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An example of Ki Sensing.

Ki Sensing is a technique usable by all players that can be activated by pressing the 'Z' key ('Right on the D-Pad' for Xbox players). It displays the location of all players on the users server.


The size of the shapes displayed upon activating Ki Sense is gauged by the difference in Power Level of a player compared to the user and the distance from the user.

  • If a player is close by, their shape will increase in brightness and become flatter.
  • If a player is far away, their shape will decrease in brightness and elongate.
  • If a player is more powerful than the user, their shape will increase in diameter.
  • If a player is much weaker than the user, their shape will decrease in diameter.


  • If a player disconnects from the server whilst the user has Ki Sense activated, their power level will still be displayed until the user deactivates Ki Sense.
  • Ki Sense can not be used if a Scouter is currently equipped, though it can be maintained if the user equips a Scouter whilst Ki Sensing.
  • It is recommended to use ki sense at late levels over scouters due to scouters displaying 0 when a player's power level is over 1 trillion.