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An example of the Player Stats menu.

Skill Points, or simply known as Points, are points awarded to players after leveling up.

There are two types of Skill Points: Auto-Points, and Extra Points.


Auto-Points are a type of Skill Point that are earned by leveling up. Upon obtainment, each of those Points is automatically distributed one to each field.

Extra Points

Extra Points are a type of Skill Point that is earned on the side by leveling up. They are similar to Auto-Points, only they are marked beside a field saying "Skill Points Left:", allowing the player to choose which field they are to be distributed to.

Player Stats

The Player Stats menu shows the player's statistics (i.e. what race they are).

Field Description
Name Determines the player's Roblox username.
Race Determines the player's race.
Level Determines the player's level.
Health Max Determines the player's maximum health.
Ki Max Determines the player's maximum amount of ki.
Melee Damage Determines the player's melee strength.
Ki Damage Determines the player's ki strength.
Melee Resistance Determines the player's melee defense.
Ki Resistance Determines the player's ki defense.
Speed Determines how fast the player can go (Will reset in ranked matches).

Methods of Obtaining Skill Points

  • Leveling up. This is the basic way of obtaining Skill Points. The frequency of Skill Points obtained per field and the extra Skill Points gained, depends on what race the player is.
    • Saiyans gain an Auto-Point per field for every three levels, and 1 freely spendable point every level.
    • Jirens, Humans, Majins, Namekians, and Frieza Races gain an Auto-Point per field for every two levels, and 1 freely spendable point every level.
    • Androids gain an Auto-Point per field for every one level, and 1 freely spendable point every level.
  • Boost NPCs. Some NPCs, such as Kami and Nail, will award the player with 20 skill points each, once per namekian character.

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