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God of Destruction Move Set

The God of Destruction Move Set is a gamepass that can be purchased for 222 Robux, and grants the player techniques the Gods of Destruction use, and clothing upon purchase. All the techniques in this gamepass are purely Ki-focused. Like all gamepasses, players don't lose their techniques and clothing after Prestiging or Rebirthing.

God of Destruction Moveset

GoD Sphere.png

The user creates a large, red sphere similar to the Supernova. Deals medium-high damage, medium Ki consumption.

GoD Anger.png

The user fires a small orangish-yellowish beam that penetrates multiple enemies. Deals medium damage, low Ki consumption.

GoD Wrath.png

The user creates hundreds of small purple projectiles outwards from their being in a 360 form. Deals low Damage, low Ki consumption.

GoD Hakai.png

The user places their palm in front of an enemy and temporarily paralyzes the opponents, who are caught in pink particles. It will penetrate Guarding and pushes the victim back. Deals low-medium damage, low Ki consumption.

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