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"I will add more sounds I just need some time :) "

( a funny thing that not many people know

in every energy wave there is this sound

maybe snake at the beginning of the game wanted to put this sound as well?)

Moves, referred to as skills, are techniques that can be bought from the skill shop. While others can be bought via gamepasses, Whis' Dojoor from defeating Broly BR. Moves categorized as Ki, Melee, and Other.

List of Moves

Move Name
Level Requirement
Ki Usage
Attack/Charge Speed
Zeni Cost


Level 1 Very Low 20 None Medium-Fast 1,000 'A basic energy blast.'

Double Sunday

Level 5 Very Low 15 1 Second Very Fast 1,000 'Shoots two quick lasers.'

Destructo Disk

Level 8 Very Low 25 1 Second Fast 1,000 'A Ki disk that cuts through most objects.'

Explosive Wave

Level 10 Medium 13% of Total Ki None Very Fast 1,000 'Creates an explosion around you to escape combos."


Level 12 Medium 25 None Medium-Slow 1,000 'Fires the classic energy wave.'


Level 15 Low 15 None Medium 1,000 'A beam that uses low Ki, but damage the user.'

Super Volley

Level 18 Very Low 30 None Fast 1,000 'A rapid fury of Ki blasts that track the target.'

Burning Attack

Level 18 Low 35 None Medium 1,000 'Fires a quick blast that can't be charged.'

Big Bang Attack

Level 25 Medium 45 None Medium 1,000 'Fires a chargeable blast that explodes on impact.'

Hellzone Grenade

Level 30 Low 35 5 Seconds Medium-Fast 1,000 'Creates a delaying Ki explosion that tracks the target.'

Galick Gun

Level 35 Medium 30 None Medium-Slow 1,000 'Structurally identical to a Kamehameha.'

Special Beam Cannon

Level 35 Low 40 5 Seconds Very Fast 1,000 'A Ki blast that pierces blocks.'

Spirit Ball

Level 40 Low 20 None Fast 3,000 'A ball that tracks the target and can hit them multiple times.'

Burning Blast

Level 45 Low 40 3 Seconds Fast 6,000 'A close-range Ki explosion.'

Death Beam Barrage

Level 55 Low 40 None Medium-Fast 4,000 'Rapidly fires multiple small beams.'

Chain Destructo Disk

Level 56 Medium 50 None Medium-Fast 4,000 'Fires a rapid chain of weaker Destructo Disks.'

Heat Dome Attack

Level 65 Medium 35 None Very Fast 8,000 'Creates a large upward blast that launches opponents into the sky.'

Light Grenade

Level 70 High 77 None Medium-Slow 8,000 'Fires a small beam that expands greatly, causing massive damage.'

Death Saucer

Level 75 Low 100 10 Seconds Fast 6,000 'An upgraded Destructo Disk that tracks whoever is being targeted.'

Final Flash

Level 80 High 75 None Medium 8,000 'Fires a huge beam that finishes off your enemies.'

Giant Storm

Level 100 Medium ? (Data not mined yet) None Medium-Fast 4,000 'Special Move'

Finish Breaker

Level 110 Low-Medium 90 8 Seconds Fast 3,000 'Fires ten Ki blasts that track your opponent.'

Warp Kamehameha

Level 115 Medium-High 60 None Medium-Slow 4,000 'Charges up a Kamehameha and teleports the user to the target when released.'

Spirit Bomb

Level 120 Medium-High 20 None Slow 5,000 A small AoE bomb, 'Hold to charge longer.'

Crusher Ball

Level 125 Medium 60 18 Seconds Fast 3,000 'Throws a small tracking ball at your opponent.'

Big Bang Kamehameha

Level 130 Medium 55 8 Seconds Medium-Fast 5,000 'Acts like a close-range Kamehameha.'

Sudden Storm

Level 140 Low 80 8 Seconds Medium-Slow 5,000 'A sudden barrage of Ki.'

