Space, or Outer Space, is an unlockable area after reaching level 200 and interacting with the Spaceship outside of Capsule Corp on Earth. It is the second unlockable area and holds a smaller land size compared to Earth due to the majority of the map being empty space to travel through.


As the name suggests, the majority of the map is empty, deep space. Space objects and planets can be found, and countless stars, including the sun, can be seen within the background.

Space Pods

In Space, players are given access to Saiyan pods (sometimes called space pods) that boost their Speed by 1,500 points.

Locations and Planets

  • Planet Popol - Located ahead of where the player spawns, a once-peaceful woody, forested, ringed planet with mushroom houses and yellow water; now a meeting place of negotiation for rogue Namekians and Frieza Soldiers.
  • Planet Yardrat - Located behind the player's first spawn, a rocky planet inhabited by Yardratians.
  • Planet Namek - Located behind Planet Yardrat, an Earth-like planet inhabited by Namekians.
  • Asteroids - Located in between Planets Earth and Alpha, a large group of giant space rocks.
  • Frieza's Ship - Located at the Asteroids, a large spaceship belonging to Frieza.
  • Planet Earth - Located near the Asteroids, an urbanized planet inhabited by Humans.
  • Planet Alpha - Located on the other side of Planet Earth, near Asteroids, a once-peaceful urbanized, Earth-like world; now a war zone invaded by Super Saiyans and Fermatians.
  • Planet Tazba - Located on near Planet Alpha, an ethereal world inhabited by Kachukian tribes. Also one of the spawn points in the map.
  • Beerus's Planet - Located above Planet Tazba, a planet with four moons, and known for housing the 7th Universe's God of Destruction Beerus.
  • Planet Eros - Located near Planets Tazba and Frieza 981, a ringed planet inhabited by Zentarians.
  • Frieza Planet 981 - Located between Planets Potaufeu and Alpha, one of the of the planets ruled by Frieza, invaded by Gorgolians. Also one of the spawn points of the map.
  • Planet Potaufeu - Located between Planets New Vegeta and Frieza 981, a desolate, industrialized planet raided by Oriodians. Also one of the spawn points in the map.
  • New Planet Vegeta - Located above Planet Potaufeu, a once-populated urbanized, Earth-like planet with two moons; now a desolate world in ruins.
  • Planet Nemee - Located between Planets Watrin and Potaufeu, an Earth-like planet with beaches and freshwater oceans inhabited by Fishmanians.
  • Planet Watrin - Located above Planet Nemee, a distant, icy planet with an asteroid field belting around it. Which seems to be a training area.

Other Space Objects

  • Stars - The player can spot countless stars in the background.
    • Sun - The solar system's sun can be seen within the background, along with the other distant stars.
  • Lone Watrinese asteroid - This flat space rock can be seen drifting near Planet Watrin.
  • Vortexes - Small vortexes can be seen throughout the map, although they don't lead anywhere. One example is a vortex located near Planets Eros and Nemee.
    • The Secret World's wormhole - Located on an asteroid-like platform, the player can find a vortex that accesses them to another world.
  • Watrinese asteroid belt - Planet Watrin has its body belted by huge space rocks.
  • Tazban ring system - Planet Tazba is surrounded by double-layered rings that glows magenta.
  • Popolian ring system - Planet Popol is surrounded by wide green rings. A second, thinner ring can also be found.
  • Erosian ring system - Planet Eros is surrounded by golden rings.
  • Beerus' Planet's moons - Beerus' Planet has four moons, each of them having their own color.
  • New Planet Vegeta's moons - New Planet Vegeta has two moons, both being gray.
  • Popolian-Alpha nebula - This space cloud of red, green, yellow, and a slight shade of blue, is found in between Planets Popol and Alpha.
  • Nemeen-Earthling nebula - This space cloud of multiple shades of purple is found between Planets Nemee and Earth.
  • Gas station - Hovering above a large space rock is a gas station. Also one of the spawn points of the map.

Boss Quests

The Emperor Returns.... Again?!! - Mecha Frieza Quest

This Daily Quest is given by a humanoid alien at the gas station. It requires the player to defeat Mecha Frieza.

The Legendary Super Yardratian - Universal Yardratian Quest

This One-Time Quest is given by a Yardratian at Planet Yardrat. It requires the player to defeat the Universal Yardratian, along with a number of evil Yardratians.

Training With Beerus - Beerus Quest

This Daily Quest is given by Whis at Beerus' Planet. It requires the player to defeat Beerus, who's suppressed to 50% power.

The Legendary Super Saiyan - Broly Quest

This One-Time Quest is given by a humanoid alien at New Planet Vegeta. It requires the player to defeat Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

A Big Asteroid... - Big Asteroid Quest

This Daily Quest is given by a humanoid alien at the Asteroids. It requires the player to destroy the Big Asteroid.


  • Space pods adjust depending on the player's size.
    • If a player is charging when they choose to get in a space pod they will keep charging while they are in the space pod, even if they transform they will keep charging and won't consume ki.
      • However, as of right now, getting into a Space Pod while charging will result in your character being left inept of movement, and will result in you having to charge reset.
    • Transforming into a transformation that increases size (e.g. Cooler Form) while in a space pod will also make it grow in size instantly.
    • The space pod increases any players Power Level or Ki Bubble inside it.
  • Space is the only map in the entire game that has a usable transportation, the Saiyan pods.
  • Space, in real life, would have zero gravity. However, the outer space in game does have gravity.
    • In fact, players can die from falling into the void.
      • This makes Space the only map where players can die from falling into the Roblox void.
  • Planets Popol, Tazba, and Eros are the only planets to have rings around them.
  • Planet Watrin is the only planet in the map to have an asteroid field bordering it.
    • It is also the only planet in the map to have an icy landscape.
  • Space is the first map to have spawn points located somewhere in the Outskirts.
  • Despite its real-life counterpart having a moon, Planet Earth doesn't have one.
  • Strangely, the scientist that is found by the spaceship on a space rock is seen surviving in space without a space suit.
  • Differences between Space in the anime/manga and in Final Stand include:
    • Final Stand's Planet Potaufeu has population, as proven by the Quest Giver. However, the planet in the anime/manga has little-to-no population.
    • Although Planets Popol, Tazba, Alpha, Eros, and Watrin are stated to exist in the anime/manga, they are not thoroughly detailed.
    • Planets Nemee and Frieza #981 don't exist in the anime/manga.
    • Beerus' Planet has more than four moons in the anime/manga.
    • Goku, a pure-blooded Saiyan has been stated by Frieza to be incapable of breathing in space. However, Saiyans can go into space without any deprivation of oxygen, assuming there is any in DBZ:FS.
  • Frieza Planet 981 has a striking resemblance to the real-life planet in our solar system Mars.
  • Space arguably has the least amount of boss Quests in the entire game.
  • Planet Earth is the only planet based off on our real-life planet in our solar system.
  • In some cases, Mecha Frieza spawns far above the ship.
  • The statue at Frieza Planet 981 resembles Squidward Tentacles, from SpongeBob SquarePants. In fact, when talking to the Quest Giver after completing his One-Time Quest, he'll say, "We found it under the sea".


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