Future Trunks' Sword is an item players can purchase in the game, for 300 Robux.


Trunks' sword is a cosmetic item, and doesn't give any stat boosts. After purchasing the gamepass, a red sheath will also be included, which will keep attached to the user's back all times. When the player attacks with melee, it will replace the normal combat animation with different sword animations.

Alterations compared to hand-to-hand combat

Unlike hand-to-hand combat, the swordsmanship that comes with the gamepass has a larger attack distance and width, allowing the user to hit multiple enemies easily. The sword and its sheath cannot be unequipped, however; the only way for users to unequip is to remove the item from their inventory. Users will still have a guard break attack, and will make a guard break a shorter attack than normal attacks.


  • The icon used for the gamepass is actually a Z-Sword, not Trunks' sword.
  • Although it's deemed to be "Trunks' sword", the weapon didn't originally belong to Trunks. In Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, its original owner was Tapion, being originally called the Brave Sword.
  • Players that do not possess the gamepass can still use the move Spirit Bomb Sword, even though in the anime Future Trunks can only use the Spirit Bomb Sword ("Sword of Hope", according to the Dragon Ball Wiki) with his sword.
  • If a player with Trunks' sword fuses with another player that doesn't have the said gamepass, the result will still be able to wield he weapon, no matter which fusee takes control.
  • Trunks' Sword is the only weapon that can be weld by players.
    • Overall, the sword is one of the few weapons in the entire game, the other being guns (held only by NPCs).
  • The word "Trunks'" in the gamepass' name is misspelled as "Trunk's", which makes the gamepass' name "Trunk's Sword".