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The Multiplayer Battle Arena is a PvP game mode accessed by interacting with Goku in South City.


There is no form of matchmaking in this game mode. Instead, servers will randomly distribute ten players onto a server with a small condensed map where they will be allowed to fight one another to acquire 'Points' by dealing with damage and defeating other players.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Players will have three minutes to fight each other. Once the three-minute timer has expired, the player with the most points will be announced as the Winner.
  • Players do not regenerate health naturally.
  • Speed is capped for all players at 150 points. This cannot be altered, even with the use of transformations or the Flying Nimbus.
  • Fresh spawns or players that have died will spawn with a five-second forcefield that prevents them from taking damage. They are still capable of hurting other players during this period.
  • All variations of Senzu Beans and Jars cannot be used.
  • Ultra Instinct (and subsequently Mastered Ultra Instinct) and God of Destruction is disabled.
  • The person who wins receives 3,000 Zeni.


  • Androids are incapable of absorbing Ki and regaining health. This is not an intentional add-in by the developer.
  • When you enter the mode, your character uses your current Roblox package.
  • Sometimes when you enter the mode, the timer stays at zero, which means that the match will never end and players will be fighting forever with no reward.
  • If a Saiyan uses a transformation that changes hairstyle and is damaged at the right time when transforming, they will lose their hair altogether. This is fixed when deforming.


  • Players can heal with forms and other techniques.
  • If there is only one player in the server they will win by default.
  • Game passes such as faster charging are disabled.
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