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This article is about the alternative instance of the Tournament of Power. For the "true" instance, see True Tournament of Power. For the tournament for ranked matches, see Ranked Matches. For other uses, see Tournament.

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The Tournament of Power (commonly abbreviated as "ToP") is the sixth playable and fifth unlockable area in Final Stand. The player must be level 400 to participate in the Tournament. It can be attempted and repeated numerous times.


Once the player has reached level 400, they are capable of sitting on the yellow seats atop Kami's Lookout or in Queue World. Following a thirty-second countdown plus server generation, players who are seated will be teleported to the Tournament of Power arena.

Once the players spawn into the map, every NPC will begin to fight another in the same groups of two (though they deal no damage to one another). These NPCs will become hostile if the player attacks them, their partner is attacked or they are caught in the crossfire of another NPCs Ki attacks. The NPCs are the following:

NPC Special Trait(s) Moveset Found Fighting With:
  • Minimized size.
Damon N/A Android 18
Sorrel N/A Shantza
Caway N/A Murichim
Paparoni N/A Rabanra
Napapa N/A Methiop
The Preechio N/A Tien
Methiop N/A Napapa
Tien N/A The Preechio
Krillin N/A Frost
Master Roshi
  • Fights in MAX Power.
  • Completely immune to Ki Damage.
Murichim N/A Caway
Rabanra N/A Paparoni
Murisam N/A Android 17
Vuon N/A Prum
Zarbuto N/A Katopesla
Ganos N/A Roselle
Roselle N/A Ganos
Katopesla N/A Zarbuto
Kahseral N/A Lavender
Brianne de Chateau
  • Fights as her true form, Ribrianne.
Cocotte N/A Master Roshi
Lavender N/A Kahseral
Bergamo N/A Piccolo
  • Fights in Final Form.
  • Increased speed.
Angel Frieza
Maji Kayo N/A Kale
  • Has Kami and Nail assimilated within, making him stronger
Toppo N/A Goku
Hit N/A Ultimate Gohan
Android 18 N/A Damon
  • Goes Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.
Android 17
  • Minimized hitbox size.
Ultimate Gohan
  • Has unlocked potential.
  • Goes Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Fuses with Kale to form Kefla, upon reaching below 25% health.
Brianne de Chateau
  • Goes Legendary Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Fuses with Caulifla to form Kefla, upon reaching below 25% health.
Maji Kayo
  • Fights in Perfect Golden Form.
  • Goes Super Saiyan Blue upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Goes Super Saiyan Blue upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Potara Fusion of Kale and Caulifla.
  • Goes Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.


Main article: Jiren

Once all NPCs have been defeated, the final boss Jiren will spawn close to the center of the arena. Once aggravated, he will use the following moves:

Move Description
Super Explosive Wave A powerful variant of Explosive Wave; Jiren releases a sudden burst of ki from his body.
Justice Flash Jiren fires a quick barrage of orange ki blasts.
Power Impact Jiren uses a ki blast to launch his opponent upwards, then does a pose as his opponent promptly explodes.
Z-Vanish Jiren teleports behind his opponent.

After Jiren is defeated, all players (including the ones who were eliminated) are rewarded with 130,000,000 EXP, and the pillar in the middle will sink into the ground, revealing Zeno.


Interacting with Zeno will prompt the player with one of Four wishes from the Super Dragon Balls. Upon making the wish, players are kicked from the game. The wishes are the following:

  • 100k Zeni: The player will be rewarded with 100,000 Zeni.
  • Prestige: Prestiging will revert the player back to level 1 and strip them of all of their moves, minus gamepass purchases such as the Hit Moveset and God of Destruction Moveset, bought clothing and accessorries. However, they will retain 20% of their base stats at the point of prestiging and may be given the option to buy alternative transformations later on. (Having android race does not unlock any new form other than Mastered Ultra Instinct.)
  • Remove Level Cap: Normally, the level max is 501, but with this wish, you can remove this level max, and go beyond level 501. It is recommended to do this wish early on so you do not hit the cap and potentially waste EXP.
  • Experience: The player will be rewarded with 65,000,000 EXP.

