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Most locations (including Outskirts) have a unique music track that play whenever the player switches from one location to another. Clicking on the music note icon in the Menu can enable and/or disable these tracks.

List of Tracks

The following is the original soundtrack. (A bit outdated)

Earth Tracks

Track Artist/Media Location Video
Krillin Powers Up Bruce Faulconer Outskirts DBZ-Krillin_Powers_Up_Theme
Heroic Trunks Bruce Faulconer Goku's House Heroic_Trunks
New Earth Music Bruce Faulconer Forest DBZ-New_Earth_Music_Theme
Android 16 Bruce Faulconer Canyons Android_16
Solitaire Gerd Kadenbech Satan City Solitaire
Goku Recovers Bruce Faulconer East City (Destroyed) Bruce_Faulconer_-_Goku_Recover_Remake
Power of a Super Saiyan God Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Central City Dragon_Ball_Z-_Battle_of_Gods_BGM_33_-_"Power_of_the_Super_Saiyan_God"
A Disastrous Spectacle Dragon Ball Z Kai West City A_Disastrous_Spectacle
Boogieman Bruce Faulconer Capsule Corp Boogieman
--- --- Parsley City ---
SSJ3 Power Up Bruce Faulconer Grassland Ssj3_Power_Up
Hikari no Willpower (Final Bout) Cliff Weinstein Wasteland
Vegeta and Goku Train Together The Enigma TNG Northern Mountains Dragon_Ball_Z_-_Vegeta_and_Goku_Train_Together_(The_Enigma_TNG)
Super Namek Bruce Faulconer Yunzabit Heights DBZ-Super_Namek_Theme
Perfect Cell Theme Bruce Faulconer Cell Games Arena DBZ_-_Perfect_Cell_Theme
Roselita Pierre Joseph Arvay Ginger Town Roselita
Vegeta's Theme Bruce Faulconer Southern Islands Vegeta's_Theme
Seaside sound effects --- Kame House
World Tournament Theme Dragon Ball Z Budokai World Martial Arts Tournament Dragon_Ball_Z_Budokai_3_-_World_Tournament_(Z_Theme)
Gohan Angers Remastered --- South City

Gohan Angers Remastered HD -1080p- DBZ Gohan's Theme

solitaire gerd kadenbech --- Korin's Tower Solitaire

Namek Tracks

Track Artist/Media Location Video
Destiny Dragon Ball Z Kai Outskirts Destiny
The Braveheart's Triumphant Return Dragon Ball Z Kai Central Namek The_Braveheart's_Triumphant_Return
A Moment for Shuddering Dragon Ball Z Kai Western Namek A_Moment_For_Shuddering
The Braveheart Challenges the Strong Dragon Ball Z Kai Ginyu Force The_Braveheart_Challenges_the_Strong
Super Namek Bruce Faulconer South Namek DBZ-Super_Namek_Theme
The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan Dragon Ball Z Kai Frieza's Spaceship The_Formidable_Warrior,_The_Saiyan
The Clouds of War Spread Dragon Ball Z Kai Destroyed Islands The_Clouds_of_War_Spread
A Mighty Foe Dragon Ball Z Kai Canyons A_Mighty_Foe
Town talk Dragon Ball Super Guru's House Town_talk

Space Tracks

Track Artist/Media Location Video
No More Sonoton Music (SCD) Outskirts No_More
A Grim Fate Dragon Ball Z Kai Popol and Nemee A_Grim_Fate
Scampering Battle! Dragon Ball Z Kai Yardrat Scampering_Battle!
Space Dragon Ball Xenoverse Asteroids Dragon_Ball-_XenoVerse_‒_"Space"_-4K60-
Kid Buu Bruce Faulconer Frieza's Ship and Frieza Planet 981 DBZ-Kid_Buu_Theme
Tears of Grief Dragon Ball Z Kai Alpha Tears_Of_Grief
Dark Half Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Tazba Dragon_Ball_Z-_Budōkai_Tenkaichi_2_-_"Dark_Half"_(Extended)_-1080p-
Beerus Madness Dragon Ball Super Beerus' Planet Dragon_Ball_Super_OST_Beerus'_Madness
At the Battle's End Dragon Ball Z Kai Eros At_The_Battle's_End
Sky Battle For Justice Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi Potafeu Dragon_Ball_Z_Budokai_3_OST_-_Battle_Theme_(Sky_Battle_For_Justice)
10's Pantera New Planet Vegeta Pantera_10's
Courage Fills the Heart Dragon Ball Z Kai Watrin Courage_Fills_The_Heart

