Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand Wiki

An example of a Rebirth player. Note the wings.

Rebirth is a mechanic, similar to Prestige, that allows players in the Other World to reset their character at any level that is at least 850. It can only be done once and restarts the player at Level 1, keeping 10% of their previous stats plus an extra 300 points into each stat (stats are rounded). Rebirthed players are also given a pair of semitransparent wings that emit a small amount of light.


  • Rebirthing allows players that previously gained EXP/stat point boosts from Korin, Guru, Kami, and Nail to do so again, but these stats don't carry over once rebirthed or prestiged.
  • A player who has Rebirthed cannot enter the Other World a second time.
  • A Rebirthed player that prestiges will get the customary 20%, along with an additional +300 points in each field.
  • It is not recommended to prolong rebirthing as you won't gain too much stats and you'll just waste your time in Other World. Prestiging after rebirth will make you gain as much stats, making the difference in stats very, very small. It is recommended to go for a level 850 rebirth.


Prior to November 23, 2019, Rebirth was glitched. Rejoining the game would lower your stats, remove your prestiges and remove your wings. This has since been resolved.

In early 2020, there was a bug that would allow players to keep their stats after prestige and rebirth. Fortunately, this bug was fixed shortly after this happened.


The best way to rebirth would be to get a non prestige slot, and then hit level 600. Then do hard top and wish for death. Heaven gives 1 point every level meaning that if you are any race other than an android, you will gain more stat points. The best level to rebirth at is level 850 as doing prestige after rebirth will make any more points worthless. Prestige after rebirth is the best thing to do as you get 20% of your stats and 300 extra.