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Nail is a Namekian NPC located in Western Namek.


He is heavily based on the Nail from Dragon Ball Z. He wears the same blue jacket with a white scarf, and white pants.

In the game, he is seen with half of his left arm missing, leaving only his shoulder and part of his upper arm intact.

Western Namek

He is seen at Western Namek, on the map Namek. He is straight east from Frieza's Ship.

Namekian Fusion

Interacting with him as a Namekian will activate an assimilation. This grants the player 20 Extra Points that can be freely allocated. Interacting with him while playing as any other race will yield no reward.


  • On October 15th 2018, Nail's model in-game has disappeared, though he can still be interacted with. (This is fixed, Nail is visible)


  • There is a Nail look-alike found at Guru's House, guarding Grand Elder Guru.
  • Just like his anime/manga counterpart (and like all other Namekians' names), his name is a pun on a mollusk animal, in this case "snail".
  • His position is the same as the one he was in after battling Frieza, in the Planet Namek Saga of Dragon Ball Z.

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