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Kami's Lookout, viewed from the front.

Kami's Lookout (otherwise known as The Lookout) is a location above Korin's Tower on Earth.  

Here, players can access the Hyperbolic Time Chamber once a day, participate in the Tournament of Power by sitting in the seats or tiles near Whis, or they can go to the back behind the palace of the lookout, to find a teleporter to the Dimensional Rift to go and fight Broly BR. Or if they are a Namekian, they can fuse with Kami to gain 20 free stat points. 

On the lookout are 3 NPCs, the aforementioned Whis, Kami, and Mr. Popo. 2 of the 3 of these NPCs have only a one-time use. That being Mr. Popo, being someone you have to talk to for a quest, and Kami, being used only to fuse with by Namekians


  • Mr. Popo does not have a body, instead just a floating hat can be seen next to Kami. Despite this players can still interact with him.
    • Prior to his body's mysterious removal, Mr. Popo's head would turn to face you.
      • As of the March 2, 2019 update, his body has been restored, though his head no longer turns. 

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