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The following is a list of updates and most-known events, starting from the day SnakeWorl joined the game.

Please note that:

  • [??] indicates that a specific part of a date is unknown.
  • Dates labelled in bold indicate updates on the game itself, while dates labelled in italics indicate updates on this wiki.

Before DBZFS

  • July 9, 2008 - SnakeWorl, the game's scripter-in-command, joins Roblox.
  • July 18, 2008 - Roblox player SnakeWorl creates the game Naruto: Land of the Ninja.
  • February 16, 2009 - jeffreyubi, the game's interpreter, joins Roblox.
  • March 24, 2010 - AfroDs, the game's builder, joins Roblox.
  • April 28, 2014 - Naruto: Land of the Ninja is discontinued, and is shut down.
  • July 13, 2016 - Roblox player SnakeWorl creates the game The Streets.
  • November 1, 2016 - Dragon Ball Z Final Stand is created by players SnakeWorl, AfroDs, and jeffreyubi.


  • September 13 - This wiki is founded by Jeton123.
  • September 15 - Suspected date of Jeton123's last edit before going inactive and never heard from again.
  • October 27 - The map Namek is added, along with its final boss Frieza.
  • November 12 - The map Space is added, along with its final boss Broly.
  • December 10 - The map Future is added, along with its final boss Fused Zamasu.
    • The boss Perfect Cell has been relocated to Future.
  • December 12 - FANDOM user Resubian makes an adoption request on FANDOM's Community Central.
  • December 16 - Resubian's adoption request is accepted by former Community Central staff member Merrystar.
  • December 25 - 2017 Christmas event begins.
    • Free double EXP is implemented as part of the event.
    • The Jolly Champion boss is implemented as part of the event.
  • December 26 - 2017 Christmas event concludes.
    • Free double EXP is no longer present.
    • The Jolly Champion boss is removed.


  • January 12 - 2018 January 12 update.
  • April 7 - Androids have been added as a playable race.
  • July 8 - 2018 July 8 update.
    • The Secret World is added, along with its final boss Friaza.
    • Gohan Blanco and El Hermano have been relocated to The Secret World.
    • Golden Quests have been added, which are exclusive only to The Secret World.
  • August 6 - A bug involving the second floors of Central City's Thrift Store and South City's Hair Salon & Clothing Shop being blocked by an invisible barrier has been fixed. Therefore, players can now access the floor easily.
  • August 16 - The Red Senzu glitch has been removed, after players discovered they can gain a ludicrous amount of EXP and levels by using the glitch, and dealing damage to a group of players.
    • All known abusers of the glitch had their data wiped.
    • This has sparked outrage throughout the community.
  • August 22 - The Red Senzu glitch has been re-added due to popular demand, according to SnakeWorl.
  • October-November [??] - "Hybrids" are removed, according to SnakeWorl.
  • December 18 - A low-quality video showing what appears to be an upcoming map has been leaked.
  • December 25 - 2018 Christmas event begins. However, many players became disappointed that only double EXP has been added, and not the Jolly Champion boss.
  • December 30 - 2018 Christmas event concludes.


  • February [??] - Broly Kamehameha is added as a Rare Move in Whis' Dojo.
  • February 26 - A rumor stating that the Dragon Balls were removed spreads.
  • February 27 - 2019 February 27 update.
    • The Dimensional Rift map has been added, along with its final boss Broly BR.
    • New moves have been added, which are given to players by defeating Broly BR.
      • Broly Kamehameha is no longer obtainable from Whis' Dojo.
    • The Slot Machine has been added.
    • The prestige forms Super Saiyan 4, White Namekian, Unstable, Dark Human, and Golden Cooler have been added.
  • March 11 - "[SEASON 6]" has been added beside the game's name, for unknown reasons. However, it's revealed by Roblox YouTuber Greenlegocats123 that it's merely part of the "SEASON 6" joke throughout Roblox.
  • March 15 - The "[SEASON 6]" tag has been removed.
  • May 9 - Tephra is hired as this wiki's manager.

Revamped Tournament of Power


  • Janurary 5 - 2019 Christmas event concludes.
  • January 18 - A cooldown for Eraser Cannon is administered, therefore patching a notorious glitch known as "nuking". This somewhat causes outrage throughout the community.
  • January 25 - 2020 January 25 update.
    • Leaving in Ranked Matches no longer has both players lose ranks. Doing so gives the other fighter 1 rank.
    • Mecha Frieza now spawns normally at his ship.
    • Players can no longer glitch low-level characters in higher-level maps (i.e. The Secret World).
    • "Beam Scatter nuking" is patched.
    • Players can no longer glitch others with Launcher, Double Launcher, and/or Second Bloom.
    • Spawning and respawning in Earth now grants a forcefield.
    • Loading times for user interfaces have been shortened.
    • Character Slot buttons are now placed properly.
    • Fifth Form and Golden Cooler no longer clips Frieza Race players.
    • Krillin's Solar Flare technique has been revamped.
    • Namekians' Regeneration ability now gives less HP.
    • Majins' Full Regeneration ability now only gives 75% Health Max.
    • Jiren's Race is nerfed, for players playing as the race are now vulnerable to Ki Damage.
    • Space and Future now have private servers.
    • Future Beerus no longer disappears.
    • Scouters are fixed.
    • A button to manually save the game is now added as part of the Menu interface.
    • Humans now have higher Ki Max.
    • Players can now move vertically when charging energy spheres (i.e. Holy Wrath, Crusher Ball), but very slowly when moving horizontally.
    • Super Spirit Bomb has bigger AoE.
  • February 13 - Four new clothing sets (eight individual) are added in front of Central City's clothing shop.
  • February 24 - Rebirthing and then prestiging now gives more stats (yet still less than rebirthing itself). This is not the case for Androids, which could be for balance reasons.
  • February 29 - SnakeWorl announces an upcoming "new area" on Twitter.

Events of Unknown Dates

The following is a list of updates and events that have happened in the game, though its dates are yet to be determined.

  • Ranks have been updated to reset every month.
  • Giant Snakes are removed.
  • Mastered Ultra Instinct is added to the game.
  • Mr. Popo's body strangely disappears, leaving only his turban behind.
  • The prestige forms Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, Dark Majin, and Demon Namekian are added to the game.
  • Copyright forces SnakeWorl to replace majority of the background music that plays in some locations (i.e. Pantera's 10's from New Planet Vegeta) with Roblox's tracks (Town Talk, Roselita, etc).
  • Frieza Race has been nerfed, somewhat causing outrage throughout the community.
  • Future Korin strangely disappears.
  • This wiki becomes recognized by the Roblox Interwiki project, and therefore participates in it.
  • This wiki reaches 100 pages.
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