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So guys we did it

<tabber> |-|My Arcosian=

The photo right there ==> is a glitch, you do it by doing a step-vanish and right before you do vanish you press g to de form. You could look it up on youtube.

Also I'm a middle tier player that likes to suffer, hence why make a full melee arcosian, this is great I can't even last as much as a rosé in ranked with my "perfected" golden, I like how I can't actually use my one prestige form past level 260.

Enough of my whining, I'm a neutral player in-game, I won't attack you unless you attack me first, or you want to spar (I don't fight serious outside of ranked because I don't care enough), I also try to prove/debunk a lot of theories going around the comunity, such as the "do NPCs get stronger after prestige?". I'm trying to test now how do Spirit Bomb Sword and Spirit Slash (splash lol) calculate damage, but I need 2 unprestiged characters with the same ki dmg and diferent melee damage to test that.

At the moment I'm concentrating on Ki Max to deal with my ki problems in ranked, and I've also learned to trust people in-game, so if you want to call me to T.O.P just teleport to me when I'm on and ask.

Also here is a dead meme format.


|-|My Namekian=

As soon as I saw the woke namek on the Namekian Race page I just knew I had to become a woke namek and ascend to the higher realm of huge ki reserves.


Enough of that, Namekians are good, if I were to put them in a list they'd be right behind androids and saiyans, of course arcosian would be first place but everyone knows that. I did a solo T.O.P once because I didn't trust players, and still kinda do but not as much as I did. I got demon namekian, the third best form in the game in my opinion, the second being rose and the first being complete super saiyan blue perfected golden obviously.

I decided to go Full ki because I wanted to exploit the namekian's extreme ki reservoir. And its extremely handy in PvP being able to take down your enemies from a range, something you can't do with melee. But that doesn't mean my namekian is a runner or a spammer, I do go in melee in between my ki attacks, and I do use melee moves too, like guard breaks and S.o.R.

Also here is another dead meme


|-|My Android=

I decided to do a Goku like character now because I want to be like Ultra Instinct Goku, and since Goku was op with ultra instinct, I looked for the race that was also op with ultra instinct ... or thats what I originally had in mind. You see, I'm testing something, and if it works in the end I'll be a demi god in the game, and if it doesn't I'll just be another regular saiyan.

|-|My Human=

I wanted to make a human so now it is done, the fact that mystic kaioken is lvl 300 and has less stats and more drain than god namek makes me angry but thats just how life goes. I got from lvl 300 to 400 in 1 day, secret world op nerf pls.

|-|Chronicles of me=

  1. Once a lvl 360 rose striked my namek because I was low health (saiyans get too mad with power man) then I turned around and said "boi run", then I just started spamming super nova at him (I didn't actually try to hit him, I was just wasting ki) then my ki ran out and just as he was going to land a hit on me I ultra instincted and beat him up, he tried defending but UI bypasses defense because its that broken.
  2. I once saw this "tournament" on namek, 2 SSBs KK vs 1 android, the SSBs were poorly coordenated, they kept hitting each other with power impact, then I asked to join as my arcosian, then they said something like "no spammers allowed" then I formed up to golden and started punching them for their insults, they were even less coordenated (3 v 1) they kept beaming themselves as if they were fighting some boss in the future, it eventually got down to me and the android, then my ki ran out, you can know the end from here.
  3. My android suffers so much aggression out of nowhere, once this SSB on namek was spawn camping the lvl 100s with supernova, then I absorbed it and he started punching me, I just defended and avoided his beams (even though I could absorb them) while taunting him, so he wasted more ki, at one point his ki ran out, I think you can know the end from here.
  4. I -alongside some other 2 high level friezas- was helping one of my lesser saiyan friends on earth. Then outta nowhere this rose guy runs up to us and spirit bomb swords me, then the highest rank among us said "I got this dog" and he went into cooler form and started getting beat up by the rosé, which then says "haha noob vs pro", the cooler then says "lol ikr" then he unleashes a super combo that goes on for like 1 min, surprised that saiyan got to rosé whithout an escape move. After that the cooler spoke to me "I was thinking about going UI / But I couldn't hold myself when he called me a noob".
  5. I was once on space as my frieza -I swear to god this frieza has seen too much- ready to fight beerus, then some saiyan lvl 360 aproached me and tried to heavy punch me, he missed somehow at point blank, then I went into perfect golden and paciently awaited him to transform or to plead for mercy, he goes into SSB [insert epic "its on" meme here], I was hella lagged so I just avoided his attacks for a while (he was an idiot, he punched and meteor crashed at the air) in the hopes my ping would drop... after a while of this I saw that it wasn't going to drop, then I decided to charge him either way, [incredibly underwhelmed] I beat him ... sure he got me to red health but I was at 1000 ping. Then he called me a coward and left the server [mixed signals recieved ERROR562].
  6. After a while I my ping fell to 100, so I decided to teleport to him for a even rematch, he was bullying some prestige 2 SSJ God on namek -why am I not surprised- so I got up to him and said "mess with someone your size", to which he responds "haha gg ez coward", and he started charging me ... on my base [mixed signals recieved ERROR562] so I just meteor crashed him away and went golden. I waited him to get me to red health, when he finally did I backflipped and said "now its even" so I unleashed the genericest combo on him (double launcher + punisher drive + meteor crash), after one combo he said "I don't fight with cowards" to which I responded "I go a step up, I kill cowards" (half that sentence got censored bcz roblox so it was quite unimpressive), and I kept using final blow at him until he died ... killing saiyans as a frieza just feels so ... satisfying ... [evil laughter]