True Tournament of Power

Main article: True Tournament of Power

The True Tournament of Power (alternatively referred to as the Hard Tournament of Power, and abbreviated to Hard TOP) is a more difficult version of the Tournament of Power.


  • Natural HP regeneration is disabled, meaning health can only be restored through instant forming, Namekian Regeneration, Majin's Full Regen, Android Ki Absorption and Senzu beans.
  • Jiren has a high Ki Damage stat, meaning his Power Impact and Justice Flash are incredibly potent, especially if you're not in a form, weak form, or a Jiren Race.
  • Once a player dies, they are moved to the Spectator Stands and cannot use any moves other than basic melee attacks and Ki blasts.
    • However, they still get their wish and EXP as long as Jiren is defeated.
  • Instant Transmission and Fusion Dance are disabled in the Tournament.
  • The duration of Red, Yellow and Blue Senzu are influenced by server load i.e. the number of enemies and particle effects putting a strain on the server. Killing players does slightly increase the duration of Senzu, but it is highly discouraged.
  • After defeating Jiren, players will have two minutes to make their wish before being automatically booted from the server. This is to dissuade AFK players.
  • Even after Jiren has been defeated, the remaining living players can still be killed. Doing so will result in the TOP being counted as failed and booting everyone from the server.


  • There are times when players' avatars enter the map with no clothing on, having them look completely naked.
    • That being said, the same goes for the NPCs, some of whom may spawn missing part of or all of their clothing. In fact, as of February 2019, Caulifla can be found wrongly topless.
  • If Kale uses Trash? on her opponent, then immediately fused with Caulifla before her move finished, her opponent would be stuck to the ground.
  • Sometimes, NPCs that are still fighting each other will go outside of the arena, and even outside the invisible barriers.
  • It is possible for certain NPCs to freeze, and stay that way.
    • NPCs that have the ability to transform, such as Goku, Vegeta, Kale or Cabba, will not transform if frozen.
  • By attempting to fly below the arena, the player can become stuck, unable to use moves, or fly away.
    • Currently if that happens, the player will get kicked out of the game in 30 seconds or so, and will have their EXP progress wiped. (No this dosen't mean you're gonna get set back to level 1, nor it means you get EXP like a level 1 player at levels above 400, all it means that your EXP bar will be empty after you join the game again, it can be filled back up just normaly)
  • Individual NPCs can be frozen. The cause of this is unknown, but it is theorized to be a targeting glitch that results in the NPC failing to lock on to any player, leaving them in an immovable state.
  • When redefining the character, it shatters and makes him show his life zeroed and shows his still vision without appearing the character.
  • Flying at high speeds into the walls of the Tournament of Power can result in the player being counted as disqualified and being teleported into the spectator stands.
    • This can also be achieved with Super Dragon Fist.
  • In some instances, NPCs may glitch out, and when a player attempts to kill the NPC, the NPC's health will be stuck at 1. This results in the TOP becoming bugged and impossible to beat.
  • Zeno can show up before Jiren is defeated, and will prompt for a wish. However, it won't do anything and you have to wait until after Jiren is defeated.
  • During the tournament, players are able to access their 'Skills' and 'Shop' tab. However, after purchasing a move from the shop, they will be unable to access the 'Skills' tab.
  • Sometimes when joining, the player/players won't load in their avatars.


  • It is possible to get two NPCs (i.e. Vegeta and Cabba) to beam clash each other.
  • All the aforementioned missing transformations for certain characters such as UI Goku, SSBE Vegeta, Full Power Jiren, have gained the forms they lacked in the True Tournament of Power.
  • When Tournament of Power came out, a rumor was spread all around stating that if a player were to fail, they would bounce back to level 1. This made many players, afraid of having their progress lost, not attempt. This was later confirmed that it is merely wishing to Prestige that bounces players back to level 1.
  • If Kale or Caulifla is one shot, then Kefla will not spawn.


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