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This article is about the complete transformation. For the incomplete transformation, see Ultra Instinct. For the godly ki alternative, see God of Destruction.

Mastered Ultra Instinct, canonically known as Ultra Instinct, and often abbreviated to MUI, is a form available to all races that can be bought at prestige 2 level 510, for 1.2 million Zeni. This form replaces Ultra Instinct "Omen". The player needs to own Ultra Instinct "Omen" in order to use Mastered Ultra Instinct. Similarly to its predecessor, it can only be activated once the player is below 15% Health and Ki.


Mastered Ultra Instinct
Unlocked at level 510, prestige 2, for 1.2 million Zeni.

  • Can only be activated by transforming once the player's Health and Ki are equal to or below 15%. Activating it will restore 100% of the players Health and Ki.
  • Dramatically less ki drain than Ultra Instinct "Omen". However, it brings you to low health when it ends, much like "Omen".
  • Unlike Ultra Instinct Omen, there is a dark ki effect that will surround you for 1-1.5 seconds when you run out of ki.
  • Attacks that consume Ki will consume their normal amount of ki, then immediately refill the ki used. Attacks that require more ki than available won't activate.
  • Running and fast flying will make you vanish similarly to Instant Transmission.
  • Normal punches and heavy hits teleports the player to a close target.
  • Negates any kind of Ki recovery or regeneration (this includes Senzus and charging).
  • 50% Chance of auto-dodging almost any attack (Excluding rushes, guard breaks/heavy hits and quick melee moves). However, if the user gets hit once, the user will be able to get stuck in a combo (Similar to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mui Goku Auto-dodge), however some moves still won't land (Kick Barrage, Super Spirit Bomb Sword, ETC...). Damaging your enemy will also cancel out most of his attacks, causing you to take no damage for long periods of time.
  • Changes the user's hair to a silver hue.
  • Grants the user an aura slightly darker than that of Ultra Instinct "Omen".
  • Mastered Ultra Instinct lasts for roughly 120 seconds.
  • It has roughly a 5 minute cool down after using it.
  • Requires Ultra instinct Omen for transformation
Health Max
Ki Max
Melee Damage
Ki Damage
Melee Resistance
Ki Resistance


  • If any race (i.e. Namekian, Majin) went to Mastered Ultra Instinct, their antennae will change to a silver hue.
    • If a Jiren also goes MUI, their head becomes white (it wasn't previously white before)
  • The user's hair color may not change if they transform while already in a form.
  • Certain hair will not change to white (only a visual bug though)


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