Demon Flash

Level 145 Medium 70 None Fast 6,000 'A close-range Ki explosion' similar to Burning Blast.

Milky Cannon

Level 145 Low 35 3 Seconds Medium 5,000 'A quick, strong Ki blast.'

Super Nova

Level 150 Medium 60 None Medium-Fast 10,000 A medium-sized AoE bomb, 'charges a large energy ball to throw at enemies.'

Genocide Shell

Level 160 Low 79 5 Seconds Slow 4,000 Spawns five purple spheres in front of the player.

Murder Grenade

Level 160 Medium-High 50 10 Seconds Fast 4,000 'Throws a sphere that turns into a pillar of energy.'

Break Cannon

Level 165 Low 50 6 Seconds Very-Fast 5,000 'Fires an explosive beam from the users mouth.'

Super Spirit Bomb

Level 185 High 40 2 Minutes Slow 10,000 A massive AoE bomb, 'hold to charge longer.'

Beam Scatter

Level 190 Low-Medium 40 None Fast 4,000 'A shotgun of beams!' Beam spread is completely random.

Final Shine

Level 200 Very High 120 None Medium 8,000 'A stronger Final Flash' colored green.

Hell Pillars

Level 205 Very Low 80 20 Seconds Fast 4,000 'Creates a line of seven pillars in-front of the player.'

Justice Flash

Level 210 Medium-High 120 12 Seconds Medium 4,000 Fires many orange beams from the users fingertips.

Pressure Gauge

Level 220 Medium-High 60 7 Seconds Very Fast 4,000 'A stronger Hellzone Grenade.'

Final Kamehameha

Level 220 High 50 None Medium 10,000 'A Final Flash/Kamehameha combination.'

Divine Lasso

Level 225 Medium 130 10 Seconds Fast 5,000 Similar to Justice Flash, though colored purple.

Holy Wrath

Level 230 Medium 80 5 Seconds Fast 7,000 A much more powerful version of the Super Nova with a smaller projectile.

Super Death Beam

Level 240 Low 35 19 Seconds Very Fast 4,000 'A stronger version of the Death Beam'. Colored red instead of purple.

Double Buster

Whis Low ???? None Very Fast 10,000 A somewhat stronger version of the Double Sunday.

One-Hand Kamehameha

Whis Medium ???? None Fast 10,000 A Kamehameha that charges faster than the original version. Otherwise, statistically identical.

Flame Kamehameha

Whis Medium-High ???? None Medium 10,000 Inflicts more damage and charges faster than the Kamehameha.

Kaioken x4 Kamehameha

Whis High ???? (2.5 Health Drain) None Medium-Slow 10,000 Charges quicker and does much more damage than the Kamehameha. Drains health until fully charged. Can destroy structures.

Unrelenting Volley

Whis Low ???? None Medium 10,000 A version of Super Volley that persists for 5 seconds or until the user runs out of Ki.

Death Beam

Whis Low ???? 10 Seconds Very Fast 10,000 A single beam.

Dark Beam

Whis Medium ???? None Medium 10,000 A black/dark blue Kamehameha that does significantly more damage.

Explosive Grip

Whis Medium ???? 5 Seconds Fast 10,000 A slightly more powerful version of Hellzone Grenade, colored green.

Buu Blaster

Whis Medium ???? None Medium-Fast 10,000 A pinkish purple Kamehameha that charges faster than its original variant.

GoD Sphere

Gamepass Medium Medium-High None Fast N/A A solid red version of the Super Nova.

G.O.D. Anger

Gamepass Medium Medium-Low Very Fast 1 Second N/A A yellow Death Beam.

GoD Wrath

Gamepass Low Low Fast None N/A A move that releases several Ki blasts from the players body, knocking opponents away.

GoD Hakai

Gamepass Medium Medium Fast None N/A A move that surrounds the opponent in purple energy and pushes them back.

