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Blocking with Trunks' Sword

Guarding, also known as blocking, is an in-game combat mechanic that will allow players to heavily reduce or completely negate damage at the cost of moving incredibly slow and being vulnerable to attacks from behind and guard breaks. It can be activated by holding 'F'.

Guarding can also block Ki attack such as : Ki waves, Ki blasts, etc.

Whilst guarding, players will be unable to start flying or sprint and will have their base walking speed cut by roughly half, but will still be able to attack with a very minor delay. If an enemy uses a guard break (i.e. Right-Click or a move designated as such in the shop) during this state, the player's guard will fall and they will stand frozen for 1 second. NPCs seem to be immune to the effects of a guard break and instead will go straight back to punching after being guard broken.

Guarding gives Ki when the guarding player successfully blocks a punch or a multi-hitting move such as 'Wolf Fang Fist' but guard breaking does not give any Ki at all to the blocking player.


  • Many players often criticize blocking as a "cheap way" to defend, because blocking is believed to prove "block-spammers" to be cowards.
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