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This article is about the godly form. For the form based on instinct, see Ultra Instinct. For the gamepass, see God of Destruction Moveset.

God of Destruction (commonly abbreviated to GoD) is the latest form available to all races that can be unlocked by completing the True Tournament of Power and wishing to Become a God in Zeno's grasp. It replaces Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct.

Similar to Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct, it can only be activated by falling below 15% Health and Ki. However, it does not share the feature of auto-dodge, as it got removed by the Developer of Dragon Ball Z Final Stand, SnakeWorl.


God of Destruction Form
GOD gif.gif
Unlocked at level 600, for No Zeni.
  • Surrounds the player in a bright purple glow.
  • It has a five minute cooldown before being able to be used again.
  • Can only be activated by transforming once the players Health and Ki are equal to or lower than 15%. Activating it will fully heal and recharge their Ki.
  • Lasts for roughly 120 seconds.
  • Attacks that consume Ki will consume their normal amount of ki, then immediately refill the ki used. Attacks that require more ki than available won't activate.
  • Negates any kind of Ki regeneration, including Senzu.
  • Cannot be used in Ranked Matches, like Ultra Instinct "Omen" and Mastered Ultra Instinct. (Can still be used in the other world arena.)
Health Max
Ki Max
Melee Damage
Ki Damage
Melee Resistance
Ki Resistance


  • This transformation gives the most stats of any transformation in the game (Excluding ki max).
  • This is the only form in the game to be acquired by means other than purchasing them in the move shop.
  • For players that wish to stay in Other World in order to benefit from the increased natural stat gain, although minimal (only up to a 2 point difference in all stats), it may be beneficial to skip acquiring this form as players would have to complete the True Tournament of Power a second time, resulting in obtaining an extra 2 or 3 levels before entering Other World. This can be mitigated by purchasing Ultra Instinct or Mastered Ultra Instinct in the shop to replace the God of Destruction form if the player has enough money.
  • This is currently the highest level transformation in the game, due to being locked behind the True Tournament of Power's level 600 requirement, making the minimum level a player can obtain this form level 602.


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