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This article is about the true version. For the alternate version, see Tournament of Power. For other uses, see Tournament.

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The True Tournament of Power / Harder Tournament Of Power[1] (otherwise referred to as Hard Tournament of Power[1]) is the eighth playable and seventh unlockable area in Final Stand. The player must be at least level 600 to participate in the Tournament. It can be repeated numerous times.


Once the player has reached level 600, they are capable of sitting on the purple seats atop Kami's Lookout or in Queue World. Following a thirty-second countdown plus server generation, players who are seated will be transported to the True Tournament of Power.


NPC Special Trait(s) Moveset Found Fighting With:
  • Minimized size.
Damon N/A Android 18
Sorrel N/A Shantza
Caway N/A Murichim
Paparoni N/A Rabanra
Napapa N/A Methiop
The Preecho N/A Tien
Methiop N/A Napapa
Tien N/A The Preecho
Krillin N/A Frost
Master Roshi
  • Fights in MAX Power.
  • Completely immune to Ki Damage.
Murichim N/A Caway
Rabanra N/A Paparoni
Murisam N/A Android 17
Vuon N/A Prum
Zarbuto N/A Katopesla
Ganos N/A Roselle
Roselle N/A Ganos
Katopesla N/A Zarbuto
Kahseral N/A Lavender
Brianne de Chateau
  • Fights as her true form, Ribrianne.
Cocotte N/A Master Roshi
Lavender N/A Kahseral
Bergamo N/A Piccolo
  • Fights in Final Form.
  • Increased speed.
Angel Frieza
Maji Kayo N/A Kale
  • Has Kami and Nail assimilated within, making him stronger.
Toppo Goku
Hit N/A Ultimate Gohan
Android 18 N/A Damon
  • Goes Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.
Android 17
  • Minimized hitbox size.
Ultimate Gohan
  • Has unlocked potential.
  • Goes Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Fuses with Kale to form Kefla, upon reaching below 25% health.
Brianne de Chateau
  • Goes Legendary Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Fuses with Caulifla to form Kefla, upon reaching below 25% health.
Maji Kayo
  • Fights in Perfect Golden Form.
  • Goes Super Saiyan Blue upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Goes Super Saiyan Blue Evolution upon reaching below 50% health (after going Super Saiyan Blue).
  • Goes Super Saiyan Blue upon reaching below 50% health.
  • Goes Ultra Instinct "Omen" upon reaching below 50% health (after going Super Saiyan Blue).
  • Goes Mastered Ultra Instinct upon reaching below 50% health (after going Ultra Instinct "Omen").
  • Potara Fusion of Kale and Caulifla.
  • Goes Super Saiyan 2 upon reaching below 50% health.


Main article: Jiren

After all, enemies have been defeated, Jiren will spawn, in a similar fashion to Jiren at the Tournament of Power. However, upon reaching below 25% health he will transform into Burning Ultimate Warrior Jiren.


Following Jiren's defeat, all players are rewarded with 50,000 Zeni and 330,000,000 EXP. Similar to the original Tournament of Power, interacting with Zeno will prompt the player with one of three wishes from the Super Dragon Balls. Upon making the wish, players are kicked from the game. Wishes are as follows:

  • Death - The player 'dies'. Once they return to Earth, following a few seconds of waiting, they will be transported to the Other World where they may grind their level indefinitely.
  • Nothing - The player gets nothing.
  • Become a God - Replaces Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct with the far superior (in terms of stat increase) God of Destruction form. If the God of Destruction form has already been acquired, this wish would be functionally identical to choosing the Nothing wish.


  • According to Whis, it is revealed that this version of the Tournament of Power is the real one and that the level 400 one was in an alternate timeline.
  • NPCs that can transform/are not fully transformed cannot be one-shot, and will instead take no damage if they are hit with an attack that would be fatal, similar to Broly.
  • Zeno does not immediately spawn inside the pillar once the map loads; he rather spawns after Jiren is defeated. This was to prevent scripters from accessing the wishes early.
  • Due to the wishes not having any wish worth grinding for True Tournament of Power rarely has any players or teams doing it.

Citations and Footnotes

  1. 1.0 1.1 Although the map itself is called Hard TOP, SnakeWorl called it "True TOP" when he announced it on Discord.
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