Mastered Ultra Instinct, canonically known as Ultra Instinct, and often abbreviated to MUI, is a form available to all races that can be bought at prestige 2 level 510, for 1.2 million Zeni. Similarly to its predecessor, it can only be activated once the player is below 15% Health and Ki.


Health Max Ki Max Melee Damage Ki Damage Melee Resistance Ki Resistance Speed
+0 +0 +700 +700 +700 +700 +700


  • Can only be activated by transforming once the players Health and Ki are equal to or below 15%. Activating it will restore 100% of the players Health and Ki
  • Dramatically less ki drain than Ultra Instinct "Omen". However, it brings you to low health when it ends, much like "Omen".
    • However, unlike Ultra Instinct Omen, there is a dark ki effect that will surround you for 1-1.5 seconds when you run out of ki.
  • Attacks that would normally use up Ki will not, and will instead automatically refill the used-up Ki.
  • Running and fast flying is replaced with vanishing.
  • Normal punches and heavy hits teleports the player to a close target.
  • Negates any kind of Ki recovery or regeneration (this includes Senzus and charging).
  • 50% dodge chance for all attacks.
    • Cannot dodge guard breaks.
  • Changes the user's hair to a silver hue.
  • Grants the user an aura slightly darker than that of Ultra Instinct "Omen".
  • Mastered Ultra Instinct lasts for roughly 130 seconds.


  • If any race (i.e. Namekian, Majin) went Mastered Ultra Instinct, their antennae will change to a silver hue.
  • The user's hair color may not change, if they transform while already in a form.


  • Differences between Ultra Instinct in the anime/manga and in the game include:
    • It is shown in the anime that Ultra Instinct's pre-transformation encases the user in an energy "shell" of bright white and blue. The "shell" is then removed, revealing the user's form. However, in the game, the form is immediately revealed.
    • It is implied that Ultra Instinct's energy is so overwhelming, it rips apart the user's shirt. However, in the anime/manga, the user's shirt remains intact.
    • Ultra Instinct Goku's face is shown to have a calm expression, lacking any other facial expression.


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