Krillin serves as both a shopkeeper, and an enemy NPC. He located at Kame House and South City, on Earth.


He wears the same clothes as he did in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. He also has the same noseless face and the six incense burns on his forehead.

Cool Krillin's Glasses Shop

Krillin owns a small shop in South City called Cool Krillin's Glasses Shop, where he sells different types of glasses. Under the name Cool Krillin, he sells the following items:

Product Cost (Zeni)
Epic Glasses 2,000
Cool Glasses 2,000
Style Glasses 2,000
Nerd Glasses 2,000
Visor 2,000
BigGlasses 2,000
Sleek Glasses 2,000

Tournament of Power

Main article: Tournament of Power (T.O.P)

Krillin appears as an enemy NPC, fighting Frost.

Corresponding Quests

Quest Quest Giver Quest Type Goal Rewards
An Autograph Man at West City One-Time Talk to:
  • Krillin
  • 500 Zeni
  • 5,000 EXP


  • In the Tournament of Power, he uses a move that only he can use: Solar Flare.
    • Just like in the anime and manga, Solar Flare momentarily blinds the user's nearby opponent(s), causing the user to gain advantage.
  • Whenever the player talks to Krillin, he will say, "You know, lately, I've been seeing double". This might be because of how cross-eyed he looks.


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Cool Krillin's Glasses Shop