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Maps are numerous places in the game that the player comes across, during their adventure. Each of them gives out Quests and have their own NPCs.

The list of maps is the following.


Main article: Earth


Earth is the starting area of all new players to Final Stand. New players spawn at Goku’s House, where they'll immediately meet the multi-Quest Giver, Chi Chi. It is very easy to level up in this place for early levels, but once all one-time quests are done, it starts to take a long time as you can only do dailies.

This is where final bosses Android 17 and Android 18, Universal Champion, and other bosses are located.


Main article: Namek


Namek is the world available for players 100+. One of the fastest ways to level up as a 100 range player, Namek is one of the player’s most favorited areas. However, for people in the lower hundreds, this world may be found difficult to progress through.

This map is where the final boss, Final form Frieza is located.


Main article: Space


Space is an area where players travel around in space pods too different planets, where different quests can be given out. Flying into the Earth and Namek planets will teleport the players into the respectful servers. This map can be extremely difficult for players who don't know how to level up quickly here, and because for most players their next form will be 70 levels in, it can be difficult without adequate forms.

This map is where the final boss Broly and Beerus is located.


Main article: Future

The future is a map nearly identical to the one of Earth, but all buildings are destroyed or damaged. The difficulty here is enormously huge, making it hard to level up without the skill or the know-how.

This is where the final boss Fused Zamasu FP is located.

The Secret World

Main article: The Secret World

The Secret World is a map restricted for players who are level 350. It introduces the player to Golden Quests, which are overall harder than normal Quests, yet they give out huge rewards. The only way to access this map is a secret portal in Space near Planet Watrin.

The map is where the final boss Friaza 1% power is located.

Tournament of Power

Tournament of Power

Main article: Tournament of Power

The Tournament of Power is a playable map restricted for levels 400+. Up to teams of 10, players must defeat NPCs from other universes (including Team Universe 7), and eventually beat the map's final boss Jiren.

Dimensional Rift

Main article: Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rift is a playable area restricted for levels 399+. Teams of 15 players must defeat the map's only boss NPC, and final boss Broly BR.

True Tournament of Power

Main article: True Tournament of Power

The True Tournament of Power is the true version of the Tournament of Power. According to Whis, the original instance was in an alternate timeline. The map is identical to the first Tournament of Power map. It requires level 600+ to enter.


Main Article: Heaven

The Sacred World of the Kais often referred to as Heaven, is a playable area restricted for only those who have done the True Tournament of Power and chosen the death wish. Here the player can do the daily quests or grind with other players there. The player can start over by rebirthing at a minimum of lvl 850.

The final heaven boss Friaza 100% power is located here.


Main Article: Zaros


Zaros is a place where only players above level 600 can enter there. There is a King called King Zaraxos who owns Zaros. Zaros have many cliffs, trees, grass, NPCs, and even 7 places. To go to Zaros you will need to go to the Northern Mountains and you will see an NPC with a ship, the NPCs name is "Zaran"

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