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This article is about the map. For the playable race, see Namekian.
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Namek is the second playable map and first unlockable area in Final Stand. The player must be at least level 100 to travel to Namek.


Once the player has reached level 100, they may interact with the Nameless Namekian's spaceship in Yunzabit Heights. Doing so will teleport them to Namek.


Contrasting Earth's familiar palette of colors, Namek is almost entirely comprised of green. Most notably, the sky and water share a bright green hue whilst the grass appears to be dark teal. Villages are dotted around the map.


  • Central Namek - One of the spawn points of the map. Also, Captain Ginyu is near the said area.
  • Western Namek - Another one of the spawn points of the map. It's also where Burter is located, near one of the villages.
  • South Namek - Guldo is located in said area.
  • Canyons - Recoome is near the said area.
  • Destroyed Islands - The Universal Namekian is located in said area.
  • Ginyu Force - Although the area is called so, only Jeice is located there.
  • Guru's House - A building atop a large protrusion in the middle of the sea. Here, players can talk to Grand Elder Guru, who will bestow a decent amount of EXP on non-Saiyan/ non-Namekian players. A Namekian (not Nail) assistant is also located there and will offer a one-time Quest. Players should note that if they've gotten the gift from Grand Elder Guru, they're unable to obtain the power-up again, even after prestiging.
  • Frieza's Spaceship - An alien spaceship docked on a small island. In the said area, players can battle Frieza.

Hostile NPCs

A map of Namek.

  1. Elite Frieza Soldiers
  2. Universal Namekian
  3. Strong Frost Demons
  4. Zarbon
  5. Recoome
  6. Captain Ginyu, Recruit Frieza Soldiers
  7. Frieza (Final Form)
  8. Burter, Frost Demons
  9. Strong Frieza Soldiers
  10. Frieza Soldiers, Jeice
  11. Executive Frieza Soldiers
  12. Rogue Nameks
  13. Guldo, Super Elite Frieza Soldiers.


  • If the player joins Namek on Xbox, there is a chance for their camera to spin uncontrollably.
  • Namekian's Spaceship cannot be used in Namek.
  • Sometimes you may not be able to jump in Namek.


  • The Frieza Soldier NPCs have the most variants and counterparts.
  • Planet Namek is the second and last map to have Quests that require the player to interact with NPC(s)/item(s), the first being Planet Earth.
  • In some cases, while fighting Frieza he will teleport to a random spot near his ship.
  • By Doing all dailys and quests namek will leave you at level 175


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