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Rare Moves are ki based special moves that are usually better than their store-bought versions. They are all purchased from Whis' Dojo, at the cost of 10,000 Zeni. If the player purchases a move in the shop, they won't get it again as a random move.

List of Rare Moves

Rare Move Description Charge Time Damage Ki Usage
Buu Blaster.png Buu Blaster Pink variant of the Kamehameha; the user fires a pink energy wave. Medium Less than Kamehameha. Slightly more than the standard Kamehameha.
Dark Beam.png Dark Beam Darker variant of the Kamehameha; the user fires a dark blue energy wave. Medium Same as Kamehameha. Slightly more than the standard Kamehameha.
Death Beam.png Death Beam The user fires a skinny, dark pink laser beam. Short Low Equal to that of Super Death Beam.
Double Buster.png Double Buster Yellow variant of the Double Sunday; the user fires two chargeable, yellow energy waves at once, from both hands. Medium Same as Double Sunday. Equal to that of Double Sunday.
Explosive Grip.png Explosive Grip Variant of the Hellzone Grenade; the user fires large groups of green ki blasts that home in on the target, from a suspended animation. Short Same as Hellzone Grenade. More than Hellzone Grenade.
Flame Kamehameha.png Flame Kamehameha Does way more damage than regular Kamehameha. Medium So much that it 1 shots. Takes 0 Ki whatsoever.
Kaioken x4 Kamehameha.png Kaioken x4 Kamehameha Powerful variant of the Kamehameha; the user charges a Kamehameha wave, while powering up to Kaioken x4. Medium it near 1 shots level 200s Dramatically more than the standard Kamehameha.
One-Hand Kamehameha.png One-Hand Kamehameha Variant of the Kamehameha; the user fires a Kamehameha wave from one hand. Medium Same as Kamehameha. More than the standard Kamehameha.
Unrelenting Volley.png Unrelenting Volley More consecutive variant of the Super Volley; the user fires a flurry of ki blasts. Short Low Low


  • Players refer Dark Beam as "Dark Kamehameha", and Buu Blaster "Majin Kamehameha", since both of them are charged similarly to a standard Kamehameha.
    • However, Dark Kamehameha in many Dragon Ball media is pinkish-purplish, rather than dark blue and black.
  • Few days prior to Broly BR's release, Broly Kamehameha used to be obtainable from Whis, as a Rare Move. After Broly and the Dimensional Rift were added, players can no longer obtain Broly Kamehameha from Whis.


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