Korin serves as both a boost and shopkeeper NPC.


He is heavily based on the Korin from the Dragon Ball series. He appears as a white cat with his staff.

Korin's Tower

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Korin usually appears at his tower. At level 35, players that are not Saiyan or Namekian can receive an EXP boost from him, who has the player expose themselves to Ultra Divine Water.

Korin's Senzu Beans

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Aside from his tower, Korin also appears at his shop in the Central City market square, called "Korin's Senzu Beans", wearing a green visor cap. There, he sells Senzu Beans and Senzu Jars of multiple colored variations. The products he sell are as follows:

Senzus Green Senzu Red


Blue Senzu Yellow Senzu
Bean Cost (Zeni) 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500
Jar Cost


4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000
Bean Description Heals the player fully. Doubles player's Melee and Ki Damage stats for 30 seconds. Grants the player unlimited Ki Max for 30 seconds. Makes the player invincible for the seconds.
Jar Description Heals surrounding players. Amplifies surrounding players' Melee and Ki Damage stats. Grants surrounding players unlimited Ki Max. Makes surrounding players invincible.


Main article: Future

Future Korin appears in the Future map, standing at his shop, wearing the same green visor as his present counterpart's, only it's burnt and damaged from the apocalypse. Like his counterpart, he gives out the same Senzus.


  • Future Korin's model is now nowhere to be seen, though his flame can still be found.
  • It is known by many that Future Korin's Senzus are glitched; whenever the player buys them, the products would count as their own separate Senzu type, regardless on what the player had before.
    • Aside from that, the Senzus players bought from Future Korin would not be able to stack in numbers.
  • If a Human, Majin, Android, or Frieza Race player talks to Korin after receiving his boost, he will say the same dialogue as he says to Saiyan or Namekian players.


  • It is often speculated that Korin was initially planned to be a Quest Giver, but then SnakeWorl scrapped the idea. This can be evidenced by a part of his dialogue, when talking to Saiyan or Namekian players, saying, "How's Yajirobe been? I need him to water my Senzu Beans."
  • Korin is one of the few characters that appear more than once on the same map, the other being Whis.

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