Piccolo is a Namekian NPC Quest Giver located in West City. He stands stationary in the '/e cross' pose and hands out a Daily Quest.

In the Dragon Ball canon

He is the son, and apparently the reincarnation, of King Piccolo, who was killed by Goku. He is also the missing half of Kami, whom in the early Cell Saga he reunited with (via Namekian Fusion). However, he is still not the Nameless Namekian, as it was stated that Piccolo fused with Kami is weaker than the Nameless Namekian. Therefore, Piccolo fused with Kami is a seperate entity from the Nameless Namekian.



World's Got Talent - World Tournament Quest

This Daily Quest requires the player to compete in 10 ranked matches, and will award the player 1,000 Zeni and 16,000 EXP. The results of the matches do not matter.