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The Tutorial page is a tab that players can access, by pressing "M" on the keyboard.

PC Controls

PC controls.

According to the Tutorial page, the controls for PC are as follows:

Key(s) Description
F Block
X Charge Ki
Z Scouter/Ki Sense
Q Dodge
E Ki Blast
Hold Space Fly/Go Up
Hold Ctrl Land/Go Down
Shift Run/Fast Fly
Shift + W + W SuperSpeed Fly
M Open/Close Menu
G Transform 1
H Transform 2

Xbox Controls

Xbox controls

According to the Tutorial page, the controls for Xbox are as follows:

Button Description
Left Stick The avatar walks (descends, if the player presses down).
Left Trigger The avatar runs (high-speed flight, if the user double taps).
Left Bumper The avatar blocks.
Right Bumper The avatar dodges (charges, if the player holds it down with the Right Trigger).
Upwards D-Pad The avatar transforms.
Downwards D-Pad The avatar transforms into a god form.
Right D-Pad The avatar uses Ki Sense (Scouter, if the avatar has it equipped).
Right Stick This adjusts the player's camera (locks on, if the player presses down).
Face A The avatar jumps up (floats, if the player double taps, and ascends if the player holds it down).
Face B The avatar fires a ki blast.
Face X The avatar does a light combat move.
Face Y The avatar does a Guard Break.
Back Button The player opens the Menu.
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