Blaster Meteor

Broly BR High 60 slow 5 Seconds N/A The user simultaneously fires a barrage of green ki blasts.

Eraser Cannon

Broly BR High 80 Medium 5 Seconds N/A The user fires a green homing ki blast, stronger version of Big Bang Attack.

Gigantic Breath

Broly BR High 90 Fast 6 Seconds N/A The user fires a green mouth blast, stronger version of Break Cannon.

Planet Crusher

Broly BR Very High 80 Slow 2 Minutes N/A A stronger green massive AoE bomb, 'hold to charge longer.'

Broly Kamehameha

Broly BR Medium 48 Medium None N/A Green variant of the Kamehameha wave.

Move Name
Level Requirement
Ki Usage
Attack/Charge Speed
Zeni Cost

Dragon Throw

Level 5 Low 15 Fast 1,000 'Throws opponents and sets them up for a combo.'


Level 10 Low 25 Fast 1,000 'Causes the user to rush towards their enemies until you hit them.'


Level 10 Low 20 Very Fast 1,000 'Knocks opponents down into the ground.'

Wolf Fang Fist

Level 15 Low 35 Medium 1,000 A slow combo rush, 'wolf fang them right in their fist!'

Final Blow

Level 20 Medium 32 Fast 1,000 'Teleports the user in front of their opponent and uppercuts them.'


Level 20 Low 20 Medium 1,000 'a quick combo extender.'

Dirty Fireworks

Level 20 Low 20 Very Fast 2,000 'Statistically identical to Bone Crush, but uses Ki Damage stats.'

Mach Kick

Level 25 Low 35 Medium 1,000 'Unleashes a fury of quick kicks.'

Bone Crush

Level 28 Low 20 Medium 1,000 'Kicks players into the air and back down again.'

Recoome Kick

Level 35 Medium 27 Very Fast 2,000 'A guard breaking move that locks onto a nearby target.'

Flip Kick

Level 40 Low 25 Very Fast 1,000 'Quickly flips the user towards a nearby enemy, and kicks them in the face!'

Neo Wolf Fang Fist

Level 45 Medium 41 Very Fast 4,000 'A faster version of the Wolf Fang Fist.'

Combo Barrage

Level 50 Medium 60 Slow 4,000 'A strong combo attack that requires a lot of Ki.'


Level 55 Low 20 Medium 2,000 A move that chokes the opponent and throws them towards the ground, showing 'you don't have time to deal with low-level trash.'

Aerial Breaker

Level 65 Low 20 Medium 4,000 'A combo that automatically finishes with a Burning Blast.

Meteor Crash

Level 70 Medium 40 Fast 4,000 'A rapid fury of quick punches and kicks that inflict a lot of damage.'

Dive Kick

Level 83 Medium 22 Very Fast 8,000 'Quickly launches the user towards their target.'

Spirit Breaking Cannon

Level 85 Medium 40 Medium 12,000 A combo move described as 'OOOOF.'

Super Rush

Level 90 Low-Medium ???? Very Fast 12,000 'A faster variation of Rush.'

Strike of Revelation

Level 92 Medium 30 Very Fast 12,000 Launches the user towards their target and teleports them behind the opponent.'

Double Launcher

Level 110 Low 40 Fast 3,000 'Basically Launcher, except done twice.'

Dirty Fireworks [x5]

Level 130 Low 30 Fast 1,000 'A stronger version of Dirty Fireworks'.

Strong Kick

Level 135 Low 32 Very Fast 2,000 A faster guard break that requires Ki.'

Super Dragon Fist

Level 140 Medium-High 80 Fast 5,000 Similar to Rush, though the user does not home in on them and instead flings themselves in a straight line.

Sweep Kick

Level 145 Low 28 Very Fast 2,000 A combination of Flip Kick and Strong Kick.

Justice Combination

Level 150 Medium 35 Fast 5,000 'A strong combo!'

