Scouters can be used to check the power level of other players. There are different colors which can be bought at the clothing shop located in central city, and you can choose one to start your character with in character creation. Scouters are accessories which can be taken off or put on. They are similar to ki sense. They can both be used by pressing Z.

Scouters will change the color of the screen (Full screen when on, partial screen when off) to that of the scouter. (Yellow, green, blue, red, etc.)

If someone's power level is too high (1 trillion or higher), the scouter will not read any power levels or read an incorrect power level. This is due to Roblox only being able to handle numbers under 1 trillion

Scouters become almost useless once in future, as they will break constantly. Although it will still show the location of players through walls.

You know your scouter is broken (unable to read any power levels or showing incorrect power levels) when:

  • The number on your scouter shows a single zero. (0)
  • Your scouter shows the power level immediately rather than slowly processing it.
  • There is only one beep instead of many.