Future Tracks

Track Artist/Media Location Video
The Earth's End Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Outskirts Dragon_Ball_Super_OST_-_The_Earth's_End
All-Out Battle! Dragon Ball Super South City Dragonball_Super_-_All-Out_Battle!_(HQ_Cover)
Memories of Time Dragon Ball Super Satan City Dragonball_Super_-_Memories_of_Time_-HQ_Cover-
The Birth of a God Dragon Ball Super Mountains Dragon_Ball_Super_OST_-_The_Birth_of_a_God
Super Saiyan Rosé Theme Dragon Ball Super New Lake Goku_Black_SSJ_Rosé_Theme_-_Dragon_Ball_Super_OST
The Earth's Fate Dragon Ball Super Cell Games Arena Dragon_Ball_Super_OST_The_Earth's_Fate_(HQ)
The Birth of Merged Zamasu Dragon Ball Super East City The_Birth_of_Merged_Zamasu_(HQ)_-_Dragon_Ball_Super_-_by_Norihito_Sumitomo
The Final Death Match Dragon Ball Super West City Dragon_Ball_Super_OST_-_Official_Clash_Of_Gods-The_Final_Death-Match
Super Saiyan Blue Dragon Ball Super Central City Original_sound_track_Birth_of_A_God_super_Sayan_blue_theme_song.mp4

Zaros Tracks

Track Artist/Media Location Video
The Wasteland ? Outskirts Zaros_Outskirts_-_DBZ-FS
Adventurous Epic Theme Marc Andre Dall'Anese Capital City Capital_City_-_DBZ-FS
Brazil Forest-Drums Frederic Charles Jacques Sicart Purple Bit Purple_Bit_-_DBZ-FS
Sad Rumours ? Abandoned Isles Abandoned_Isles_-_DBZ-FS
Ancient Mysteries Taylor Saga Town Saga_Town_-_DBZ-FS
Imminent Danger John Fox Dark Mountains Dark_Mountains_-_DBZ-FS
Le Grand Saut Final ? Last Throne Last_Throne_-_DBZ-FS
1000 Year Battle Epic Score Crystal Mines Epic_Score_-_1000_Year_Battle


Track Artist/Media Location Video
Time Chamber Bruce Faulconer Hyperbolic Time Chamber Time_Chamber_(Extended)
Vegeta's Theme (Hell's Bells) Orchestral Cover Alec Rozsa The Secret World and Dimensional Rift DBZ_OST-_Vegeta's_Theme_(Hell's_Bells)_Orchestral_Cover
Dragon Soul (English) Sean Schemmel, Justin Cook, Vic Mignogna, Greg Ayres, Sonny Strait, or Brina Palencia[1] Character Creation Dragon_Ball_Z_Kai_FULL_Opening_English_HD_1080p


  • World Martial Arts Tournament, Asteroids, and Tazba are the only locations whose tracks originate from video games.
  • Until November 2019, a majority of tracks on Earth and other maps were replaced with ROBLOX stock music due to copyright protection. This has since been resolved.
  • If a player goes underwater, the music, and the sounds the player makes, will sound more hollow and have more echoes.
  • The 1v1 arena and Kame House are the only locations to play sounds rather than music.

Citations and Footnotes

  1. According to the Dragon Ball Wiki, the official singer for the English dubbed version of Dragon Soul cannot be stated, because of license issues.
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