Kaioken Assault

Level 165 Low 50 Medium 10,000 A version of Rush that can automatically continue up to five times.

Flash Strike

Level 170 Low 15 Medium-Fast 6,000 'Step vanishes the user into a kick.'

Punisher Drive

Level 180 Medium - High 95 Fast 6,000 A quick barrage of punches that teleports the user behind the opponent, setting them up for a combo.

Strong Punch

Level 185 Low 40 Very Fast 3,000 'A guard breaking move that propels the user forward.'

Second Bloom

Level 190 Medium 60 Medium-Long 3,000 'A high intensity melee move' that flings the opponent in many directions.

Kick Barrage

Level 200 Medium 70 Medium-Fast 5,000 'Locks opponents into thirty kicks' similar to an extended Justice Combination.

Drop Kick

Level 205 Low 40 Very Fast 4,000 'Flip Kick, but it guard breaks.'

Dragon Crush

Level 215 Medium 15 Fast 4,000 'A combination of Dragon Throw and Bone Crush.'

Spirit Slash

Level 220 Medium 60 Medium 5,000 'A ki/melee combo move used by Zamasu.'

God Slicer

Level 222 Low 40 Fast 4,000 'A stronger, faster guard break that requires Ki.'

Spirit Bomb Sword

Level 230 High 500 Medium-Fast 5,000 'Similar to Spirit Slash, but uses much more Ki and deals much more damage.'

Arm Crash

Level 230 Medium 30 Fast 5,000 'Short range chase move that guard breaks.'

Power Impact

Level 235 High 90 Fast 1,000 'A far superior version of Dirty Fireworks.'

Flash Counter

Level 245 ? 35 ? 5,000 'Short range chase move.'

Emperor's Edge

Level 250 Low 130 Fast 4,000 'Creates a blade of energy in front of the user' that uses the Ki Damage stat.

Deadly Dance

Level 275 Medium 45 Fast 5,000 'A strong combo!'

God Punch

Level 500 ? 40 Fast 10,000 'Fat Puncher' (Bought only in the other world)

Flash Skewer

Gamepass Low Low Fast N/A A melee strike that turns the user invisible for a 0.5 seconds upon activation.

Time Skip Molotov

Gamepass Low Medium/Low Fast N/A A combo of punches that ends with a Vital Strike.

Vital Strike

Gamepass Low Low/Medium Medium/Fast N/A A faster guard break.

Time Skip

Gamepass Low N/A Medium N/A A move that freezes opponents for 0.5 seconds that does not affect the user.

Anger Rush

Broly BR High 50 Fast N/A The user unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks. Stronger variant of Meteor Crash.


Broly BR Medium 80 Medium N/A Stronger variant of Trash?.

Wrathful Charge

Broly BR Low 55 Fast N/A Stronger and faster variant of super rush, however this move is based off ki damage instead.

Move Name
Level Requirement
Ki Usage
Attack/Charge Speed
Zeni Cost

Instant Rise

Level 12 18% of total Ki Instant 1,000 'Causes the user to rise above and out of a combo.'


Level 23 15% of total Ki Instant 1,000 'An evasive technique that teleports the user behind their opponent.'

Afterimage Strike

Level 45 7.5 Instant 1,000 'Teleports the user around their opponent five times or until they use another move.'

Super Explosive Wave

Level 100 25% of total Ki Very High 5,000 Similar to the Explosive Wave, although much larger.

Instant Transmission

Level 120 N/A N/A 50,000 'Typing the exact name causes the user to teleport to their target.' Allows for server-hopping. Interrupted by taking damage if target is on the same server.'

Fusion Dance

Level 130 N/A N/A 50,000 'Players with near equal levels can combine into one stronger being.'


Level 140 14% of total Ki Medium 1,000 'Flips the user backwards out of any combo.'

Energy Barrier

Level 145 15.4% of total Ki Medium 5,000 'Raises a green sphere around the user that makes them invincible for a short period of time.'

