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This article is about the map accessible by wishing death in the True Tournament of Power. For the map accessible by reaching level 350, see The Secret World.
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The Other World is the ninth playable and eighth unlockable area in the game. The player must be level 600 or above and have wished for Death during the True Tournament of Power. This world is unique in the fact that entering it permanently anchors you to it (unless/if you Rebirth), preventing you from participating in Tournament of Power sessions, Broly raid battles, or True Tournament of Power sessions. Upon reaching level 850, a player may Rebirth. Rebirthing resets your level but boosts all of your stats by 300 points along with 10% of your prior base form stats. Once you have wished for Death, and until you Rebirth, you will have a yellow halo above your head. It is a marker that you are dead.


Though the term "Other World" can extend to the entirety of the afterlife, the Other World resembles the Sacred World of the Kai from Dragon Ball Z and Super. With green plains filled with protruding cliff faces and small lakes. The sky is also a much more mellow pink color compared to that of Earth. At spawn, there is a certain radius in which you have the Roblox spawn invincibility bubble around you. This bubble won't go away until you leave the aforementioned radius. Right next to spawn, you will see the Supreme Kai and Kibito. Talking to Supreme Kai will have him tell you about Other World and that Kibito can take you back to Earth. Talking to Kibito will give you the option to go back to Earth for 4 hours. Near the two Kais, there are 3 other NPCs there. The NPCs are Kami, Korin, and Fortuneteller Baba (Character Slot Changer). You can buy Senzu Beans in Other World from the Korin NPC.


Talking to the Kibito NPC will give you the option to go to Earth for 4 hours. Picking yes will teleport you out of Other World and to Earth. On the top left of your screen and to the right of the Zeni counter, there is a purple counter that tells you how much time you have left until you are teleported back to Other World. Strangely, this counter is in seconds. You are still able to go to other places (Namek, Space, ect). The counter does not reset if you go to another place. Outside of Other World, you will get your race's Level:Stat ratio. This is why it is recommended to only level up in Other World if you are dead. You can find Kibito again by going to South City. He is right next to Fortuneteller Baba. Talking to him will give you the option to go back to Other World. Choosing yes will teleport you back to Other World and your timer will be reset.


After the player has finished the True Tournament of Power, they are prompted by Zeno to choose Become a God, Nothing, or Death. Choosing Death will kick them from the game as usual, however when they rejoin they will be teleported to Other World. If you are dead, Other World can be accessed by talking to Kibito in South City on Earth.


There are only 3 quest givers in Other World. These quest givers have no body, but a faceless floating gray head. Speaking to these quest givers will give you the option to accept the quest, but the NPC quest givers in question have no coherent dialogue.

Quest Quest Giver Type Goal Rewards
Indomitable Unnamed Quest Giver Daily Defeat:

  • 1 Goku [Mastered Ultra Instinct]
  • 1 Zeni
  • 9,000,000,000 EXP
Super Power Unnamed Quest Giver Daily Defeat:

  • 1 Jiren FP
  • 1 Zeni
  • 9,000,000,000 EXP
God of Gods!! ~Rematch~ Unnamed Quest Giver Daily Defeat:

  • 1 Universal GOD FRIAZA (100% POWER)
  • -1,000 Zeni
  • 28,000,000,000 EXP


  • Similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, damage dealt will be returned to the player as EXP. This can range from an abundance of a million EXP to 250 million under the right circumstances. For example: using Planet Crusher on a group of multiple people.
    • This means you can farm EXP with other players by damaging each other. It is recommended you get a large group of people and spam supernova against them and repeatedly heal so you can continue getting EXP. Jars cooldown has gotten a nerf so this method is much less effective than it used to be.
    • And obviously if you get in a fight, don't continue even if you do get EXP. This is because if you even do get EXP, you will only get at most 500 million EXP.
    • If someone has a much lower ki level than yours (compare a lvl 800 to 700), you won't be able to farm EXP off of them. However, if someone goes into a good form (i.e GOD or MUI), both can earn EXP.
  • If the player talks to Kibito, they can be sent back to Earth for 4 hours. They are free to travel between Earth, Namek, Space, Future, The Secret World, Zaros and Queue World but they cannot join the Tournament of Power, Dimensional Rift raid or True Tournament of Power.
  • All races receive 1 point in all stats per level in this map.
  • It is recommended to wish for Death as early as possible, in order to get the most possible stats. This is because while you are in the Other World, you gain one stat in each skill field every time you level up.
    • However, unless you want to have truly optimal stats (2 points more at most), you should always wish to become a god first. This is because it gives you the God of Destruction form, which can be very handy.
    • This also does not affect androids, as they gain 1 point in every stat while not in other world.
  • Make sure to bring a lot of zeni or beans because players cannot grind zeni from the Other World.
  • Doing every single daily quest each day in the other world gives 46 billion EXP, making the other world a better grind than earth grind.
  • If rebirthing, players can bring beans but not the zeni, which is similar to Prestiging.
  • Its is recommended to do all 3 quests everyday as you can go from 600-850 in 4 days.
  • You can use Heaven Tournament to level up quicker, as every time you defeat your opponent you gain 100,000,000 EXP.
  • It is recommended to rebirth early as you will only gain 15-20 points by rebirthing at level 1,000+. Rebirthing at level 2,000 Will net you 100 additional stats in each field, which is helpful but takes months to obtain for a single slot.
    • On top of this, always shoot for at least level 700 before prestiging (after you have rebirthed).


Main article: Rebirth

Sharing similar concepts with Prestige, a player that is a part of this map can rebirth, by talking to Kami. When choosing the "yes" option, it resets their Zeni and brings the player back to square one (back to level 1). The only exceptions, however, are that they get to keep 10% of their stats, along with a 300 stat boost. Also, a pair of translucent luminescent wings will be granted to the player permanently. The player cannot return to the Other World; the only way to do that is by resetting their character. Once you have rebirthed, each time you prestige after that you get the expected 20% stat return, but you also get 300 stats to start with, meaning that a prestige after rebirth would do this: s(stats before prestiging) x 20% + 300. This is why it is recommended to rebirth before prestiging.


  • This is the first time a game-original boss appears on more than one map, in this case, Friaza.
  • In the anime and manga, all residents have to earn the privilege to keep their bodies.[1] However, in the game, all players keep their bodies regardless.
  • If you were to do all of the quests, you would get the same amount of EXP that you could get if you did Broly (boss) 82 times.
  • If you were to have less than 1,000 zeni and you did Friaza, you would have negative zeni.


  • Most NPCs needed to complete the three Daily Quests have a rare chance of becoming broken, and won't attack the player.
    • In Friaza's case, he is shown to not even Z-Vanish when attacked, unlike the other two NPCs, making him laughably easy yet long when broken.
    • Most speculate this bug is from Other World's sheer lag, as in most servers FPS drop is likely.
    • This game-breaking bug has likely been fixed, as Friaza, Goku, and Jiren have a rarer chance to become glitched.
    • There is a chance that any of the other world bosses can be glitched at spawn, this happens because exploiters use a specific script to glitch him, it is important to note that if any of these bosses are at spawn, they will possess the forcefield, making them take no damage.
  • If you return to Earth there is a 4 hour timer that reveals how long you can stay out of Heaven for, if you return before the 4 hours expire you can go back to earth and the timer will be reset.


Citations and Footnotes

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