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The Hit Move Set is a gamepass that can be purchased for 222 Robux, and grants the player Hit's techniques and outfit from the anime upon purchase. The gamepass is purely melee focused. Like all game passes, Hit Move Set doesn't deactivate through Prestige.


Move Icon Description Ki Consumed Damage
Vital Strike
Vital Strike.png
A quick guard-break that knocks the target back. Minimum Medium
Time Skip
Time Skip.png
Inverts colors of user for 0.5 seconds and freezes (Anchors Body parts) any NPC's around the player for 0.5 seconds. (Note that it will not freeze NPC's in their attacks, since the attacks move the NPC's) Low N/A
Time-Skip Molotov
Time Skip Molotov.png
Similar to Meteor Crash and Wolf Fang Fist, the player unleashes a Time Skip while the player lets out a flurry of punches that ends with a strong jab that can guard-break the opponent while knocking them back. Low-moderate Medium-high
Flash Skewer
Flash Skewer.png
A faster variant of Flash Strike. The user turns invisible for a very short amount of time (in that time the player is unable to be hit) and delivers a strong blow that knocks back the target. Low Medium


  • Previously, an exploit existed where resetting during a Time Skip would freeze all those affected by it. This issue can be fixed by resetting.
  • Some NPC's are anchored therefore making the player unable to push them around while not active, however if using Time-Skip it is possible to start pushing them around the map, and they will not teleport back unless triggered.


  • Time-Skip used to freeze NPC's around for 0.5 seconds. Does not cancel their moves and you cant freeze players with it.
  • The gamepass will also give the player Hit's outfit for free.



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