God Evade

Level 500 11% of total Ki Medium 10,000 'Evasive' (Bought only in the other world)


  • Poor server connections can result in AoE bombs (Spirit Bomb, God of Destruction Sphere, Eraser cannon, etc) having a drastically increased blast range, with the Supernova far exceeding that of a Super Spirit Bomb.
  • If a player fires a Final Kamehameha after being knocked out of their hover state, the rings that surround the beam will freeze in the air and refuse to follow the beam.
  • If a player uses Instant Rise or Backflip while being attacked by an NPC using Spirit Slash, the NPC and the player will freeze and will be unable to retaliate for some seconds.
  • If a player uses Instant Rise or Backflip while being attacked by a Spirit Slash while also charging an attack (i.e. Kamehameha), the attack will not launch and its visual effects will remain with the player until the move is selected again and fired (i.e. charging a Spirit Bomb will cause the Spirit Bomb to remain above the players head, with the charging animation still present, and allowing the person to move).
  • Kaioken Assault very rarely does even 2 hits, usually getting one hit in and rushing to the opponent and stopping in place. The cause of the strange bug is mostly unknown but is chalked up to lag/poor server connections.
  • When a player that is using a move that creates 3d models (including most ki moves and melee moves like meteor crash) dies or loses a transformation, the color of the move will change based on the player's race. (Ex: Green for Namekian and yellow for android).


  • The game is known for misspelling or shortening the moves' names. For instance, Final Kamehameha is erroneously referred to as "Final Kame".
  • Spirit Breaking Cannon's description, "OOOOF", refers to the Roblox death sound.
  • Justice Flash's description "google it" infers that if you're playing this game mode in Roblox, you're likely a fan of the Dragon Ball series, which likely means you've watched Dragon Ball Super. If you haven't, then of course, you wouldn't know about the Justice Flash.
  • Although Dark Beam and Buu Blaster don't exist in the anime and manga, they respectively resemble Black Kamehameha and Majin Kamehameha.
  • Differences between moves from the anime and manga, and from the game include:
    • Divine Lasso makes the opponent explode after the energy needles puncture them. However, in the game they do not.
    • Although Broly was shown firing energy waves in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he has never fired a Kamehameha wave before. The Broly Kamehameha might've been based off on Gigantic Omegastorm.
    • There have been no such moves as Trash? and Trash??? In the anime and manga.
      • However Trash? and Trash?? could most likely be based on Broly's Gigantic slam in Xenoverse 2, or the way Vegeta sometimes grabs opponents in the Android saga.
    • There has been no such move as Spirit Splash in the anime and manga. However, this move may have been based off on Zamasu's technique God Split Cut.
    • There have been no such moves as Launcher and Double Launcher in the anime and manga. Although, these moves are most likely inspired by scenarios in which Vegeta vanishes behind his opponent and thrusts both of his legs upward, kicking the opponent into the air.
    • There have been no such moves as Rush and Super Rush in the anime and manga. However, these moves may have been based off on Kid Gohan's technique Leave My Daddy Alone!.
    • There has been no such move as Dragon Crush in the anime and manga.
    • There has been no such move as Strong Punch, Strong Kick, and Sweep Kick in the anime and manga.
    • There has been no such move as Second Bloom in the anime and manga.
    • There has been no such move as pressure gauge in the anime and manga.
    • Flash Strike, despite its non-explosiveness, is actually another name for Dirty Fireworks, according to the Dragon Ball Wiki.[1] However, in the game, it's a move on its own, with a completely different form.
    • Planet Crusher may deal alot more damage than the Super Spirit Bomb, however the Super Spirit Bomb deals more self damage than the Planet Crusher.
    • Broly Moves have the secret description of "Heh"
    • As of January 25th, 2020 Update, the damage and cooldown of most ki moves got nerfed.


Citations and Footnotes

  1. "Dirty Fireworks" on Dragon Ball Wiki: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Dirty_Fireworks
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