in the other world, however it will get kicked after.
  • You can get negative zeni from taking the Friaza quests
  • If a player dies and Broly is defeated before the player exits, they can still get the EXP and move
  • Before, it was possible to rejoin the server with Instant Transmission by placing the plus sign in front of the name. Today it has been removed from the game.
  • When the server is very lagged, there is a chance that the hair will remain intact, changing only the color.

Clothing Glitch

  • A glitch for the clothing, this doesn't allow you to scroll down or up at all when attempting to equip clothes. This means you cant equip what you've bought that's under all the other clothes you already have bought.
    This bug is currently fixed.


Citations and Footnotes

  1. This was confirmed to be a glitch when SnakeWorl announced the 2020 January 25 update.
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