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This article is about the NPC. For the playable race, see Jiren's Race.

Jiren serves as both a shopkeeper NPC and a boss NPC.


Unlike other races characters, he is the remake of Dragon Ball Super's Jiren and possesses the same features. He wears the same black and red spandex-like suit, and the same white gloves and boots. His hairstyle is found as "Style 23" in the Hair Stylist's style options.

Map Appearances

Jiren's Secret Hat Shop

Main article: Clothing Shop

He is found at his shop on Earth called "Jiren's Secret Hat Shop", where he sells five hats, and a Little Jiren. The shop is less visible than other shops, however, as it is hidden behind one of the rocks in the Wastelands.

The products he sells are as follows:

Product Cost (Zeni)
Zamasu Halo 5,000
Top Hat 5,000
WhiteChillCap 5,000
Fedora 5,000
Eyepatch 5,000
Buddy Hat 5,000
Straw Hat 5,000
Little Jiren 50,000

Tournament of Power

Main article: Tournament of Power

As well as Earth, he is found at the Tournament of Power, as the map's final boss.

After defeating all the fighters, Jiren will spawn. He is seen emitting a white aura, similar to the Mystic form Humans have, and the Potential Unleash form Namekians have.

After defeating him, all players (including the ones in the spectator area) will receive 130 million EXP, and the pillar in the middle of the Tournament of Power arena will drop down, revealing Zeno, who will reward the participants with a wish from the Super Dragon Balls.

True Tournament of Power

Main article: True Tournament of Power

Jiren appears as a final boss at the True Tournament of Power, in a similar fashion to Jiren at the Tournament of Power. He can be fought in the same fashion too, but upon reaching below half HP he'll transform. After defeating him, all players receive 330 million EXP and 50,000 Zeni.

Other World

Main Article: Other World

He appears as a boss in Other World, with the same mechanics as Jiren in True Tournament of Power. After defeating him and completing his quest, the player is granted 3 billion EXP and 1 Zeni.


Super Full Power
In the True Tournament of Power, lowering his health down to 25% or below will cause him to transform. His transformation emits a red and orange fiery aura similar to that of Ultra Instinct. In this form, his defense is comparable to that of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, and his damage is slightly higher than the latter.


Move Description
Justice Flash.png Justice Flash Jiren fires a barrage of orange ki blasts.
Power Impact.png Power Impact Jiren uses a ki blast to launch his opponent upwards, then does a pose as his opponent promptly explodes.
Super Explosive Wave.png Super Explosive Wave A stronger variant of Explosive Wave.
Afterimage Strike.png Afterimage Strike Jiren teleports around his opponent.


  • The Little Jiren accessory makes it nearly impossible for the player to fly. This is because it has its own hitbox, which makes it similar to flying into a wall.


  • Prior to The Secret World's release, Jiren was the game's most powerful NPC in the game, in terms of damage and defense.
  • He and Krillin are the only clothing shopkeepers in the game.
  • Jiren is the only NPC in the Earth map to originate from another Universe.

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